The Sizzle Factor, Dark Humor, and All-In with Tia Cristy

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In today’s interview with Tia Cristy, a former radio personality and blogger with 80,000 subscribers Tia has been nominated for numerous awards, but it was her personal journey of facing death that started her on the Titan journey. 


{04:49) What Makes Tia a Titan?

{09:49} Tips from Tia

{22:45} New projects for Tia

{33:45} How to know when it is time to transition into a new stage of life.

{01:06:45} advice for the person struggling right now.

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Tia Cristy Bio

Tia Cristy has humbly earned the title of Personality and Tips Expert in Lifestyle, Health, and Beauty through radio, television, and print. Growing up, Tia’s wakeup routine became a recurrent morning segment for her, Radio Personality, cousin. She never thought that would lead her down the path of radio, herself, but fate had a plan.

With her start in radio, Tia was initially hired to run a studio board. However, after four days and answering a simple question on-air from the morning show host, she was miraculously given her own night show in Atlantic City. That started many adventures over the years, across the country, working in different markets and genres. She was an on-air producer for the #1-rated morning show in Philadelphia. She was also the nighttime host for the top-rated station in Seattle.

With over 20 years of experience, Tia has worked with artists and celebrities throughout the years, conducting interviews and announcing headlining artists for sold-out arenas. Tia also has taught radio and production in Washington D.C. for CSB.

Tia is a content and ghostwriter who has been under the umbrella of writing her entire life. It started in Elementary school, writing for the class newspaper, to eventually growing up and writing for the County Newspaper. Since the start of her career, specializing in words, she has contributed to newsprint, local magazines, web, scripts, copy, and manuscripts. Tia has received a nod from Clint Eastwood on the screenplay Dark Matter: PTSD.

Tia created in 2012 when suffering from a unique condition, Mold Toxicity Poisoning, after moving into a new house. The situation caused an array of horrific symptoms, including severe brain fog. Tia had always had a gift of knowing tips that could help others with things, like getting a stain out of this or how to naturally take care of that. So, when the brain fog started to affect her everyday lifestyle, Tia began to post the tips, hoping it would help preserve her memory. In the process, Tia resumed education by getting her Boards in Nutrition, granting her the title, Tips Expert.

Millions go undiagnosed with Mold Toxicity Poisoning because the symptoms can range from mild to severe. Plus, it can be extremely tricky to diagnose and difficult to find the source.

After a long line of treatments and rehabilitation, Tia returned to healthy as if it were all a bad dream. However, there was a silver lining to the severe condition. By this time, had started to grow in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Today, Tips from Tia has over a million unique visitors who have received simple, easy tips that can help reduce everyday stress.

Tia and Tips from Tia have been featured on podcasts, radio, and television.

Tia has spoken in public since childhood from pageants to plays. She has completed voice training as well as taught voice training. As a personality, she has hosted some of the biggest venues for concerts in front of tens of thousands of people.


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Hey, welcome back. I’m Travis. That’s Carol. We’ve got with us, Tia Christy today she is a former radio personality writer, and she also does blogs with tips from Tia, but that’s now morphed and changed into this wonderful thing on TikTok and all of her social media. She’s. Got 80,000 plus subscribers she’s been nominated for. Damn near everything. Lux Magazine she’s had a feature even nominated for Webby Lovely Award. And she’s here with us today. Welcome to Tia.

Hi, thank you so much for having me. That’s always a pleasure.

It’s fun. I always like meeting someone in person. Then you get to interview them, and you get to see the whole other side of them. We get to hang out in Houston for a couple. Of days at the “She Talks” conferences. I had to bring my daughter and hang out. And if y’all don’t know Tia, she has just this fabulous. Fashion sense, let’s say, like even jammies are like she’s a well-to-do even in her jammies. Just a great, great time filled with my daughter, and I mean who could blame you?

I know I love her so much and yeah; I told her we’re best friends for life at this point. Carol knows that because Carol and I are best friends, you know, we had the pleasure of spending time, and you know it. It is, it’s just it. You know when. You when you sync up with somebody like. That it and it works, it’s. Just works.

Well, I think differently when you meet. People face to face. You know, doing this virtual thing. Yeah, sure. You can connect with somebody, but it. There’s something, really it. Just transcends, you know, everything you can imagine when you meet somebody face to face and you kind of get their essence and you kind of jive with them and you can actually connect with them quicker face to face, and you can virtually.

