Tune Out the Naysayers If You Want to Fly, with Morry David

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Best-selling author, entrepreneur, mentor, and educator Morry David joins us today. When he was sixteen years old, he started his first business. To build a win, win, and win scenario, he studied people, conditions, and scenarios. He founded a security firm, a recording studio, and a music school. He lacks fear and disregards those who caution him against making mistakes. Morry describes how he can view things differently and why he wants to influence the younger generation.




{02:00} What makes Morry a Titan?


{09:20} The ability to see a different point of view.


{13:10} Why some people can fly.


{21:40} It is not about the product, it is about trust


{40:40} Reaching the next generation before it is too late.


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David Morry Bio

Morry David lives with his smart, beautiful wife, Sharon, in a suburb of Philadelphia. His education in electronics, advertising, marketing, and journalism has allowed his entrepreneurial nature to flourish. He is a firm believer that the fear of failure should never interfere with pursuing a dream. As an eleven-year board member of HVAA, his marketing and fundraising efforts supported the activities of thousands of neighborhood children. In addition, he is currently a member of the Eileen Stein Jacoby Foundation, which has raised over 3 million for breast cancer research. He has a passion for helping children, playing music, and writing. His books are not only filled with page-turning excitement but also convey messages of hope and inspiration which are enjoyed by readers of all ages. What he is most proud of are his son, Justin, and daughter, Brooke, who have learned to follow their dreams.

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Hey, guys. Welcome back to the show. I’m Carol Carpenter, and this is my Fabulous Co-host, Travis Johnson. We have a special guest today on our show, Morry David. And Morry is a best-selling author, business owner, mentor, and teacher. And he’s been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he started a music school to teach his peers how to play Piano, and then at 21 he owned a recording studio to the present time owns a security company. 

Morry has a gift for seeing solutions where others only see problems. He’s intensely dedicated to teaching and mentoring others and sees it as paramount for future generations to come, welcome Laurie. 

I have nothing else to talk about. You said everything. So, everybody thank you very much. It’s time to go. 

No one believes that, Maury. Don’t even pretend. If you’ve met Morry in the slightest, you’ve not gotten out of that conversation with less than 100 words. Let’s be honest. And that’s one of the things that we love about you. You always have an anecdotal story, something relevant to say, and I just want to know. What makes you a Titan? 

Well, you know, it’s very interesting. My entire life, I always analyze things and just take things apart. Of course, when I did that when I was younger, there were always some extra parts laying around that I couldn’t figure out why. What happened to these parts? But I managed to put them back together without killing myself and got things to work. 

But I noticed in life you can analyze people. You can analyze circumstances and you can try to figure out a way of helping those people. Or making a circumstance better. And it started way back when I was learning how to play the Piano. I hated it. I had these teachers that would say. Hey, I want you to do this. {Play music sounds}

And I was like, after a while, like, isn’t there more to this than me playing that scale and they would constantly berate me saying you’re not playing it fast enough. You’re not turning your fingers. You’re not doing that, and the whole time I’m thinking, why? Why am I even sitting here learning this? 

And my last teacher was a bit of an oddball. He was a 5-foot-three guy. He was a jazz pianist, and he would just playthings, and I would look at the music and I would look at his hands. I’m like, well, wait a minute. That’s not what the music said. And he said, yeah, I know. He said, well, don’t you have to follow the notes? He said no. They’re just a guide. What does that mean? He says you have to play from your heart. 

Love it. 

I always thought you played with your fingers. He says no, it comes from the heart. You the notes are a guide, kind of like living your life. You know you don’t follow every single thing you do, you adapt, and that’s what jazz is. Sooner or later, people will hear the melody, but there’s more to it than that. And I’m thinking to myself. Well, wait a minute. That’s totally different than what I was taught.

So, I started telling people that I would teach their kids if they hated the piano, just like. To me. And I would get calls from parents telling me, you know, that the little Jimmy he hates to be a little Jimmy was maybe 12 or 13, but he hates the piano. 

So, I would say the piano. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll come to your house if I don’t get little Jimmy to play the way that little Jimmy wants. You don’t have to pay me. How’s that? But it’s little Jimmy and I connect. You have to stay out of it. I don’t want you to yell at them. I don’t want you to tell them to practice. It’s between Jimmy and me. If he won’t do it for me, he’s not going to do it. So, the parents would go, oh, that’s kind of odd, but OK. And I would sit down with Jimmy, and You could just tell I would. Look at him and say, Jimmy, you don’t want to really want me to be here, do you? And Jimmy would go hell, no. 

So, well you know, you and I are going to have to get along. And Jimmy says never going to happen. I hate piano and I hate piano teachers. I said OK, let me ask you, Jimmy, what songs do you like it? And he would come up with a song. And I would play it. And Jimmy would be like, that’s cool, I said. Jimmy, you want me to teach you that song. And he goes well. What about the scales?  I said, forget the scales. I hated the scales too. And I would teach Jimmy how to play the song, and I would tell him, listen, you know what the song sounds like. 

So, you have to kind of practice this song until your fingers go to the right notes and you’ll know which of the right notes are wrong. Notes cause you to know what the song is supposed to sound like, and I’ll tell you. Make your deal. If you play the song the way the song is supposed to sound next week. We’re going to find another song that you like, and I’m going to keep on doing that week after week after week and after six months, Jimmy is sitting there playing all these songs and the parents are like, they’re amazed they never have to ask and have to practice. 

And what I created was when you do something from the heart, it kind of means something. And I analyzed music teaching and I said there has to be a win, win, win situation. You have to make the parents happy. You have to make the kids happy, and of course, I had to make money from it. And as long as you create a win, win, win situation. Everybody wins.

