Traditional Indian-Christian Family, and The Underworld with Anu Abraham

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Growing up in a traditional Indian, Christian family that is a lot of “box” to climb out of. Anu’s life took a sudden turn when tragedy hit her family. Finding recovery in an unfamiliar place led Anu to a life she never knew existed. 


{06:51} What makes Anu a Titan

{16:41} What is a traditional Indian Christian family 

{25:50} Being Christian in a Hindu community

{34:53} Dealing with the sudden death of her brother

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Anu Abraham Bio

Anu has been observing, listening to, and feeling people on all levels since she was a child. This empathic ability heightened when she became a physical therapist and started tuning into peoples’ bodies. 

In listening to her own body, Anu was able to access emotions, memories, and trauma that were creating pain and anxiety. They weren’t just in her mind. They were buried in the subconscious cells of her body and creating patterns that kept repeating themselves. As she explored and learned to apply the healing techniques, Anu began to rewire, and the cycles started to break.  Her body and life are leveled, which is what she offers her clients today.

  • Has been in practice since 2002 and has studied with a diverse group of renowned healers over these years, with whom she has a deep reverence, gratitude, and appreciation.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.
  • Uses her knowledge and experience from physical therapy with alternative healing modalities as the foundation to bring you a holistic approach and safe container to restore.

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Hey, welcome to the show Travis Johnson here with my fabulous co-host whose future is so bright we had to wear shades today. Carol Carpenter. How are you doing Carol? 

Great, how about you? 

Oh, I’m doing Fantabulous we’re here today with Anu Abraham who’s the catalyst for transformational healing on the subconscious level. She was born and raised in the burbs of a New York traditional Indian Christian family, which I don’t know what a traditional Indian Christian family is. Got her doctorate in physical therapy and operates in the Divine feminine integrating the worlds of science, medicine, healing energy, and jazz. She offers well-being at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Anu how are you doing? 

I’m doing great. It’s great to be here. Thank you. I’ll tell you what a traditional Indian Christian family is in just a few moments. 

Good because I don’t know you’re like, oh, it’s traditional and I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what a traditional Indian Christian family is. Everything in the intro was true except for I have no idea where she stands on jazz. I added that in there. 

And all that jazz. But I do. I do like that song. 

Yeah, is it, is it? Jazz hands and spirit fingers. Is that how that goes? 

Unfamiliar, can’t comment. 

Can’t comment, I’m so happy that you don’t feel the need to just answer a question because you’re the one on the camera like you’re willing to say that you don’t know something that’s a big deal. A lot of people aren’t willing to do that

It does take a certain amount of confidence, I think, which is the opposite of what people probably think it’s like. You must know everything and be the expert and you know what we’re in all uncertain times and the completely unknowing of everything. Nothing is certain. You know, all I can know is who I am these days. 

Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing a little bit of vulnerability either. I mean if you don’t know. What’s what? Have you got to gain just to say hey, you know what I don’t know? 

Yeah, and it makes space for learning. When you say I don’t know, at least there’s some space like you can find out. There’s a little bit of willingness, a little bit. Of curiosity and who knows, it’ll show itself for real. I had to take my shades off. It was starting to get steamy and I’m like. Wait, I can’t see you guys.

Are you fogging out?

I did, but you know, I’m here in spirit, in solidarity with the shady crew and the shady conversation. 

OK, so we’re going to have to disclose why. We’re doing the show with shades on. Yeah, I have an infection that I found out about, and I was I ran to urgent care Yesterday,

How far was the run? Did you have to have workout clothes on?

Dude, we’re going to go there. OK, so. 

You could have said you went, but you said you ran. 

Well, I was Panicked, I mean when it comes to your eyes and. All of a Sudden it blows up like a balloon. You like you start to panic like, OK, well it’s not happening in my other eye so I’m going to urgent care and they took a look at it. I had to wait like 2 hours because I Walked in, you know, and they were like… It’s a… it’s an infection and we’re going to put you on aggressive treatment, but I can’t cancel. I mean, just in being the full entrepreneur that we are, right? We kind of go with the flow. 

And so, I texted Travis this morning. So, you know I have this thing going on. I’m coming and doing the show with shades on, and he sends me back a picture of himself with the sunglasses on. And I go, we’re doing it. We’re just going to do it cause. It doesn’t change anything. Luckily it doesn’t affect my brain, so I can’t think so. I can still do this, it’s just, you know the California girl in me is coming out today. 

There you go, there you go. 

Well, listen. This is pretty New York to walk around like this at. All time it’s. Like I can’t deal with your energy, I can’t deal with people today. 

OH, like a block. 

Yeah, where is my coffee just let me stay in my bubble? This is a very familiar look for me. 

Because we don’t want you to have that look with us. We want you to expose. All of you. And Travis, you keep your mouth shut because we know where you’re going. 

Based on the pre-interviews, I’m the least dirty person on this camera. 

Oh, that’s true. I have a Naughty in me, it’s true. I do have the provocateur. She does poke her head sweetheart. 

Oh no. 

He was pointing the finger at me. 

Oh, you, well, that’s what we have in common. 

Everything that I say in this. Show about Carol is about me and everything she says about me is really about her. 

Ultimate classic projection and mirror. 

OH yeah, absolutely. I was like, yeah you. Know Carol’s hostility and talk a lot. **** like that’s me. And she’s like you got that dirtiest mind, that’s her like I’m at best second place on this call. 

That I’ve become familiar with that dirty mind. 

Yeah, that’s not a surprise. That’s not a surprise. 

No, no. I think we share that. We have that in common. 