And That’s what happened with T and me. We kind of just started. Walk in and we ended up going to a party that evening and we just hung out all. The night was great.

It was. It was fabulous. And with Carol, it’s funny because I was like, I could spend 3 days with you, and I don’t think I would run out of things to say. And you were me too!

Like me too, we never shut up.

Literally, nobody could talk to us because we were.

Were the whole time.

Oh, I can tell. I can definitely tell.

Well, I feel very blessed because I did get to see Travis’s competition. Side when we were in Houston. As we played Mario Kart for several hours.

Uh oh, how’s that going?

We did. We did.

I was terrible, I was terrible, but. He was pretty good.

Well, I’m pretty sure my daughter was beating everyone in the room. Let’s be honest, we had, like the hotel we got it was strange, very bizarre like we. Got this corner. The room and the corner room were almost three times bigger than the regular rooms. Like so, our room became like the hangout we had, like 6-7 people hanging Out in our room. Size-wise, yeah.

Like his Room on… It probably isn’t on the original blueprints because it was like a stash room of some sort. Like this is where they were like, you know, hiding, you know, the cargo of and the bodies.

Oh, never mind.

Yeah, yeah, I know we went. It gets dark really quickly. But like, that’s how big this room was. And you know, basically I…

Like just creepy open a little bit, you know, of the doorway. And I just shove my way through that darkness, man.

Well, Travis is a good sport because basically, I was like… Look, we’re just going to hang out in your room? He was like OK.

Yes, it was a good time.

I’m good.

Very, very much. Enjoyed you always get that time if it was listening to this, and you’ve ever gone to a conference or a seminar or any of those things and you don’t hang out with people after it’s all said and done. You’re not building relationships.

You’re missing out.

To be successful.

I think that’s where the magic really happens too.

What it really is, it really is, you can get maybe some lunch or a little bit before, but that’s never. It’s never as good as that quality time after the event is done and Tia. I got to ask you a question, I got to know what makes you a Titan.

Oh well, I think knowing you. Tube first made me a Titan, but no, I’ve been a Titan because I think that I’ve just built up this resilience throughout my whole life. You know when I was 16, I faced death for the first time and you know, like clinically died and you know I just learned that life is short. And life is precious, and you know, you just got to you got to go after it. 

So, I love the fact that you are on the Titan podcast because it really encompasses everything that somebody in this industry needs to do you know, you have to have that resilience to keep on going.

OK, so we’re not bypassing this diet at 16 things like you’re going to have to elaborate because your kind of like drifted by it as if you were, you know, just casually speaking about it. So, you’re going to have to elaborate.

Yeah, I know. Was like, well, you know this one time. So, yeah, when I was a kid, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. OK, and they weren’t sure if I had it or not. You know, I mean, I think you’re about 12 years old when they check you in school. Of that, but then I ended up having a growth spurt. What happened was my rib cage had turned so drastically it was pressing on my heart and my lungs and they told me if I did not have this experimental surgery, I would die by 25. 

So, it was. It was kind of like one of those moments where you got to hook it down and ride the wave kind of thing. And so, what I did was, you know, I had a great system, and my family was just an amazing support system. And I had the surgery done, but as I said, it was an experimental surgery. So, as I was at the table, they lost me and It was a really tough thing ghost situation probably.

Oh wow.

You know, I was in a hospital for close to a month. You know, a little stronger every day. But I will tell you. I remember I was in the ICU, which was kind of scary because I would come in and out of consciousness with that and I do have hearts that I remember, and I was on life support and all that stuff. And that’s kind of freaky to wake up, you know, to that. 

But I remember. I actually prayed that I would live. I remember doing that and they ended up taking off the life support and I was breathing. Two breaths, 2 breaths per minute. The heartbeat of 280. Talk about, you know, just contradiction right there, and then they were able to put me, like into they call it a step-down room. 

So, you’re still in the ICU. That you do not like there. And I remember I was just praying, and I was like God, you know, please, I want to do this. I’m ready to do this and it was like a tsunami of pain ended up washing over me and it was the most painful and beautiful moment of my life because I remember that’s when I was alive before that I was not there yet. 

You know that really sticks with me. That’s something that has always kind of driven me to where I’m like. No, sometimes that pain sometimes that anguish that we go through is what you need to remember to keep on going. You are alive. 

Yeah, you mean you need somebody. To torture you a little bit. To feel pain in order to feel alive. Is that what you’re talking about?