So, I tried to follow that from the time I was 16 years old, and I realized I could do that. Every single time I had a music school where I taught basically guitar teachers, they were going from house-to-house driving. I had to do that as a piano teacher. They were driving from student to student, and I said, “What if you didn’t have to drive? What if all the students came to you? And what if it didn’t cost you anything and they said, how are you going to do that? 

And I spoke to a piano tuner that I knew, and he had an on the 2nd floor of his store. He had this empty space and I said, Mr. Farino, build the little practice rooms in that empty space and I’ll show you how to make money. And these guitar teachers would fill his practice room and they would give Mr. Farino $2.00 on every lesson, every student that they taught didn’t care. They were saving money on gas; they were saving money on time. They were teaching more students and I would get one of the dollars and Mr. Ferrino would get one of the dollars. The funny thing about it is, is that Mister Freno made enough money to pay for his mortgage just by having those piano teachers upstairs. 

So, another win-win-win situation. And I did the same thing when I had my recording studio. I did the same thing even in the alarm business. I used to go to manufacturers and say you guys don’t have a clue when you manufacture a product. You don’t care what it looks like in a person’s living room. And that’s a problem; these things have to look attractive. They have to blend in, or they have to basically be invisible. 

You can’t have this industrial-looking piece of equipment smacked in the person’s living room if you know and I used to work with manufacturers and show them how to make things smaller and whatever. Basically, it was a win-win. I would get better deals from them. My dealers would be able to sell their equipment more easily and we just created that.

And I started basically writing books … the same thing. I wanted to get my point across to young adults and show them that there’s a lot more to life and if you actually read these books, you’ll learn a lot from the books and be entertained. And now we’re doing it with one of my books turned into a movie for the same reason, all follow the same pattern. 

That’s pretty awesome. I’ve got two things to say. First, I’ll say you sound 10 times better when you’re leaning into the microphone. And secondly, secondly, how is it that you can see that different perspective different from every other piano teacher, every other guitar teacher, every other manufacturer? 

What is it about you that allows you to see that different point of view? 

Well, it’s interesting. I’m a little bit fearless. If somebody tells me that I can’t do something that actually challenges me to do something. In so many cases when I’ll try something out, I’m not worried if it doesn’t work, because if it doesn’t work, it’s just a learning experience of how to make it better the next time. So many people when they want to try something there most of the time they’re talked out of it. I don’t know why, but they’re surrounding themselves with people who are telling them they shouldn’t do that. You know you’re going to make a mistake. You’re going to look like a fool. You’re going. To do this. And many times, people that have great ideas never get a chance to work on them because they’re talked out of them. I’m sure that’s happened to you, and it’s happened to Carol. 

No, it’s happened to anybody that’s an entrepreneur. 

I tuned out those people. To me, it’s like, you know, I don’t have to. Listen to you. You know, thank you very much for your advice, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I only want to move forward and if I make that mistake, it’s not a failure. I just learned from the mistake, so I don’t consider that I’m going to look foolish or be a failure. It’s like I’ll just pick myself up and do it another way. 

You know what? All you have to learn is. To be tone Deaf like oh. 

If you’re not watching the video right now. You’re cheating yourself because apparently, Carol’s doing mine now. Panting mine. The things that she’s going to talk about, we’ve actually turned our podcast into charades. 

I know, yeah. Sounds like a. 

Lot of fun let’s be honest. 

Well, I think all of us have been talked out of some idea or another, and if We had followed that path we wouldn’t be where we are today. Right. Because I think by taking those risks too, you really start to experience the abundance of possibilities that can occur. And even when you make a mistake, there is still even more learning to be done. In order for you to achieve that higher level of perspective. 

And once you get to that perspective. I mean to. Me, I feel like I’m playing a video game like its levels, right? So, every time you get to a certain point, and you see this new perspective, guess what, it opens you up for another whole new level of perspective. You know and I think if you can stay at the base level which. I’d like to. Like if you’re on ground level, right? And then as you continue to move up, let’s just say you’re in 100 story building, you continue to move up and the higher you are in perspective, so more that you can see. 

Oh, absolutely. And I love that it was really interesting. The first time that I went on an airplane flight. You get this whole other view of everything that starts getting smaller. It seems like all your problems are melting away. And then when I actually flew as the pilot for the first time, I flew an airplane. And you realize what you’re capable of. Not only did you have that perspective before, but now you know that it applies to you. Look out, you can do anything.

And we’re talking about, you know, naysayers. And there’s a lot of people that talk about that stuff and are always just being difficult. Just being this any other, they’re not necessarily being those things. What they are doing for sure is. Is giving you. Their limitations on what they have put into their lives and projecting it on you, either trying to help you stay safe because they can’t fly when really, they just need to let you fly. 

The interesting thing about it is I just handed one of my books over to a publisher and it’s called why some people can fly. So, you just kind of opened up that door and what that, but we’re not talking about flying an airplane or jumping out of an airplane. We’re talking about ascending levels and why some people can and why you can’t.

And the beginning of the book talks about society and how it doesn’t want us to fly. Basically, in society, your parents want to protect you as soon as you open your mouth to a teacher, and you say to start talking about things. What does the teacher say? Listen, it’s time for you to be quiet. You have to learn. And basically, you are told to just keep your ideas to yourself and learn. 

And we go through life, learning and there’s nothing wrong with learning, but as soon as we start talking about our ideas, people want to do exactly what you said, Travis. They want to protect us. They want to say you don’t. You don’t want to do that. Well, you could get hurt. Listen to me. You know you have a wonderful life. You have a wonderful job. Stop with this nonsense. Or they can’t understand exactly what you said, they can understand your passion and your drive. They can’t wrap their head around the idea you’re telling them because it’s not their idea, it’s your idea, and they don’t understand. 

They’re not on your level. They don’t see it from your level. 

They’re not at your level. 