I think. 

I thought you were talking to me, that’s why I own it. I’m like, oh no, I’ve got a dirty mind and to me, I think it’s funny I don’t get offended by simple…


My favorite people have the dirtiest minds. He’s like, say something like, yeah, that would be cool with like the leg up and this and that people like. 

Oh my God, we’re not even. 

OK well. 

Have fun. It’s like it’s that got you fired up like we’re not going to it’s not. 

We’re not going to fit. Yeah, this is not going to last very well. I’m going to find this very funny and you’re going to find this very serious and you’re going to be offended and now you’re canceled. Travis said leg up, that’s a no-no on the list. Can’t say leg up. 

Up, I know someone, whose whole business is called a leg up. 

Oh yes we do, So do you 

Would love to know. 

Do you know who it is? 

I do. 

You do, oh yeah, we’re not going to say on the show, but you don’t. You know this answer.

But I want to know what makes you a Titan Anu. 

You know, it’s interesting. I probably have a very not classic answer which is akin to me, but I would say being an empath in this world and being a sensitive woman in this world an intuitive, attuned woman navigating all these things and harnessing all of the energy that I feel. That’s seen and unseen, so living in the invisible and the visible and the… It’s a lot, but I’m a high-functioning human. Thank God. I’ve got an up-and-running business, thank God and that’s an extension of that, but I would say that that gift is a Titan quality for sure. 

I wouldn’t say that you’re unique in that aspect. I think a lot of people think that the more successful they are, the more they are in tune with themselves as a person themselves. As emotional beings themselves as spiritual beings, they are more in tune with themselves in whatever phase of existence we’re talking about. That’s the people that become Titans, and the Titan is the. The byproduct or the output of all this stuff that’s been the input. And it’s always interesting to see just how someone will answer that question. 

It is. Your right, it’s not. It’s not uncommon, but I feel like it’s less talked about, I mean. We talk about it. Emotional intelligence, but I don’t know that anyway just comes out of the gate being like “I’m an empath which makes me mighty”. It’s usually like behind the scenes. 

Yeah, I say it a little slightly differently. Like I’m an empath and that makes me a ************ like because I know what you’re feeling. People will say, How do you do that? I say because I already know. What you were feeling I already knew that. When you walked into the room, how do you know that, like because I can feel it? Mm-hmm and. 

People like its energy. Just like anything else I really like, Oh yeah. 

Like, really? 

There’s a reason I didn’t talk to you last week and they’re like I didn’t talk to you last week. I was like I know that was on purpose and they’re like why I was like, well, what was going on last week and they’ll. Tell me I’ll be like that’s why. And like, how did you know? 

Yeah, I think you know we understand more, not just more in tune. 

I think you become a much more successful entrepreneur too when you have that sense of enlightenment because so many of us are struggling up to a certain point. But you reach a point where you start accepting and going with the flow and you’re you have this positivity that surrounds your world, and you have these groups of individuals that you know are supporting you and are your community and it’s interesting. What happens when you get all those things aligned? You have this much more enlightened view of life. 

There’s a place for wisdom here. You know you go through these experiences and it’s not from a textbook, it’s not knowledge. It’s not… 

Oh hell no. Hey babies, you know when. They did what you expect when you’re expecting. Yeah, let me tell you. 

Let me tell you. 

When you have children, that book is ********. 

It doesn’t tell you a lot of stuff. You’re going to be dealing. 

With no, it’s a moot point. It is moot. Point every soul. Comes out with its path, its energy, and it is not cookie cutter and one size fits all that’s for sure, no. 

Oh, 100%. 

Interestingly, you mentioned emotional intelligence based on our pre-hitting record conversation. There’s where the number one focus of the employees they hire number one hires is emotional intelligence, and that company is Apple. 

The reason they’re so successful and the reason that people are in love with them is not their products, because as we mentioned pre-interview, the projects are their products are more expensive and a coup of generations behind the people that you interact with when you have a product that you need help with, they care about you so much as a person. 

I got that. 

You can’t help but love. To them, but that doesn’t mean they make their problem. You know their product better, it just means you are OK with it sucking and you get to talk to those people that love you. Did you guys know that? 

No, I didn’t, and that must make a really good work culture. Maybe not about the product but working with the… 

From what I understand, that work culture is amazing and for anyone who deals with customer service at any level, their number one hiring factor is emotional intelligence. You have to be able to relate to the people that you’re talking to. So, when you… 

Yeah, you have to care. 

When you see people in stores for hours. They’re there because it feels good, not because Apple is some kind of great tech company. 

It’s true. I just had my computer crash and burn and be sent away and like when I first had to talk to customer support, they weren’t like “is it plugged in? Is it turned on?” You know it wasn’t any of that. She was just like, oh, I got you. Let’s walk through this. It was so human and reassuring. 

And she’s like, let’s get you an appointment. You need to bring it in, I like. OK, but it’s true. I felt real, it’s so vulnerable your whole business, your whole life is there. All your writings and your documents and you’re like am I going to lose it and is it all going to be intact? And thankfully everything was OK, but I have to say their customer support was pretty amazing.

When I went to the store, I felt horrible for this guy. He was doing a presentation, and no one was listening. It was like a Saturday night. There were like 55 million people and no one was paying attention and he’s still presenting like this masterful artist, and no one is listening. It’s just for entertainment I guess, and education, but it sort of feels bad for the guy I’m like. Oh, listen, even though this is completely boring, and I don’t have an Apple Watch and you’re presenting on an Apple Watch. But I’ll still listen. 