Right. You know, find your inner masochism.

This has been another episode of Dark Humor with Carol for more.

Hey, I’m not the one opening that door, dude.

For more episodes, please contact Carol directly because I want nothing to do with it. That’s not true. I get into the dark stuff pretty frequently, so.

That’s true.

So, like hospitals, right, the surgery suite is fantastic, but every other part of the hospital sucks. The room sucks, the pharmacy sucks, and the food sucks. The people suck. They have nurses and have far many things to do.

Honey, it’s not a hotel. It’s not a hotel. It’s a hospital. Right, like. They’re not trying to make you super comfortable and say hey, live here.

Is that why you know? That all their furniture is so uncomfortable, so you’ll leave as soon as possible. As possible. Is that why they do that?

Yeah, probably. And any kid that wishes that they had ice cream 24/7 available, just do it for like 3 days and you’re like oh. Don’t want to.

Touch it, yeah.

But their ice cream does kind of taste like cardboard, so you know, I mean, it’s not like they’re throwing you the DQ or anything.

All right, all right, flavor.

You don’t get luxury ice cream at the hospital.

We don’t need cardboard-flavored ice cream. McDonald’s could probably use a little hint on how to keep their ice machines out, so you never know so.

Tell us about it.

These tips from Tia things like what is this?

OK, so tips from Tia again? You know it. It stemmed from a kind of a one percenter kind of thing that happened to you. You learn it. It’s just I kind of went through like this little rough. Patch of things, but I really think that it’s what drove me to. To, you know, become so knowledgeable and what I share with people you know we do. We give tips on all lifestyle stuff. 

So, anything from health, beauty, home, sexual health, and mental health, we talk about, we talk about the uncomfortable things, and we make them comfortable so. I have always been one that knew like a tip you got to stain in something. Ohh here you go. This will fix it, or this will take it out. You know my friend, she’s called MacGyver. When I was at risk because I always had like a quick fix for something and when I moved into this new House. I was, you know, I started. I started getting sick, you know?

And I was like, what is going on? Well, it turns out I end up getting mold toxicity, poisoning, and mold toxicity poisoning. If you don’t know, is very bad. It messes with everything like your motor skills. You know your comprehension, like all that stuff. So, I have really bad brain fog. And I decided that I wanted to write down these tips so I could share them with people you know, or at least remember them and you know. Like the website was having like that, you know $0.99 sale or $1.99 to open up a website. So, I was like, why not? Put it on the web. 

So that’s what it did, and I didn’t think anybody was going to read it. Maybe my mom, you know, likes a good job, kit, but it ended up. Blowing up, which was amazing. You know, six months of recovery, getting all the mold out of my body and getting, you know, my symptoms or my senses back and everything like that was. It was such a journey. 

But then all of a sudden, I came back to liking reality and saw what this website was doing for people, it was, it was pretty incredible. It was a lot bigger than me; you know. It had to do with everybody else and helping people is such a good feeling. You know I Knew I had to take it seriously from that point forward, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

Been into helping people.

Yeah, I think so. I think that you know, we’ve been put on this earth for a purpose and. Helping is probably the easiest purpose that we all have. We just got to find a way to do it that helps others and can also satisfy our souls so.

Well, I think part of it too is there, there’s that saying where you may be going down a path but somebody else has been there already. Let them be your guide, right? 

And so, I think that is. Kind of our way of giving back to people is more than likely we’ve had to walk that path. It’s been pretty tough, but somebody’s walked it with us. Taught us how to get, you know, get through it. So now it’s kind of our duty to do that for somebody else. So, they don’t necessarily have to go through the same harshness or pitfalls that we did.

Yes. Yeah, and a necessary wonderful thing to be able to do like one of the cool things that I found with my site too is that I was bringing back a lot of old-school methods. I guess you know. Like you, you, you hear of? These cliches like milk and cookies and you know, nobody ever thought anything of it. 

But the fact is, you know. I think I told you before, Cal. You know, like sugar. Rush can be combated with milk the sugar from the milk. It levels people out, so you know it’s these old methods that, you know, maybe your great grandmom knew, but the translation never was complete and coming down the line. So, you know I’m bringing these things back for people to be like. Oh, OK. Milk and cookies or, you know, I don’t. My kids are having a hyper moment. Give them some milk. That’ll call them down.