So, if we can equate everything to levels you know. Then we can go well. Now I understand their limited beliefs and it’s because they’re at this level and we’re at this level. So, you can’t teach somebody that they have to take that journey themselves.

And I equated it with the book, as many people are living in a maze. They don’t know that they’re in a maze. They wake up in the morning, do their thing, they walk around the corners of the maze. They at there and their life is in a maze. Now what Travis said about that airplane is very similar to what I said in the book. If you give those people a ladder to climb above the maze and look down, they’ll have a whole different perspective, and they’ll realize that. Whoa, I don’t have to be in this maze. I can climb over a wall. The world is different from up here when I look down.

So, Travis, you hit it right on the nose. In fact, it was almost like you read my book. But here’s what I found that was interesting. Certain types of people have the ability to fly, and when I looked at their characteristics it was because they were able to tune out the naysayers. And concentrate on what they wanted to do.

In most cases, if you want to give it a characteristic, it’s they’re on the level of autism, although autism may.

We call it being on the spectrum. 

Yep. Because I sincerely believe that’s the reason, I get along with people that are on the spectrum because I think they do think on a different level altogether and they’re much more willing to accept ideas.

Their perspectives are different, according to what Travis said, exactly correct. Their ability to tune out the world, and the outside chatter telling them that they can’t do it. They tune that Right out, and they hyper-focus and they get. The job is done. Now, are we all on the level of autism? Perhaps I don’t know, but if we are able to tune out those naysayers and really believe in ourselves, we can do anything, absolutely anything. 

To some degree.

So, I’m not. I’m not a special person. I just looked at things differently and said I can do this and if somebody tells me I can’t, oh, well, that’s their opinion. 

Well, I’m going to disagree. I’m going to say you’re a special person.

Pandering to the guest. 

I don’t have to pander to Maury, Morry knows I adore him. 

Well, Morry is Maury, stinking wonderful, and his wife is also such a huge blessing. Let’s not pretend that they’re not, but… 

Now don’t ask my Wife if I’m special because you’ll get a whole different one. 

A different definition of special right? Oh, I’ll tell you how special he is. 

She’ll tell me. 

I’ve been rinsed out the shape or something and I didn’t take it out. The trash is proper but, bring me right down. So, I’m up there. 

You too, huh? 

Brings me back.

I don’t. I guess I. Don’t know how to do it either. I don’t know what to tell you. 

But so, we’re talking about perspective, right? And I saw a post today on Facebook and I love the post. It was talking about how I love quitters. I love people that quit being in toxic environments. They quit doing this like all that stuff, right? And I love the way you said it and I offered a Tweak; I haven’t gone back to check to see if it’s landed well. But I wrote in there. 

It’s like you could almost reframe it and say that. They are raising their standards and enforcing their boundaries and loving themselves. It’s not so much that they’re quitting, it’s that they’re now betting on them betting on themselves, betting that they can do it, then they can move forward, betting that they can take life by the horns and do whatever it is they want to. 

Yeah, I agree. 

And they’re OK with substandard People in their life anymore, it’s not quitting. It’s empowering them absolutely. 

Believing in themselves. 

I surround myself with people like you and there are groups of people where members of the. 

Hey, I’m here, too, Maurie. I’m just saying. 

I love how You assumed he was talking about me. 

I was talking about both of you guys.

I’m messing with you. 

You know, we’re members of a group of very positive people and we feel very comfortable surrounding ourselves with those people because if there’s something we want to talk about, they won’t come out from a negative viewpoint, they’ll say yes. I believe what you’re doing is possible. You might have to tweak it a little bit and that’s fine. 

That’s a nice improv trick, too. If you’re not familiar, is a bunch of set of games designed to really let go of all this stuff that you think we are right about. Every morning we wake up and put on. You know dad. And then we, you know, put on work clothes because we’re the working person you go outside, and you put on the friendly neighborhood smile. And all of those things that we put on to get through our day, depending on what kind of day it is. And improv is designed to play a game to find out what you can do and be whomever it is you want to be including and up. To and including yourself. Right. And there’s a game in there. They talk about one of the premises is yes. 

And whatever is going on, whatever is. Thrown out there. You have to go with it, right? Because if you deflect it on stage in front of everybody, we’re going to be astronauts. He’s like, no, no, we’re farmers. Like you’ve. You’ve just killed the whole thing. Right. So you have to say yes, we’re astronauts, and we’re farming on the moon. Right. You build. 

And so many, so many companies and organizations need to learn this thing. It’s not about whose idea gets picked or any of that stuff, but whatever the thing is, whatever the seed that is planted is, we can do that, and we can cultivate it together in this team. We can do that. And absolutely. 

Yeah, I like it. 

Add a little teamwork, add a little bit of cultivation, and see what you can grow together, and I think it was Ronald Reagan that said it’s amazing how much we can get done if no one cares about who gets the credit, some kind of version of that. I know I Didn’t say it right. 

But it doesn’t matter. You got the idea out, yeah.

It’s so powerful. It’s so stinky and powerful and everyone’s worried about their own little rice ball. It’s like, oh, this is mine. I’ve got to be the. One that doesn’t matter. Is it a? 

Rice bowl. Why is it rice?

Oh, no, no. 

Ball. I’m just telling you. Are you being you saying are? Are you saying that especially because I’m Asian That’s what we’re doing? 

Oh, I mean, do you like to rise? I have no idea. 

It Is picked on Carol Day? No, I’m kidding. I’m used to it, I’m around. My industry is around boys. I’m used to being picked on. It’s easy. 

You know what I found which is interesting in sales, and I speak to a lot of salespeople is they concentrate on the product that they are selling. They walk into the room fully knowing about the product and it’s like they’re talking to somebody who wants to buy the product, but it’s. 

Blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah. 