That phase in that segment of that business world is what is the thing that propelled him to know, right? That was the same thing. Was it Zappos like the online shoes, their customer… Their goal was to have the best customer service experience imaginable. Had nothing to do with the shoes.

The shoes are the shoes. Right, you get the ones you like or don’t like or whatever. They heard, whatever. But that’s how you’re treated as a person that grew. The value of the company into what it was since the reason that founder, I think he died this year. Rest in peace. There’s a reason he had such a huge following. It was because of the customer service experience, not the shoes, not the product. 

Do you know who’s? Also, like that, or know if it’s like this on the West Coast but at trader Joe’s. Everyone is wonderful at Trader Joe’s like that must be, you know, employee criterion or something. They’re just sunny and helpful and just wonderful. 

They are. I love them. I love them

See and I think Trader Joe’s sucks because I don’t care about that part of the experience. Like Trader Joe’s. A trader just like oh there. I’m like I can’t find anything.  I don’t care about most of the stuff they’re selling and everything’s way more. Why would I ever come here? 

Well, it’s the experience. Yeah, it is the experience, but it’s over here. It’s significantly less expensive. 

In the city. 

That’s what I think. So too. I don’t think they were expensive

Though they are compared to Midwest prices where I’m at, it’s far more expensive than my local grocery store. 

Oh see, I don’t experience that here, I think they’re less. 

You’re a major city, right? You’re in the top ten cities, Seattle and the New York area. Top ten cities. 

OK, OK all right all. 

Right, yeah, I’m in Oklahoma City, which is probably. 

Although I did. I Had one experience yesterday with them. 

A top 50 city. 

Yeah, and it was so, you know, with the supply chain issues, not every Trader Joe’s is getting the product that you typically would get. I love green onions with my salads with my soups with everything right so it’s been hit or miss every time I go in. And so, I figured, well, I’m going to call because last time I went it, they didn’t have any, and I called and this lady answered and I said, “Hey, do you guys have green onions today?” And she’s like “I didn’t realize we had a problem with green onions” and I thought, huh? Somebody ******** her Cheerios today. OK, so. 

That escalated quickly, thinking they were thinking bad morning and that they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. They weren’t awake yet. Someone **** in their Cheerios. Geez, got us an expression. 


I was like, OK, I’m just going to be kind here and I was just like yeah, so the last few times I’ve come in you know they told me that there were some issues and getting in shipments that are behind so I just before I make the trip down there I just want to make sure you guys have them. She puts me on hold, she goes yeah we got like 3 boxes in today. You should be fine. I’m like holy **** man so again that’s the reason I said who **** in your Cheerios so. 

You’re getting someone fired from Trader Joe’s right now, Carol. 

I know the poor green onion. Gal, you know it was not meant to be. you did her a service. If she gets fired and you do her a favor, maybe she didn’t want to be there. 

Well, you want to know something she probably won’t hear. This and she won’t give a **** anyway, so. I don’t care. 

Truth Is being spoken today. 

There’s this. This is what we do, 

so, I got to know what a traditional Indian Christian family is. Christianity is not big in India. 

No, it’s 2 Percent of the population Christianity 2%, but that’s like what 50 billion so? 

At one point, they’re on track to surpass China, right? It’s like 1.5 billion now. 

I believe so, yes there is. I think it is over a billion now. So, 2% of a billion is quite a large number. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not.

 Interestingly, it has its parameters when you’re when I was raised in this family. It was…

Some limitations come with Christianity. In my experience. From my perspective, I’ve felt more of a freer spirit as more of a freer soul. And then some limitations come from the Indian culture, and then you put them two together. And that’s a lot of “box” to need to bust out of at some point.

I would say you know there were a lot of you know like don’t show your arms and cover like a long skirt. It’s basically like Amish is what My mom wanted me to be. 

Was that Indian or was that Christian in your opinion? 

It was both because like. 

OH really? 

When you said, well, I’m an Indian Orthodox which is like Greek Orthodox Russian Orthodox but it’s very similar to Catholic, so you have to cover yourself and we were in traditional Indian garments which…. Not like Bollywood is very covered up like your tops are down. So, it was really interesting. I would say just having this experience of suffocation almost where everything was just told to you and determined for you in certain ways, and there are certain ways of being, and there are certain ways of being as a young woman, and certain ways to behave, and you don’t even smile in church. Don’t laugh in church, don’t talk in the church so there Was just a lot of. …

That sounds Russian Orthodox – no smiling. 

Yes, well they did. They took this very seriously and I understand that when I’m in my own prayers I’m in. I’m in it. I’m in that, you know, zone of stillness or dedication so I can understand that. It just never fit. It was just never me. 

So, as I went through the years, there were moments of rebellion that would show up here and there, and it was really interesting. I feel like I take after my mom in certain ways and then I take after my dad in certain ways.

And so, they both came from a village, both of them. Somehow my dad is like he’s got these worldly views and like these very broad perspectives, he can see the big picture of life. But my mom still has the village perspective where we’re still in New York, but functioning in a village. So there’s just. I feel like I grew up around an incredible amount of duality and mixed signals and polarity. 

Yeah, no, it sounds like that’s true. 

What is interesting about the Christian religion is a lot of the stuff that is said in the Bible is accurate and it applies in a lot of different scenarios. The problem is they don’t know why it’s that way and nor do they explain why it’s that way. 

So, like when they talk about prayer and the power of prayer. Fully believe on board, for those that are not into religion, it might sound like meditation or chanting or going through your dream board and talking about these things. And it’s the same thing, but they just don’t tell you what it actually means and how it’s actually implemented and integrated. 