Yeah, right. I mean, there are things that we grew up with that are like old Wives’ tales, right? And then there are things that you just wonder. Hey, does it really work like when we grew up if anybody ever started to get the? Sniffles, we’d be ginger. We immediately fresh ginger tea. Right.

No brandy is in your house?

No, not Brandy in my house. No, our family was really strange. Like, we didn’t drink much growing up very much. That just wasn’t in our It wasn’t till we became teenagers that kind of we all went off the deep end, you know.

I understand that same in my house.

I’m always interested to hear that stuff because like, I never rebelled as a teenager. So, when I hear people that like. I don’t get it. I never understood why people do that. But like go sneak out of the house party, all that I was like, it’s late. I don’t want to be. I got up in the morning. Like, what are they doing out there? I don’t even know.

I can actually vouch for you on that. I remember I was like, let’s go to karaoke. When we were in Houston and Travis was like, no, I’m good. I’m going to stay in. Have fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love karaoke. But man was I tired that day, not interested.

Yeah, it was a good day.

You got to know yourself too.

Know yourself. Know your friends.

It was so funny. By the time I got to the elevator. I’m like, I bet you Travis is asleep already it was. It was a long day.

Well, see, now I feel bad for you because you haven’t seen karaoke, Carol. Were you, were you? Watching karaoke when we were at the ranch.

Yeah, I was there. And we were taking pictures, watching everybody sing karaoke.

Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, Carol’s got that one step above you. She’s been in my presence when I do baby got back, which is always my first. Always my first karaoke song.

I got to hear the acoustic version, basically remember.

I did.

Yes, I.

I did well. See now? Yeah, you did. Because we were doing it in the room before you guys left to go out. So, you’ve both had, you’ve all heard my rendition of baby got back. I think it’s a misnomer Taco Tuesdays is like… It’s not about the size of the butt that matters. You know what? I mean Tacos are not just for.

Yeah, yeah, baby got that.

Well, I am grateful. First of all, for you to say that because I have no ask, so I’m grateful for anybody that says it is not about the size.

Yeah, Not the size, it’s how you work it.

I have to say I was wearing this one outfit. To go out that night because I was so just like you said, I was so exhausted. I was. I was in my outfit. You know that from the speech that day, everything felt so constricting.

So, I was like, Oh my gosh. Like, I’m just taking it off. So, I’m wearing this romper. But it’s a very airy romper. OK, there’s no shape to it. And Travis is like, hello. Are those pajamas too? And I was like, no, I was like, don’t you know what these are? These are my oh-oh pants. And I started doing like, every dance, and Ohh, he loved that. He was like, that was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.

That’s hilarious. That is not only the fact that you can do that dance from MC Hammer, but that you. That you were into it so much like I’ve been doing improv and it’s never. It’s not usually what the person says or how they behave, but if they’re all in like, that’s where all the funniness comes from. Do you know what I mean?

You have to be all in if you’re going to do it, you have to be all in. Whether it looks good or bad, right?

Yeah, well, it always ends up looking better if you’re all in, yeah.

You got to not care.

I was going to Say, you know we learn. You know, you have got to persevere from failures. So, if I fail. I’ll do it better next Time. 

Hey, if you’re going to Fail. That’s right Why don’t your face?

And he probably judged me. Hard that day and it could have gone. Either way it. Could have gone either way, but I think he was. Respected me just a little. Bit more. After that true or false, Travis.

The jury’s still out. If you’re not watching this, you’re not watching the video. Carol’s face was like, huh? What do you mean? The jury is still out. You don’t know yet. It’s Tia. Come on, get on board. Everyone loves Tia.

I love you, Carol. I got hearts for you too, Travis. I do. The jury is not out, they’re.

In they’re in. I don’t know you. You talked earlier about how much you love my daughter. How much you love Carol. I’m sitting here. Where is the love?

I do. I love you; I know it’s.

For Travis? Love for Travis is there.

Yeah, my ego is a little fragile right now. As no one told me they love me today. I need. I needed to get from somebody. Just panhandling for love.

Didn’t I say that?

Love you, Travis.

Well, if you’ve got to ask, I mean.

Was that sincere enough? Oh, my God. I’m messing with you.

So still, what’s something about you? Most people just don’t know.

I can’t wrap presents or rap either, but no, I…

Hang on, yeah.

Like I mean I love doing it. It’s funny, actually. People don’t want me to wrap their gifts because I’m so meticulous in so many ways. But when it comes to wrapping gifts, I’m just like and, then yeah, like you. You got, like, a bubble sticking out the side and like. Yeah, it’s not pretty. 

it’s not. You’re, not your thing.