And they can’t understand why they have such a problem, and I tell them it’s not about the product. It’s not about the specifications, it’s about trust. If you didn’t build trust with that person, you could give the product away, he still won’t take it from you because he doesn’t trust you, so you know you have to figure out common bonds with the person that you’re talking to. Maybe you see a picture and his son Playing hockey and you can say you know my son plays hockey. What’s your son’s league and just something to create camaraderie? 

So, you can create that vibe with the person that connects. Once you do that, you can sell anything you want because the person wants to deal with you. There was a guy that approached me. And he was a choreographer. And I asked him to give me his pitch. Why should I use him? And he said, well, you should use me. And he starts talking about his equipment and how it’s 4K and this and that and equality and he’s going over for 15 minutes. And when he stopped, I said, are you selling me camera equipment or are you selling me your services? He says I’m selling my services, I said, didn’t sound like it to me because not one. Did you ask me why I wanted a choreographer? What was my purpose in becoming a choreographer? I assumed you had good equipment. You didn’t have to tell me that you had to tell me why you could make my life. Why is my life easier? Tell me why hiring you as a choreographer would be a benefit. To me, you never told me once what you could do for me, and you never asked me why I needed you. 

So, I suggest you really go into the office asking people why they need you and then come up with a reason why you would fit their needs and of course. It was like. It was like my sitting with that child saying, I know you hate me, but now what do you want? You know, I found out what he wanted. That’s all I needed to know. 

And this is the problem that many salesmen make. They think that they have to learn everything about them. Look, and you know what? Nobody cares. Nobody cares. You know now if the person specifically starts asking technical things, certainly you should know those answers, but you don’t go in with that. You go in and try and develop a relationship and once you develop that you can have that relationship for years, for years. 

Oh, so true, so freaking true. 

Well, it seems like they’re so focused on that sale that transaction just so they can go home, and you know, buy more stuff is, is there some point where that stuff just becomes stuff and you want something more? 

Everything becomes stuff after a while. In fact, I started looking at my life and saying what makes me happy. A new car? No, actually what made me happy is thinking about the new car and wondering when it comes in. Once you get the new car six months later, it gets dirty, just like your old car, you know? 

So, in reality, it was the anticipation of getting the new car. But I looked at things saying what Really… Was I were put on this earth, of course, I might be older than I think I am. Oh, because of my hair. But I looked at my life and said why have I really been put on this earth? Was it to make a living? Was it to send my kids through college? You know, was it to buy a nice car, or take a vacation? Those are nice things, but they. It didn’t make me feel good in my heart, and I realized I had to work on it. I had to work on legacy projects. I had to work on how I was going to help children. How am I going to do what I think I can do and not be afraid and just go for it and do it that’s why I started writing books and that’s why I’m making this movie and there are a lot of things after this movie. 

Which I don’t want to talk about, but it’s all hinged upon helping children. Helping families. 

We find that so many people that we interview and so often our own personal journeys, you get the thing, the status, the attainment, the house, the car, whatever the thing was; and just like you said, it’s just stuff. Where’s the fulfillment, as Carol said, where’s that feeling? And if you’re so focused on that end goal. You’re going to miss all the times that you had with your kids. You’re going to miss it and not you’re going to be there having coffee with your friends. I don’t know who would drink coffee, but people drink coffee out here.

And you’re going to miss what your friend was going through because you’re too busy thinking about your goal. You’re not going to be able to be present if that’s the only thing you’re looking for. And when you finally get that thing. If you ignored everyone along the way. Then you’re definitely going to be there by yourself. So not only was it unfulfilling, but you’re also alone, and no one wants. To talk to you. Because you better jerk the whole time. 


My father said this strange thing to me, which for some reason I still remember. He said, “Do you ever go to a funeral? OK. And the person the clergyman gives a review of that person’s life, and you know they never say. You know how much money he made. It was remarkable how much money he made. We should applaud. He’s one of the richest people that’s now dead.”

They don’t talk about that. They talk about all the ways that that person affected his friends and his family, and my father said if you want that clergyman to talk about you in that way. And you have to live that life. You can’t live the life of how much you collected in your life. You have to live on how you touched others and that stayed with me for a long time and it’s still with me and I and I believe that we’re on this earth to do other things than just make money and make a living. And it’s got to come from our hearts. 

I think it’s our responsibility with the knowledge we accumulate along the way and the experiences to share that with others so that if anything, we can teach them and there’s our legacy to help all those people and in turn, they help others. That’s a continuing legacy.

And its funny how Karma works. You know, when you help others, you’re not expecting anything in return, but somehow or other, your life improves in return, basically because you helped another person, you’re not expecting it. You’re not doing it for that reason, but Karma does bounce back somehow. 

Oh, I need karma to bounce back at some other people in a different sense. 

The vengeance karma. I don’t know if that’s how that works Carol. 

You know, I had to throw that in there, right? 

I thought that occasionally times, but you know, I try not to think too negatively. 

To talk about Karma. No, there is no negativity. It’s all said and just it’s hysterically said in jest; there’s where there were sometimes where I just sat there and I wondered I’m like you know I do have a lot of really good karma, but there’s a lot of people out there I deserve to get picked up by the Karma bus and I really would love it if Karma would allow me to be the driver. 

It happens to them. Because whatever they’re doing wrong, whatever they’re doing, that’s hurtful. Is going to bounce back at them. 

It always does.

It truly always does. And even when you don’t think. It is it is it? Is it just not showing outwardly toward you? Although it would be very satisfying. On occasion, you know, and I’ll use this as an example. There was a douchey guy. Driving a convertible Porsche, right? And this is when I was living in California. And he was weaving in and out of traffic. Just totally being a total ****** *** and he we’re not going anywhere, you know, literally not going anywhere and he’s doing this and it’s just he’s wreaking havoc in traffic. Regardless, he ends up next to me after I can’t tell you how many stupid maneuvers he made because we’re just inching along, right? So, he’s next to me. The sky turns Gray. It starts freaking pouring rain. And his convertibles open. And I am laughing my *** off, right? Because this dude was such a total ****** ***. Now he’s scrambling to throw his car into park, trying to get his damn, you know, like convertible, top over, and I’m laughing at this. I’m like, see, this is what I need to be front row and center on every so often. To be reminded, there is a God and there is karma. 