And then they talk about, you know, a lot of religions care about the covering of women they talk about in the Bible and say something like, don’t be a stumbling block to those around you. If we talk about a divine being that created the worst and you agree or don’t agree, and whatever, right if that’s true, the divine being like we were designed to be attractive and desirable, by the other sex like that without a doubt. 

We pervert that image in our minds. That’s on us and that has nothing. Do with what amount of clothing you had? On the right, there’s a certain amount of clothing that dictates a kind of action. 

I had a friend I’ve never quite been able to get this story straight to make it sound good, but women that are then attacked and raped, and they’re like well, what was she wearing? Like how what they were wearing doesn’t dictate their behavior to them, right? You see someone wearing a football jersey at Buffalo Wild Wings. You don’t tackle them. Because they were wearing a jersey, yeah. Treating them how they were, you know how they were dressed, right? Wearing a jersey doesn’t mean you going to get tackled and wearing something skimpy doesn’t mean you’re getting attacked like it has nothing to do with it. One another it’s like. It has nothing to do with anything. I don’t get it.

The vast majority of Christians that I’ve spoken to don’t understand, do they understand what you got to do. But they don’t understand how to implement it, why it matters, or what that really does, and so that disconnect is what keeps people away from certain types of religious things and religious activities. I’m not for or against it, I’m just saying that’s what I think. 

I love what you think and there is, you know, I do think that there is an essence of truth to a lot of religions that are shared in common and that’s what I subscribe to. So, you know the basics of being a good human, being loving and kind as much as you can be grace in the world. Be loved in the world.

That I’m on board with. It’s certain Indoctrinations and interpretations where I get a little lost and I can feel distortion where I’m wondering to myself well. How exactly was this communicated? Because I know anyone who’s played the game of telephone. You start at the top of the circle with one sentence and then by. 

The time it gets over here. It’s like what” Turtle ate my boxer?

It’s like no. 

What kind of telephone are you playing with? How do I sign up? I don’t know. 

Yeah, but. 

The kookiest things. Come out, and so I wonder, isn’t the game of Bible sometimes like it’s all man-made, receiving interpretation, yes, and I can only speak from the one that I know, but I just wonder how much was man-made for certain reasons or purposes? How much was distorted and how much was distilled truth I’m spiritual 

Yeah, I mean they’ve got major councils that covered this stuff right? Because there is a gospel according to all these other people that’s not included in the canonical Bible, right? There’s a gospel according to Judas, and one of the main reasons it wasn’t included is because it talks about how Jesus appeared to the disciples as different beings throughout their time. 

He would sometimes show up as the man that we would say he is in that time when he was walking with animals. Sometimes he showed up as a kid. Sometimes he showed up in different phases of being and because they couldn’t wrap their head around it, they couldn’t include it in the Canon. 

Right, so it’s interesting how that was decided and why, and like the picture that most Americans would see of Jesus, looks like a white dude and it’s actually one of I don’t know, Constantine… someone’s going to be like Travis, you don’t know anything. There’s a chance that that’s true, but there’s some emperor. I think it was Constantine. I don’t know if it is A painting of his son. And that’s the generally accepted white version of Jesus that we have floating around. Like if you thought of Jesus and you had the picture in your head, that picture is some guy’s kid. It’s not of Jesus because Jesus is probably a darker-skinned dude with bigger features. That was like Carpenter, right? Not like the white soft. Isn’t he nice? He looks like us, Jesus, that’s probably not very accurate. 

No, I understand and track what you’re saying. He was an avatar, and he was constantly morphing. He was just a light body.

and I do subscribe. That’s one of the confusions I think my family has. What do you believe in? I believe that in Christ’s consciousness the consciousness of Christ. Which is pure love. Unconditional love embodies forgiveness, embodies mercy, embodies compassion, and grace, and it has a healing power to it. That’s what I believe.

I don’t need stories. I know there are always miracles that are possible in a certain energy. And there Miracles are possible in any kind of frequency that’s raised that’s high. So, I do believe he was a miracle maker. I do believe he was a healer. I do believe he was a Carpenter. There are a lot of things that I subscribed to. He was an ascended master. But I don’t know that saying the same prayer every week really invoked that for me it was through life experience that that was invoked for me. 

So it is but your family. I mean, you said they’re Christian and most Indians correct me if I’m wrong. Are Hindus.


OK, so how did you guys become Christians? Because I know in my family the same thing. The vast majority of them are Buddhists and we’ve talked about this before and then our, you know, my mom’s family decided to adopt Christianity. So you know even though I have baptized the whole 9 yards and the rest of my family, the majority of my family is Buddhist, so it’s an interesting thing how that happened. How did it happen for your family that you guys became Christians versus Hindus? 

So my family is from Kerala which is the absolute most South Western coast of India. It’s right at the tip. Boats came in, yes Travis, I just said that I knew it. 

If you’re listening to this and not watching the video, you’re robbing yourself of a fantastic experience. I’m just letting you know that those that are listening. 

I’m going to leave that there, and so the boats would come in. So actually, what we were taught, goes as far back as Saint Thomas the disciple in AD 52. He came on the boat, and he brought Christianity to these port areas. 

So, Goa is another area that is known for Christianity and Kerala. So, Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda. And there are Christians there. There are Hindus there. There are Muslims there, there are Jewish there. There’s actually everything. I’m sure there are more Buddhists there. 

So, it’s like a melting pot because it was like a port. 

Yeah, there’s a lot. There’s a lot of everything. 

All the ports. 