Not me.

Just you.

Yeah, not my thing.

Yeah, I get it.

It all sounds like a business opportunity. Like terrible gift wrapping by Tia people saying and just for their horror of what they’re their friends and are a family going to receive in the mail. 

You know Tia what I think of you should do a whole series on rapping.


And just go. I’m really trying and I’m like reading articles on it and this is how I’m going to start and then kind of like do a weekly thing and see if like.

I could try. Something like that? Yeah, I mean, like I even. I have, I’ve. Tried, you know, like the family will get together and wrap the presents and, you know, then the box comes to me, and I see, like, somebody like cutting off the excess. So, I cut off the excess and then it’s short.

It doesn’t reach. They got to have like a patch piece over the end.

To short… Yeah, I do.

You could ask your followers on tick like you can do the wrapping and the question to your audience would. Be like. What did I do wrong? Show me where I suck and that prompts people to respond. We started cooking in our house over the past year, like actually cooking, and some of the steps I, you know, I don’t get. 

So, I thought of doing a series of like. Why does my cooking suck? Like, what’s the thing? You record it all. You get to the end. It looks like a hot mess. Like, what was the step that I messed up on? Because I obviously am not getting it. 

They say like oils like cooking oil… is a sesame seeds Oil… is avocado oil… is it butter? Like I don’t know. Like when I’m using the wrong oil or something like it’s coming out, doesn’t always lift out from the pan. That’s none of his cooked quite right.

Never bake with olive oil. That’s all I can say. Never bake with olive oil.

Typically, if it’s sticking, yeah, if it’s Sticking to your pan, typically it’s because. Your Pan’s not hot enough.

See, I had no idea that was a thing. I had no idea my pan had to be hot before I added the stuff.

Sizzle factor. Man, you know.

There’s a factor that’s a good podcast name right there.


The sizzle factor.

He’s writing it down, so your episode is going to be called the sizzle factor.

Sweetheart, it’s definitely going to be one of the options.

Oh, I Figured the minute you started putting your head Down. 

I take copious amounts of notes on these things.

I always.

You never know what’s going to happen. Like jump out at you and be excited.

So, what’s new? Tia.

Well, I’m doing voice work. I’m coaching people right now with voice work. As Travis says, you know I’ve been on the radio basically my whole entire life. So, I’ve traveled the country, and I’ve worked in major markets. But when COVID happened, the station that I was with ended up selling, and most people know when a station sells, they let everyone go. And then your kind of either get hired back or you scramble or whatever. I wasn’t willing to move cross country during the pandemic that just sounded nasty.

Wait for a second. But if they let you go? Why would you have to move across the country?

They let you go, and they end up only hiring back a percentage of the original staff. You know it, it’s their way of cutting costs or, you know, part of the deal that’s beyond what I get into the scope of. But you know, you play the game so many times and you know how it’s. It’s going to work, you know, I mean, I’ve been doing this for so long. 

And right out the gate, as soon as it happened, I ended up getting like 3 offers in like the Midwest, the East Coast or no, I’m sorry the West Coast, and then somewhere north, and all of it was lovely. But you know, it’s always good to be wanted. But again, this was at the very beginning of the pandemic when people were just dying. And it sounded way too scary. 

So, I knew right then and there it was time to make a major pivot in my career and what I was doing and honestly, it was one of the best decisions because I love radio, you know, I don’t say that I’ve retired from it. You know, I tell People I’m on sabbatical. I think it sounds so much nicer. I can choose when I want to go back. And of course, you know, I’m still lending my voice to a lot of things. But you know, I really love writing, so I got back into writing. I’ve been doing a lot of ghostwriting and, you know, different magazines and, you know, all that kind of stuff. 

But I remember somebody actually approached me and said, hey, can you teach me voice work? And I said I said, well, what do you what are you trying to do? Are you trying to do? You know, I’m a Ted X speaker. You’re a Ted X speaker, I would say. Is that what you’re trying to do? They said no. No, I just want to get better for you Know making deals happen. I know my pitch, but I basically like pitch vomit on them, and you know, then I have nothing more to say. And I kind of stand there like a deer in headlights. And a was like oh yeah. Like I can do. I can help you out with that.