Yeah, no, I’ve got almost the same story. And we were describing it I. Was like, is she going to describe the story I have, like, was she also on the road at that? Point it was Almost the same as it was, it was some kind of fast supercar. It was white weeding it out of traffic in Southern California. No kidding. Guy was just. I don’t. The five, probably everyone’s on the five, I don’t know. 

I right? 

Everyone’s on the five right now. Let’s be honest a few minutes later he’s on the side of the road with the police officer writing a ticket and he’s hooting and hollering and screaming on the side of the road, getting the ticket after he just blew by everybody, like at least 30 over what everyone else was going. And somehow, it’s the cop’s fault that he got in trouble, of course, because he’s an important person and important people like him don’t get tickets or some ****. I don’t know.

Well, I may be able to at least try to have the same story or topic, but my wife and I live near this jeweler. You know, it was a local jeweler and, and I showed him my watch needed a battery and he said, oh, yeah, instead of me selling you the battery, I’ll do it. So, for some reason, I give him my watch, and he puts in the battery and blows out the watch. Don’t know what He could have done it. 

So, I said, listen. You know, seriously, he said. Don’t worry, Sir, I’m going to send it to Seiko. We’re going to have a new movement. Everything will be fine. I’m really sorry. And I said OK, that’s cool. And then two weeks later, he goes out of business. No forwarding number, no nothing. I have no idea where the guy went, and every time I would drive by the store, I would give daggers. Like I cannot believe you did. All you had to do was call me on the phone or something. You took my watch and now it’s gone. 

Well, every time I drove by the store, I naturally wasn’t thinking of nice things about this gentleman. About a year later, I got a phone call from a person that I could barely understand. He’s crying on the phone. And I’m finally, he says I’m the jeweler, and I’m like … You’re what? What are you talking about? He says your watch. I have your watch and I went… You have my watch and he’s crying. And I’m like, why are you crying? And he says, please, here’s my apartment. Come and get it. So, I said to my wife, I don’t know this guy. I don’t. If I’m not back. In 10 minutes call the police. 

This is where I’m going, I opened the door and the guys are crying and I’m like, are you OK? OK, he says. You won’t believe what happened to me. Ever since I closed my store, my wife divorced me. She took all my money. I have nothing, OK? My life is ****. Total **** and all I can figure out it has something to do with your watch. 

So, he hands me the watch and says please, whatever you’re doing can you stop. And I looked at him and I said OK. Where are even just Left I’m Like whoa, I better not ever think bad about people again, because I may have ruined this guy’s life. So, I don’t talk badly about anybody anymore. 

So, did he bring out a broken watch or just tell you it was broken, and he just kept your watch? Do you think that’s what happened? 

I don’t know what he did, but he took my watch telling me he was going to get it repaired and then went out of business and I had no idea where my watch was. And a year later he had to watch fixed, and he gave it to me. But evidently, I perhaps think of bad things somehow. He thought that that affected his life. I’m not sure if it had, and if it did. I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean to do this.

It sounds like the Robert the doll story. That Jessica Muse was telling us. 

Oh my God, that is so freaky. That still gives me the creeps. 

Yeah, this creepy doll. And Robert, if you’re listening, I don’t mean you. 

The doll had apparently special powers or Something and she was walking around reading the cards on the wall of all the apology letters sent to Robert the doll. And you know, you’re told, you know, don’t make direct eye contact. Don’t say anything negative. You know. Just leave the doll alone. And while she was there, if you guys have already heard the story on our other show, you’re hearing it. Again, that’s just how it goes. 

There were like two kids in there, apologizing to Robert the doll based on, like their dad, getting into some terrible accident and some terrible runoff. Apparently, he had gone in there and torn the doll a new one, and his life was completely ruined. I don’t know. I’m not in charge of that stuff. No one asked me if that’s how it works, but that’s the Story she told. And it’s pretty interesting. 

I remember being young, a young man in the Navy and I had like, I’ve got the instant karma thing. If I do something wrong, I’m punished immediately. I don’t know what… I don’t get away with anything if anyone’s like. Oh, yeah, traffic’s trying to pull a fast one. It’s impossible because I always get held accountable, like immediately by the universe. 

No kidding. If I was walking around having a bad day and I thought a bad thought about somebody as I would run into the airplane or I would slip and fall, or the door would hit me in the face. Whatever the thing was, if my thoughts got below a certain level on anybody on any topic, I would immediately end up hurting myself somehow. 

So, I don’t know how people walk around being ****** all the time, because after a couple of weeks of bumps and bruises like I don’t, I don’t. Think those thoughts. 

Do you want to know? 

About people anymore, yeah. 

I wonder if they get so accustomed to their, you know, run of bad luck, which they will claim as right. And they just figure this is just my life and just that’s the reason they keep doing it in this repetitive manner. There is no right. There’s no positive thought. And maybe even twisting that around by saying, you know what? I’ve been really ****** lately. Let me try this. Just it’s run of bad luck and They can just Kind of validate it that way. 

Or is everyone else’s fault, right? 

True victim. 

It wasn’t me it was my jerk neighbor. I can’t believe he called the police. I only slashed two of his tires or whatever. 

I go to sleep. 

So, like, I got all four or three insurances. Look, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. 

It absolutely starred me that this guy, you know, for some reason. Tied all his bad luck to this. Much and thought that I was doing it now. Maybe I was, but I certainly didn’t mean to ruin this guy’s life. I was just aggravated that I wanted my watch back. But you know, now I’ve learned, even if you think bad about somebody trying not to and. And I looked at it as if I had the ability to wreck somebody’s life. 