All the ports in the world are pretty much the same experience. Yeah, yeah, I’m looking at a breakdown right now of religion in India. About 80% as Hindu and 14% are Islam. The Christian at just over 2 then you’ve got, Sikhism, Buddhism, tribalism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But overwhelmingly the Major 3 Hindu, Islam, and Christianity. 

Yes, and so that’s another way in which I’m an outlier, right? So, I’m Indian, but I’m not Hindu, I’m Christian. So, it’s like othering, right? 

And it’s like I don’t fit a lot of these stereotypes where it’s like I don’t speak Hindi, that’s not our language. Our languages are Malayalam and English. And I mean my parents speak Hindi because they grew up. There, but I’ve picked up a. Couple of words here and there just from watching movies as a kid and still today. Because it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. 

But there are so many ways in which there are these stereotypes that exist that I don’t even fit. So it’s just interesting to be this outlier with this. 

Stiff fit, I mean quite honestly, don’t you just want to create the person that you want to be? 

Yeah, not when I was a kid. No, not when I was a kid. 

No, no, of course, we wanted to fit in right and just try to be like everybody else and don’t stick out like a sore thumb, and yeah. 

That you want to be accepted, you want to be accepted into the group and then celebrated as an individual, right? You want to be accepted and then you want to be you within that group, but you got to get in first. Is that how you feel? 

Yeah, absolutely. So, in the beginning, I don’t know how this ended up happening. It was kind of beautiful, to be honest. I grew up in the suburbs, mostly all white. It was me, my brother, and my cousins. But they were in different school districts and whatnot so. 

When did you come to the states? Were you born in the states? 

I was born in New York.

And then we moved to the burbs. 

And yeah, my city life didn’t last very long. Even my spirit was huge back then it was like six months. I’m like we’re out of here. Let’s go play in the trees and I need to run around and have swing sets. I would say I don’t know how this is. I guess it was a very special place. Everybody was incredibly embracing of me, and no one treated me otherwise.

That’s not to say that that was my internal experience, but externally no one treated me like I was different or like I didn’t experience racism as a child. I didn’t, I didn’t have adversity. I feel like they just connected to my personality or my spirit and treated me as such. And so that was the big fat win for growing up. But on the inside, I didn’t look like my white friends and so my version of beauty was distorted. Growing up because I’m like, well, I don’t look like that. There’s a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes and blonde hair and green eyes and. It’s like looking at. 

California, like California. All the girls had blonde hair and blue eyes. All the guys loved them. I’m ******* a brunette with brown eyes. This is not going well. 

You know, I experienced the same thing. Because I’m from northern Minnesota where everyone is Swedish or Norwegian and all the guys in my family are blonde hair, blue-eyed, and almost everyone in school was blonde hair blue eyed

I have dark hair and dark eyes. I was the uggo. Which I know is not. True now, but I felt. That way, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Oh, I know, isn’t it weird for you? 

Share that in common. See, look at that. Oh, this is so nice seeing all our similarities. 

It’s a bonding moment. 

It is this. Is sweet. I know. I feel it in My heart. 

Virtual hugs 

I do feel a wonderful warmth around it, but I would say that was a struggle. Growing up was like I didn’t identify physically with these features and then with my Indian family and culture. I didn’t feel similar on the inside, so no matter where I was, I was like I just don’t belong to any of this, and it wasn’t until college that I just came into like an incredible amount of diversity that I just really sprouted. 

So then when you were, I know this is from my family, right? And being from an Asian culture. Did we all have these duties and responsibilities that we have to adhere to, especially to our parents, and was there a profession that originally they wanted you to be a part of and then, of course, you didn’t choose that because you know where you are now. But what was that profession and then? What caused you to change? 

It’s interesting because my brother was on the path of medicine, and I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare, and I sort Of was like. Yeah, I meant to be in medicine too in a very different way right now. But for a long time. But when I started on the trajectory of medicine and pre-Med my mom was a labor and delivery nurse. She was telling me she’s like, you know, I want you to reconsider this. So, it was the opposite. There wasn’t pressure to be in a certain profession. 

I think about this for a second because it’s not a good lifestyle for a woman who wants a family. You’re on demand round the clock, and you know there’s a tremendous amount of responsibilities. It’s incredibly challenging to have balance.

So, I consider that. And early on, I knew when I discovered this physical therapist through this exploration program about different professions, I was like. I could do that for the rest of my life. This woman has compassion and she’s helping people get better. Like that… it just felt so right and so resonant. And so, and it’s funny my dad didn’t have an opinion about it, he was. 

Just like physical therapy? 

Correct, correct physical therapy

It was interesting. My dad didn’t… He’s like I don’t care, just be the best at whatever you’re going to do. Just be an absolute master of what you’re going to do and no less get the highest degree that you can get and excel. 

Like, OK, all right, that’s so that’s what I did. I got my doctorate, and I went out in the world. It’s funny how life took a turn and changed directions and the course of my path completely just through life. Should I elaborate, OK? 

Yeah, yeah, it sounds like you did something, and then that didn’t answer the second half of Carol’s question, right? You said you got into physical therapy, but then what caused you to get out of that and what did you get in like? What was the big change? 

So back in 2006, on New Year’s Day, I got a call that my brother had suddenly passed away. And it was literally at that moment that I felt severe mid-back pain. And even being a PT I was like, OK, I’ll take care of this later. I have to go tell my parents they were in church. And I have to go deliver this incredibly serious and heavy news that their firstborn, beloved child, that they thought they were going to be celebrating his wedding. They’re now preparing for his funeral, so it was pretty intense. 