I really just went into it not knowing or expecting anything other than helping somebody, but in the process, I ended up building this, this wonderful curriculum that is like a 7, seven-session program and I, you know, teach everything.

My favorite number is seven, yeah.

Matthew mine too.

Yeah, it’s A number of perfections.

Yes, I agree 100%. It’s perfect. Perfect amount and what has been so rewarding is I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-ones which I will develop, you know more into a system that, you know can be like a webinar kind of thing.

But right now, I’m just really immersed in the one-on-one factor because I really get to learn a lot about the person, and I get to find what they feel is their weak point and I get to make it their strength. It’s just been, it’s a beautiful transition and when people can actually hear the difference as they’re talking, you know, it’s amazing. The look on their faces is priceless.

Yeah. I just. Think too many people focus on the wrong things and the truth is we got to relax? You know and that’s why I kind of love. Like the show with Travis is. From the very first day I ever met him, we would talk incessantly, and we could talk for hours. And it was so easy. 

And I’m like. Well, **** if. It’s this easy We should do a podcast and just talk to everybody because there’s so much to say and you never know where the conversation leads and what’s interesting is. You know, just UM. I think what makes our podcast extremely different is the fact that we’re both so present with our guests. 

We don’t have questions, we ask you. Specifically, except for. The Titan one which is, you know, kind of the thing, but you know beyond that. We listen and we. Inquire about our guests because that is, that’s whom we’re highlighting. We want to know more about them. 

And so, you know, not having these contrived questions to ask people, I mean this is a very natural, organic kind of podcast and really getting to know you as an individual, you know, and that’s the reason why I think we did this. This is why I think people don’t like… when they go and start doing podcasts when they start speaking. When they start doing any of these things…. Maybe it’s a preconceived notion of what is, you know, expected of them. And if there was less expectation and more just being present to a message, I think it would be easy. For everybody you know.

I agree, I agree. I mean first. Off you, two are very. Intimidating beautiful people, you know, like it.

Stop. Go on.

I think that you know.

I’m sorry I’m laughing because I am the least intimidating person there.

So, I think I think that no, I think a lot of people, first off, the majority of people when you talk to them, they hate their voice, they’re like Ohh I hate the sound of mine. That’s because about 90% of people are not talking with their natural voice.

So, I help people find that natural voice. And then. It is muscle memory. You know you’ve been. You know what, one of the things that you know, I tell people as, as you know, like they’re trying to figure out, is this right for them or is it not. What happens a lot of times is the body is so smart and it tries to conserve energy where it can. 

And a lot of times, what happens is that a person will not take the proper breath to get it where it needs to. So, they take a short breath and then they’ll talk from up here because it uses less energy, or so the body thinks, and it’s just become common practice every day to talk from the wrong spot. 

But once you get that muscle memory, it becomes instant, and it changes everything. It really changes everything. It’s such a commanding presence of, you know, people’s articulation, just their power that they have and how they can project and grab attention. And again, seeing their faces once they’ve realized they can do this, is really outstanding.

I love it. I think it’s great.

Thank you.

Helping people build confidence.

Absolutely, absolutely. And through the process, I mean it’s amazing because through that process, you know, we figure out how to do just the speech in general. So, whether you’re just talking in a large circle of people that are colleagues or whatever and you get nervous in those situations or you, you know, like I say, you know whether you have to give like the best man speech or you have to give the Ted speech. It doesn’t matter if you are prepared now to be in any audience and be able to speak with confidence and power. You own it.

I love it.

It’s your voice.

One of the coolest things you can learn when you’re doing speeches, is voice inflection at the end of the sentence, to say when you’re in charge or the end of a sentence when you have a question, or you can talk at a normal tone and then lower your voice a little bit and everyone stops talking naturally because they want to hear you. 

So, if you just yell, hey, everyone, shut up. No one cares. But if you say something and then you drop. Your voice is a little bit everyone will be like oh, What is he trying to say like? He has our attention, if you could please return back to your seats so we can get started, that’d be fantastic. And they’re like, how did you do that? It’s all from in the voice, right? It’s all from in the voice. 

And one of the most powerful. Things that you can do. If you’re not sure, is. You can pause and stare at them. And then they will often accept you’re uncomfortable in their body and they’ll be like I need to keep going. Even if you don’t know what to say, give them that pause that breaks so. They can feel… The break… In between your words, as we’re doing right now.

Yes, we just made it uncomfortable, Travis. I’m just saying.