Of course not. 

I don’t want to do that. I that’s a terrible responsibility. So, I never look negative at all to things you know, I always try to look at a person and say, how could I help you? Not how can I hurt you? Don’t want to hurt anybody.

It’s hard to think that there are people in this world that actually feel the other way right, that they actually do want to do bad, nefarious things. It’s really like you hear news stories about this stuff like it was over in the Middle East. And I went to a mosque, and I wanted to know some things. And I was a little shocked that there was a woman guiding me around. I didn’t know how progressive they were. In some countries, it is a little bit different. And it was just a beautiful, magnificent place. And I was a little nervous about going to the Middle East until I got there and realized, you know, there’s People there, their families that care about their kids and just like everybody else. 

But I went through there and she’s like, what questions do you have? And I’m like, I want to know about bacon, burkas, and terrorism. Like straight up front. Like I want to know about these three things. What do you think she’s like? Ohh, you know bacon in the Bible that talks about, you know unclean food and all that stuff. And I was like, yeah. But in Acts, it says let nothing I’ve made clean be seen as unclean. And she’s like, where? Show me I want to Try bacon. She didn’t say it like that, but culturally, it would still be inappropriate. And then as Burke, as they said that they wear those to honor Mary. 

And then when they talked about terrorism like it’s like there’s no way. There’s no way these people could read and follow the Koran and still be Muslim. It doesn’t make any sense and I wasn’t sure what to think about that because I don’t know, right? I’ve talked to one person. And then I met someone else and made everything come clear? 

I went running a jet ski around the island. Yeah, it was a really hard Time for me in the Middle East Running jet skis and stuff. But I asked about their website. It didn’t have listed prices. It was kind of odd to me because almost everything in America has a listed price and it’s pretty straightforward. And they’re like, oh, it doesn’t do any good. And I was like, do you mean he’s like the Saudis? Don’t read anyway. And it was him saying this and everything that I had just heard, made sense. 

We know back whatever time frame this was like the Catholics, the priest would read the Bible to the people until Martin Luther went and read it and be like, this is not what the Bible says. And he, you know, nailed his 90-some thesis to the wall, whatever the number is. And when you have a population that doesn’t read. Whether by choice or by chance like they’re not, have not been taught, you can tell them whatever you want to base on whatever holy book you have, and it made me think that there could be people. People, and I don’t know this right? I don’t know. I’ve never read the Quran. I don’t pretend to be an expert. But if you’ve got someone with a holy book telling a bunch of people that can’t read, you can tell them whatever they want to and make them believe whatever you want to. Because they can’t, they have no evidence to the contrary.

It burns me to think that people can feel that way about other people. Right, AB, it would make sense how we could logically happen. I don’t know if it’s as true as I might have connected it. But it still hurts me to believe that people walk around wishing harm and bad things for other people. 

Anything can be manipulated. 

We have to diffuse this part of the things that I’m doing with my movie. The end result is that we want to get to children around the world and try to get children to learn the cultures of other children around the world to see if they learn their cultures and learn how to get along, then instead of fighting, they learn how to work with children around the world and if we can manage to do that, just think of the end result. 

If we get All children to work on problems together like global warming. OK, problems like pollution, problems like education and we help, and we get all children on the same level, what will happen when they turn 35? If we started at age 6? They will be so used to working with one another that there’d be no reason to fight one another because they’ve learned how to work things out. They’ve learned how to talk to one another. They are the new leaders of the world, the new leaders of industry. They wouldn’t think of pollution because they’ve worked that out. Maybe the new politicians, although they may have different viewpoints, will again learn how to work things out and make things happen. 

So, by working with children at age 6,7,8,9 years old just imagine the effect 35 years later or 30 years later, the simple things would that we do now, and how it could affect the future world for these children. 

Yeah, it’s a trickle effect. 

That’s the legacy that I’m working on. Whether it will work or not, I have to try. I just have to try. It’s just part of me saying I’m coming. It’s coming from my heart. And if other people jump on board and help me, even if 50% of it works, at least we’re doing it. 

It’s moving forward. 

Yeah, right now we’re doing nothing. You know, we, have to get children, Chinese children to understand American children. We have to get children in South Africa, children in Germany, and children in Russia. You know, if we all get along at that age, they’ll get along when they’re older. And maybe we won’t have nuclear weapons anymore. Maybe we could stop war because these kids have learned to work things out. I don’t know. Crazy idea.

Not crazy. 

Would you rather get in trouble for doing nothing, or would you rather get in trouble for trying something that you weren’t going to work anyway? You would want to try the thing you would want to even if you had all evidence that doing nothing, might be OK and you have that inkling that you should do something. Chances are you going to do something. And you’ll find out later if it was right. 

Come on, we’re kids. Even will challenge, right? We’ll challenge boundaries all the time. It’s just our nature. So why as adults are we not willing to challenge more? 

Here’s the reason why. Because society has trained us to keep quiet. 

I know.

That’s the reason. 

Be quiet. Follow the rules. Don’t cause a problem. 

If we can get the six-year-olds and seven-year-olds before the effects of society. That’s what we have to do. We have to get to them before society. I’m not going to say ruins them, but basically, we have to open their eyes and we have to continue in some way to say, “you can think from your heart”. There is a culture that will listen to you. All right, we have to set up that Culture for them, where maybe they can’t talk about their ideas in school, but they can talk about their ideas in this culture. So, we have to be able to work with their creativity which normally is pushed down. We have to bring it out.