There was a lot of pressure around that, and I remember delivering the news. We went back to my house and. One of the beauties of Indian culture is its very community and village minded so everyone swooped in. Everyone dove in and showed up at the house and we had like hundreds of people. And yet, I’m a creature of space. I needed space, so I was sort of suffocating in that beloved support that was. The present I was like I needed. I need everyone to back off. 

there was just way too. Much energy coming at you, yeah? 

Two people for you. 

People, no, it’s more of. It’s a moment of shock and absolute blindsiding he passed off an aneurysm in his sleep. 

How old was he? 


It is shocking, yeah. 

And it’s I thought, the call from his fiancée was going to be happy New Year, and instead, she’s telling me, my brother passed. There was a lot to process in a moment of, you know, when I’m 25 years old it was just a lot to take in.

And then the responsibility that I saw in front of me of like I gotta get out of the city and go up to the burbs and tell my parents now directly. That was a lot. It was a lot. It was an incredible burden to carry. 

Yet there was also this incredible amount of light around me and grace. It was like he was there and he’s like I’m going to tell them to you. I’ll be there with you. So, I just remember that there was an insane amount of ease around strangely like I was just a messenger or I was just channeling something. 

But you know compassionately so and I still to this day can remember the screech of my mom when I told her, as my dad went into skepticism and like, well, you know, let’s get all the information and we don’t know if this is true. Like let’s find out and my mom that shrill hit every nerve in my being. 

And moms know moms know. And by the way, interestingly enough, my mom and I had a shared experience that morning before we got the news. I don’t get anxiety attacks. I had an anxiety attack at eight something in the morning and I panicked, and I got up and I was like oh, are they towing my car? I like it, I just had this insane moment. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I just… Now I know based on the autopsy report, that was the time his spirit left, and I felt that separation. I felt that moment of him going and leaving, and we were so connected. We were like twins. We had just this telepathic connection. I looked up at him. The big time my older brother and I just had this kind of connection, so I just remember feeling that and my mom said the same thing she’s like. I had anxiety and I couldn’t breathe properly. My heart was racing on the way to church this morning and I was thinking my God, we’re all. Just so in tune and sensitive and connected, we know things. Without knowing things.

we nurture those children in our bodies. You cannot tell me there is not some special connection with each one of those children that you bear into this world. 

Yeah, we had this situation. I don’t know. It’s like 13 or 14 and my mom got this feeling, and she rushed out to where my sister was. She was at one of the lakes and she was missing at the same time I fell out of a tree. I feel like 25/30 feet ended up breaking both of my wrists and fracturing my hip, but it both happened at the same time. And she got this feeling out of nowhere. And rushed to where my sister was, where she was missing. 

And then she got home and there was a note from the paramedics saying that they brought me to the ER because I had hurt that hurt myself. But she knew. I mean, this was in the 90s, so no one was texting. It wasn’t like someone was at the beach. Like oh, here’s this viral video of your daughter going missing. Like none of that stuff like she had to know to make that happen. 

That instinct she had that instinct that Mama’s instinct 

It is intuition, and so at that point, I was carrying this burden and this pain in my back. And we went through the whole process of the funeral and the burial and everything. And this pain was unrelenting. It wasn’t going away, so I went to my physical therapy cohorts and chiropractors and like. Everything I knew at the time to help resolve the pain I was like I think he just needs to crack my back or something and. It wouldn’t budget. It wasn’t going

And it wasn’t until about six months in that I… My cousin, was like, oh, there’s this healer in town. You might want to book a session I’m like. OK, I just. Booked it, I didn’t even know what was happening, I’m Like what’s a healer who cares? I didn’t ask any questions except the time, and I just showed up. 

And when I did, he was a stickman and he worked on the subconscious level, which is what I’m doing and he had said to me, you know, I’m feeling a tremendous amount of guilt In your back that you’re holding and a tremendous amount of grief. And it was true. I was holding the survivor’s guilt that if it was me that passed away, it would have been easier on my parents. There wouldn’t be people mourning and upset like somehow it would have been easier.

That was my experience of it. It was like, Oh my. God, like you know it was just so heartbreaking. It was also the back of the heart. So, in just addressing those emotions, he’s like you’re holding so much emotion for so many people around you and I just bawled. I just finally felt like I had a space to just drop it. And let it go and very… like so gently he just pressed his hands on my back and that pain was gone. And he, you know; he was very clear. He’s like, you know, I just want to tell you you’re here for a reason. This is the work you’re meant to do. And I didn’t even actually take it. It is Visas like, OK, that’s interesting. 

Whatever bro I. t **** to do. 

Yeah, exactly, my back pain is gone. 

Yeah, I could. Take my apple in for repair. 

That’s all I know exactly. I was just like whatever. I’m just happy to be pain-free finally and then something started opening in me. 

This curiosity, where it’s like what was that, and why do I feel so good? For the last six months, I was. Disoriented, and confused, it was completely disconnected from me. I remember walking around and looking up and doing like what block am I on like the I need to get back to work it just wasn’t there and then all of a sudden after that session, I was there. I was present. I was in my body. I was centered and I was like this is an interesting experience. 

So I started studying under him. And learning like and it’s. It’s funny how quickly things just started coming back online like these were gifts that were just dormant sitting inside of me and they just started reawakening and just sort of remembering a whole bunch of things.

I just dove into the healing arts because I wanted to understand actual health and I wanted to understand what’s really causing pain and what’s really causing disease and illness, and so I’ve been in the underworld for nearly two decades just immersed in this. It’s fascinating to me. 

Please tell me your business uses the term underworld in its title. 

It will now 

please dear God please dear God. 

Typing it doesn’t. But it will after this all be incorporated somehow. Bringing you to the underworld and then back up in style. 

You know that is really interesting. You talk about your back pain. I’ve got back pain and back conditions and I remember a time when. I used to like being very flexible and sleeping on my stomach and I always had slight scoliosis. 

But then I remembered where my back started being painful in the middle, not like lower back pain in the middle like between the shoulder blades and middle of the back. And trying to think like you’re talking like this is interesting. I’m like what was I doing at that time? What was it? Because I, you know, I wasn’t in an accident. There was no major thing that I liked. 

Trigger it. 

You made that happen. So, and then I’m wondering, am I holding guilt and grief or something that happened and that’s why my back’s been hurting for the last 14ish years… is that the thing? 

It could be.

That’s also another common trend in the shoulder blades where a lot of. People hold a lot of emotion and a lot of stores, to Chinese medicine The rib cage right between the shoulder blades is where you can store grief, but it’s also worth your self-worth, so there’s that. And then there is. It’s a common place where people tuck away their most negative thoughts. Everybody has likes. A most negative thought. A repetitive thought that repeats your life like I’m not good enough or I’m not enough, I’m not worthy or I’m bad or whatever that is and just continues through life and that’s actually where a lot of people store it is behind the shoulder blades. 

That’s interesting because most people I know tell me I need to work on my humility, so maybe it’s false bravado that’s coming out. I don’t feel that way about myself. 

It could be it could.

The overcompensation could be going. The other end of the spectrum, when it’s maybe you know some version of insecurity that every single human has ever felt, so it’s worth exploring and seeing what it does. I mean you have nothing to lose now. 

Well, I can lose my back pain. That’d be great. Hey, have you seen my back pain? No can’t. Find it for me. Neither isn’t that wonderful. 

That would be wonderful and maybe there’s a possibility, so I bet if you even asked to see it, that’s the thing that I love about the body. 

Yeah, yeah. 

It’s so intelligent and it has its wisdom and it has messages. And if you just sit there and ask it, what is this? What are you trying to communicate? Because pain is communication. It’s letting you know something. It’s a signal. Something is going on so I. 

Can attest to that because I have not been sleeping, and I’ve had terrible insomnia, and here’s The funny thing Anu. I didn’t realize all the stuff was going on in my body right, and now I can explain why I wasn’t sleeping. My body was going wackadoo and then something manifested in my eye, right? And I’m. You’re going, huh? 

Wackadoo, is it the medical term? 

Yeah, that’s a. That’s technical. Like yeah, medical term yeah. 

Technical wackadoo 

And then there’s. Also cuckoo 

Cuckoo, Wackadoo, and weirdo. 

Yeah, it’s a lesser degree. 

Yeah, yeah what? I can do it kind of up there. But your body manifests things. And if you listen, if you’re in tune with your body and you listen. Your body gives you messages.

And it’s interesting, like even talking to Ali. He was sitting there telling me. Ohh, you know you should reset your rhythm, your circadian rhythm, right? And he started doing some research on it, but for some reason. That wasn’t connected. That wasn’t resonating with me as a problem. It wasn’t until it manifested that I’m sitting here going, Oh my God, because guess what? I started the course of antibiotics. I slept like a rock last night. Isn’t that interesting? Your body is trying to tell you things, so you kind of have to know your baseline for your body so that you know when something’s off and then start figuring it out. It’s like our bodies are puzzles, you know. 

Absolutely, and the funny thing about the body is that I used to think of it as muscles and nerve networks and blood flow and organs. And you know that’s that. 

But really, there are so many little pockets of memories and emotions and stored beliefs and traumatic experiences. That starts to cover up the intelligence of the body, because then the body has to start rerouting itself. It doesn’t have that route available, so it starts. OK, so we’re going to go to Carl’s eye. We’re going to go over here and then something starts happening here. 

You’re not paying attention. God, dammit, I’m going to make you pay attention. 

What don’t you want to see? 

Right, well, yeah, exactly right. Hey, you’re a very little *****. So, if you try , we know you’re going to listen. 

Yeah, well, you know you. You got to look at like hey, there’s a blind spot here what do I not want to see? What’s in front of me that I don’t want to see or what? Am I judging myself? For there’s a lot in perception that can manifest in the eye. 

Isn’t it interesting that our bodies will send us those messages? Why are you sitting there smirking Travis? 

Because I love the conversation. But you know my mind, it wanders. I just pictured a T-shirt series. Like you’re a vain little *****. Carol Carpenter like that written on a T-shirt I liked. Huh, I wonder if we could sell that.  

Yeah, I would just cut the sleeves. You know I’d have to make it my own, of course, but you know. I would wear it. 

Oh no, Travis comes up with this all the time. I’ll say something and he’ll go. We need to make a T-shirt. With that on it. 

Do you have a T-shirt business? Because you’re good at these slogans and coining expressions and. All of that. 

I do have a lead into one. They all do buy on-demand drop ships, so there’s no minimum like buy and all that stuff and then just promote the link and people can click and they make it create it and ship it. You don’t have to do anything. 

I had some amazing friends of mine that do that if you want to get hold of these people, that’s really designed as Ginger and David and they’re amazing people. Put that in the show notes. By me, I mean Lorelee will put those in. The show notes. Thank you Lorelee. 

Thank you Lorelee For supporting Travis and his business ventures. 

She’s amazing, I couldn’t do what I’d do without her. 

Everybody’s got that right hand. That it’s like, what would I do without you luckily? They’re like you don’t have to ever figure that out. I’m right here. 

Because I’m here behind you forever, I’ll never leave you. 