There’s a phenomenon that they’ve been studying for years, Johns Hopkins Mayo Clinic has all done studies on this, and they were trying to figure out how to, at what point could they inject something into a child’s life to get real, lasting change. And programs like DARE and Big Brother, big sister, all these programs were largely ineffective. If they took place after about 7 years old, they found that between 7-9 on average is when the vast majority of people were in their conscious mind. Becomes active and the conscious mind is the filter that we filter everything through. So, everything from birth up until the point that their conscious mind comes into place. Children are onboarding as a fact. That’s their operating system. 

My operating system was moved 36 times before I graduated high school, right? So, however, many moves happened before I was 6,7,8 Whenever my conscious mind came into play, roughly when my first memory is. Like anything that happened before that, that is exactly how life works for you as far as you know, until there’s overwhelming emotional evidence to the contrary. That’s the way you’re going to operate. 

So, if you were abused as a kid and then told, “I love you, you think that abuse is required for love because that’s what your operating system says. I’m on board with Morry if Kids can learn and make connections and build real friendships before their conscious mind comes into play. That everything that they’re told will be bounced off of that filter when they say, oh, kids in the Middle East or whatever are terrible. It’ll bounce off their filter and be like No, I’ve got like 3 friends over there. I know all about them. I know. That’s true if you tell your kids at that age where they’re impressionable, that they’re beautiful, talented, anything they can imagine they can create, they’re going to believe that. 

So, when they go into the 4th grade and some kid says you got a funny looking nose and be like Mom says so pretty like I know that’s not true. Right like it bounces right off. It bounces right Off because it goes against the filter. Of everything that they know in their being, and that is the time I was going to say time to get them. But that sounds terrible. That’s the time to really pour into our children so they can be that change and grow up knowing nothing else than their operating system as they love all the people around the world. 

And here’s a major issue. What are children exposed to? Well, if you look at the media, they’re exposed to killing and fighting through their cartoons and through their movies, even though the fighting may be the good guys against the bad guys, it’s still fighting. That’s how you work things out. You kill the bad. 

All right, what are their video games? The video games are fighting now. Here’s the interesting thing about it you see a child know that when he shuts off the TV, it’s over. Or when he resets his video games, it’s over. 

So, he thinks that fighting is cool. OK. And then I can just shut it off. Now, what happens when that same child finds a gun in a bedroom that maybe wasn’t put away properly and he says, oh, look cool. This is a gun, and he brings it to school. Now he doesn’t understand that this is real. He is still thinking about his video game and what he saw on television. 

So, when he uses that gun, as far as he’s concerned tomorrow everything will be back to normal. Just like he saw in his video game, just like he saw on TV. Everything’s been reset because that’s what he’s been trained for. He doesn’t understand the ramifications of using that gun in real life. Now, is it a problem for the child? No, there are a couple of things here.

#1 the child is being shown too much violence and #2. I just found should have been locked. Way, but nevertheless we look at it and say that child’s crazy. No, he’s not crazy. He’s just been shown the wrong things and we have to somehow balance that. We have to show him other things that are tied to love and family values and unfortunately many times there are two Parents working in the Family who don’t have the time to show the children those things. And of course, in school, they don’t talk about these things. So, who’s going to take the time? 

So, I had to figure out a way how can somehow go through a movie and through the aftermarket where we take the time and show children this. And for me, I have to give it a shot. I it. It’s just part of me saying I’m taking apart the future and it doesn’t look good. And the only way I can fix it is. I have to start it over again with these kids. Maybe that’s just me. 

So, there’s a story about samurais, right? You’ll see samurais and they’re warriors or killers. But in order to temper kind of the samurai’s raging side, they would make the samurai sit down and make little dumplings because it taught them patience. It was the other end, right, and this way you balance. You know the warrior with the peaceful side.

 So, there’s some happy medium. But I’m telling you, when all you do is expose your children to, you know, vast amounts of violence, you can’t expect them to turn it off. You know, and I had that problem with my kids when they were growing up and playing video games. If they were playing violent video games, they would start arguments with each other. And you’d be like, are you serious? 

So, what I started doing was, you know what the minute I hear either one of you raise your voice, it’s off. Because you can’t control yourself and it’s clear. And you know that, of course, kids will test boundaries. They’ll check and see. OK, if we started an argument will Mom really turn it off? Oh, yeah. Mom turns it off and Mom takes it. It is away and Mom will burn it. Because she can. And because she doesn’t like it, you know she doesn’t like her kids fighting. 

But I think that’s where kids need to understand there are consequences to actions, and that’s where I think as a society, we’ve kind of let our kids down is having them understand there are consequences and if you even look at the world today, I mean when there are people breaking into stores and taking and looting things right and they’re able to, nobody can do anything about it. You’re teaching again, there are no consequences for your actions. And we have to go back to … I’m not saying we go back to corporal punishment and that kind of stuff, but you know that. Let’s talk about the consequences of actions. If you’re going to load a store, you’re going to jail, you know. 

Come on. 

To this place, I think we spoke of, if I can’t remember if we talked about this or not, I’m sure we’ll get hate mail if we’ve talked about this before it. We’re at the place right now. Because too much of our population is abdicating their responsibility, we get someone in the office of political office. We vote them in, and then we abdicate and say you go fix it right? We get bogged down by bills and other our other nonsense in our lives and we have to go to work and we abdicate our parenthood responsibilities to the school system we abdicate in so many different areas of our life, we’re overworked, we’re overstressed, we’re underpaid, everyone’s tired, everyone’s tired, and when it takes so much time, energy, and effort and love to pour into a kid and you have none to give. This is the side you get, as a result.

I grew up. I know I’ve said this before. I grew up in Minnesota, where they taught gun safety training and snowmobile safety, and swimming safety, and how all of these things they taught me in school in the 80s right were a couple of decades past that. And all of this stuff is gone. My dad told me stories that everyone had. The shotgun or the rifle is in the back of their truck, and they go hunting after school to bring home food. And they had shooting classes in the public school system and I’m not saying we should or shouldn’t do that. I’m saying that’s now gone and because the teachers are no longer teaching it, so many of our families are bogged down with so many responsibilities. Simply don’t have the time or energy to really teach them all the things that we need to know as human beings to be in a wonderful society. 