I don’t think it’s like that, but. 

Well, we’ve been talking all different, all different levels of craziness, right? 

No, we’d have to Cut those cords and you know. Love you from a distance. 

I’ll find you and she’s like. 

Stage five, that’s a stage 5 clinger. 

H5 Clinger Stage 5 clinger. 

5 clingers yeah. That’s pretty serious. 

It’s hilarious that they had a protocol for stage 5 clingers that was the best part about it. 

That was a good movie honestly. 

They had a protocol that they had to implement based on a thing that they knew was real, and they had it and they executed the plan, oh it’s. Hilarious, we’ve got to go. I’ve got a stage 5 clinger, yeah but. That mocking on this other girl over here and I. Can’t go fine. I’ll suck, I’ll suck it up. It’s super hilarious.

If you know we’re talking about riding wedding Crashers and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It’s hilarious. 

It is hilarious, and, oddly enough, he ended up with her. That’s the twisted surprise he was into. He’s like, you know what? I kind of dig this stage 5 clinger. 

You never quite know what you’re going to be into or what’s going to like, like, like, the words, no stop and don’t they. Are they bad words? Or do they just get a bad read?  

No. stop. don’t. Are you serious? We Can’t do that right now? 

The words themselves mean different things in a different context. 

No stop we’re at. A party? Seriously, you’re so bad. No stop. 

Don’t you’re so bad like you get bad like which? 

One the words are they always bad? 


I guess it’s not how they’re said. 

The intention to contact and the intention behind it. What’s the intention in which you’re using it, or the context in which it’s used?

That was when my cousin Vinny. 

Macchio was like I killed someone. 

Someone and they read it as like I killed that person. I killed that person like that. I got a terrible read on it. And that most of the movie was a misunderstanding. 

I can’t believe you brought that movie. I love that movie. 

I watched it for the first time within the last two months. I’ve never seen it before. Yeah, and then that I had a friend that quoted that movie and then I said that and he’s like dude, what the ****? We can’t even be friends anymore. 

And it finally came on one of the streaming services and I watched it. No kidding. Like within the last two months and I was like. It was pretty good. You also watched it recently that’s pretty good. Basic Instinct I had never watched before. 

Oh, for God’s sake, are you serious? 

But when it came out, I was a kid, Carol, like that, wasn’t allowed. 

Oh wow, see that was a. Dig to make me feel old. 

It was a dig, but only because you accepted. 

Well, it didn’t work. You can Suck it, yeah? 

I have a feeling Tara’s just fine. She’s intact and she’s all right, she’s. 

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with you. I’m on, I get to show up every week with beautiful people and hang out. So with age is it just a number now, just a word like how you feel about it. It’s completely up to you. 

Age is a mindset too. If you really, truly believe it then you will be it so I. Believe I’m like 25. 

I see it I. Feel it, it’s you’re light, your energy, you’re so much lighter like you’re not bogged down by life and burdens and you know you. You don’t wear life, you play with life you don’t wear it. 

Life doesn’t control me. Right, we just go with the flow. And let it happen. Because if we’re like water, you know it’s just. It’s so much easier. Here, and I want to go for a ride. 

Well, we know Moto Vixen, we know. We know and It’s completely hot. And it’s like if I was the dude and I was into girls or if I was a girl and into girls, you’d be. The girl likes that whole motorcycle image and Yeah, that would be it

I mean do it, I’ll go. There let’s see where this leads, yeah. 

Oh boy yeah, if. 

So, as we’re ready to ramp up a new like to give you the chance to. If you have anyone that’s listening to this that’s struggling with something, what advice would you give them? And then what’s the one place you would like people to? To find you and connect with you. 

So, if people are struggling. 

People are struggling. 

People are struggling. 

Yes, they are, 

I would say find the thing that makes them feel like they’re home again. Find the thing that makes them feel like they’re in there, their roots themselves.

It could be moving meditation like riding a bike. It could be walking in nature; it could be sitting under the Sun reading a book. Whatever it is that makes you feel like yourself and brings you back home, there are so many different ways to explore that. And you know, release the emotions that they’re bogged down in. 

So that’s the first question and the second question is you can find me through my website You can find me on LinkedIn under Anu Abraham and you can find me on Instagram under double underscore anew Abraham. The double underscore is important. 

The double it’s got to be the double right yeah? 

Level listen, there’s a lot of me out there. There are many Anu Abrahams. It’s shocking, but like when I. Was going to. Google took five at a Gmail address. So, like, how about anyway? Abraham 5324896. I’m like, Nope, that’s not going to work. 

That was just special. 

Like we’re not taking a bunch of serial numbers here cause that’s how many proceeded but. 

Is that your inmate number? 

That’s what happened after I… yes after pole dancing class, I misused my spring. That’s what happened unfortunately ohh man. 

That sounds about right. 

That sounds about right. It tracks no one’s shocked. No one on this call. No, listening to this is. Like yeah, I can see that. I can see that coming, yeah? 

Yeah, now they have a sense of it. 

Me, we know news naughty so you know. 

She’s a criminal and naughty. She’s a criminal. She’s provocative, she’s naughty. All these things and kind and compassionate. 

And yes, she is incredible. 

That’s what I heard anyway on the Internet. 

Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot to read. 

There is a lot to read. I knew I want to thank you for being our guest today and having a lot of fun exploring who you are kind of the pitfalls of Christianity and it’s a whole other host of different things, including why my back hurts. 

Thank you, Anu, for being our guest today. 

My pleasure it was an honor. Thank you, guys, for having me. 

Thank you and now. 

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