And you know what? It’s a shame, but you know, a lot of the schools don’t have the funding to even do some of the arts. Some of the things that can balance these children, like music, they don’t have the funding for, they’ll have the funding for football all right, but not the funding for music. You know, and now in my Township, music is so important that the actual funding for music, there are 500 children. Being part of the music system in our schools 500 children. And they go on tours, and they have concerts in Disney World and all types of places we actually, you know, went as chaperones and we were shocked, and these kids were into it and that’s because our schools recognized that if they want to curb some of the violence, they have to give children a way to express themselves without being violent and get them off the streets so they won’t be doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. And the consequence was that if you are violent, you were kicked out of the music program. 

I love that you guys fostered that. It’s awesome. We need more programs like that, whether it’s painting, arts, music, you name it, anything other than just sports. And the only reason sports get that funding is that sports make money. Athletic sports make money; therefore, they get more attention. 

Well, you’ve heard. I don’t know if You’ve interviewed Reggie Walker, but. 

I love him. He’s, my brother. 

And I talked to him many times and he wrote a wonderful book. And I said, you know, you actually have to write 3 books. You have to write book one, which talks to children when they discover that they want to get involved in sports when they’re sitting with their father watching a football game or a baseball game and say, “I want to do that”. 

And of course, the father finds my son wants to play football and they bond in that. But the child doesn’t really understand what he’s getting involved in, and there should be a book on what are the processes. You know you’re making your father happy, but is that making you happy? 

I know, Carol. You went through things in your life, you know you were living your life to make your parents happy. That wasn’t necessarily your happiness. But you want to make your parents happy and there reaches a point where you say to yourself, I’m not fulfilled. This is my life. It’s not my parent’s life and I’m afraid to break away from what my parents want me to do because I don’t want to lose my parents. But at the same time, I’m losing myself, you know? And then you started doing incredible things. Saying maybe I won’t lose my parents. Maybe they’ll be very proud of me for doing things that I want to do, but you took them. 

Well, but Maury, I did lose a parent. That’s what gave me the freedom to do what I wanted because I no longer had to worry about it, you know? 

Oh, I’m so sorry. 

Hey, is she going to be OK with this? And my mom was my everything. So, when I lost her, it kind of almost gave me permission to do what I wanted to do. 

Well, you are a strong person. Many people don’t have the strength to follow their convictions. They live their lives because of what their parents want them to do. And they’re unhappy because they’re living their parent’s dream, not their dream. And that’s what happens often with kids in sports. They’re living their father’s dream. 

Oh, so true. Vicariously living through their poor children. 

You know, and then when they get involved in sports, they’re afraid to say that I don’t like my coach because he touched me in areas, you know, you don’t even want to go there. The kids are afraid to even expose the coach because he gets in trouble and his father’s going to be mad at him so they may. Wind up going through their life saying I guess I just have to go with this and there. There shouldn’t be. There should be a book about children understanding why they want to do football or baseball or whatever sport and understanding what they’re getting involved in.

And of course, what Reggie talked about is how football players, you know, graduate college, and they get right into the NFL, and this is their life. And they get connected with maybe a bad agent. They don’t know any different. They don’t know the guys badly. They never had an agent before they connected with a financial advisor. They don’t know. They never had a financial advisor before. 

So how would They know that these people are telling them things that perhaps will ruin their lives, but they don’t know them, they put their trust into these people, and everything is working perfectly. You know, they’re vicarious, they’re buying things, jewelry, they’re buying cars. Oh, my God. What a wonderful life. Until they get hurt. And now their life is over and the funds that they thought they had; don’t have anymore because their financial advisor gave them the wrong advice.

And they’re not prepared for the real world because when they Went to college. They were basically squeaking through college because they were good, athletic players and so they weren’t paying too much attention. So now they’re ten years behind. Else and what happens to many of these guys, they become suicidal and that’s why Reggie felt he had to write this book, because what a shame, if these people would know ahead of time, maybe they would make better choices. And I just love Reggie. And that’s why you love Reggie because he cares so much about these people. And Reggie if you’re watching this. My hats off to you. 

As we’re getting ready to wrap up here today, I have got a couple of questions for you. I know you got your phone number on the screen there and I know. You want people to use it. How do you want people to? Get hold of you. 

I love people. They can. Certainly, I would prefer them to text me rather than call me. They can use that number for texting. 

I’d be happy to get back to them. I don’t hide behind anything. I’m right out there in front. That’s why my numbers are there. If somebody needs help with somebody with something. Writing a book. Getting published needs help with anything. If I can’t help them, I’ll give them your number traffic. 

Yeah. My number is 267-334-8285. 

There you go. But you know, I’m willing to help anybody. They can contact me by e-mail at morrydav@yahoo.com. I’m out there all the time for people. I’m ready. Take your best shot. 

Oh, I love it. I love your spirit, Maury. If you weren’t watching the video, that’s actually Mary’s number that I said, not my own. Maury, you’re fantastic. I love all of the perspective, the flying, and everything that you bring to this. And we’re quite honored to be, you know, have you as our guests today and quite honored that you’re both of us. 

Well, listen, honor is mine. I always wanted to talk on your show, and I had to wait my turn because you had some wonderful guests before me, and I didn’t want to jump in front of them. 

So, thank God I’m finally on your show, and I know you’re going to have wonderful guests after me, so I’ll have these 15 minutes of fame or as long as it takes for this podcast to get out. But it’s just wonderful. Now I know you both personally and listen. I’m glad we’re on this journey together. 

Me too.

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