We do, we talk about the power of the clause, which is so underrated, and you know people that are nervous to speak are, so they just want to rush through it especially, as you said when somebody freezes, they get a… Ohh, they just they. Want to rush through it and have it over with?

I will rush through anything. To have to be in the spotlight, but if you allow me to be in a group of people…. all day long, no problem at ease. But if you put me up in front of people, I will rush through the ******* thing because I want it to be over. I don’t know why, and it has been that way since I was a child.

We should talk. Well, we’ll make it. We’ll make time. We’ll talk.

I want to go back to something you said a little bit earlier. You were talking about your transition out of radio and something you said really sparked an idea with them me and a concept that I don’t think I’ve talked about before. 

You said that you knew the game and you were really tired of playing it. I think that that happens to anybody, in any industry. You’re in there… whatever given length of time you understand the game, you know, how to do you? How did you know Travis? How did you know when it was time to retire? 

When I knew how the game was played, I knew all the answers and I knew I didn’t want to play anymore, was not interested in all of the shenanigans that come along with, keeping your position as a naval officer. You have got to do this. You have got to go to this school. You have got to like it. I was like, you know what? I’m not signing up for any of that stuff. I’m done. I’m out. I’m not on sabbatical. I am retired, right? I am retired, and not interested in it anymore.

But people need to understand that within themselves all the different phases in seasons of life are when you say yes to something. I’ve got a lot of people my daughter’s age who are just graduating high school and going into the next. Thing and they’re unsure of picking something because I don’t want to do that my whole life. 

So, they don’t want to go to school for it or whatever. Pick something and find out. Find out we talk about failing fast. Right, find out for sure that you hate it. Find it out really quick. Don’t wait to find out whom you’re going to hate for 5-6-7 years. Now I remember an important conversation I had when I was going to get my Commission and I had the thought of I wanted to be a nurse, right? I wanted to be helping people in that capacity. It’s almost like, well, have you talked to one? Have you talked to anyone? That’s a nurse? I was like, no, I hadn’t. Then I knew somebody that was. I talked to them about it. And the first question they asked me. How do you feel about being around someone else’s bodily fluids — decide what that means for you — and for me, I instantly knew my answer is I have a really of a real aversion to strong smells and I was like, Nope, excellent point. Point made, I know I do not want to be a nurse, not in the slightest, because those smells just kill me, right? They drive me absolutely crazy. 

How do you know? How do you know that it was right for you to move on? What things would you tell people listening to that that are not sure if they should transition into or out of whatever their thing is?

Well, I agree with you 100% on that. That fail-fast mentality because you know, I got criticized a lot as a child because I wanted to try everything I mean.  I remember, there was a line in a movie. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a painter, a poet, an artist, you know like I did I want us to have access to everything and all of it, you know, and see what I wanted to do. 

So, I remember that that was kind of like, really frowned upon. No, it was, oh, she’s aloof. Oh, she’s just a social butterfly. I got that a lot. And it was one of those things where I felt that. You know it, it really helps me to become who I am today. I mean, I know tips on everything. You know, you ask me something about who I am, and I give credit to that being my history of experiencing so much.

So, when I get to a certain point. At first, I think people thought this was very rude. But I’ve said this since. You know, I was probably 18. I need to know my boundaries and I need to know my limits because you know, as Travis heard me talk about this in Houston, you know, the people that care the most about you are going to be the ones that probably push your boundaries the most. But You need to be very aware of your limits, because if you do not fully firm on your limits. You will burn out and I used to say to people, what are they going to do, fire me? And make me a better person. 

That really, you know, sounded cold to people, but to me, it was the honest truth. You, you you’ve already pushed past my boundaries. And now you’re coming after my limits. And that’s not cool. And that’s how I always looked at it. 

So, when you get to a certain point, you know, especially when the pandemic happened, there was no question. It was do I leave my family? And go across the country, during a pandemic. In the plague, we’re just going. To say it bluntly, at that moment. In the plague.

We’re going to take. It is all the way to the extreme.

You know, because that’s what it felt like in that very beginning. Nobody knew what was happening. And you know what? So, I could entertain people. Well, I can find other ways to entertain people because I’m very good at what I do. And you couldn’t put a price tag on what I needed to do at that moment. And that’s how I looked at it.

I absolutely love that.

Let me ask you guys, how many of you, and between the two of you us three all together what we went and studied for originally in school is what profession we’re currently in.

Yeah, kind of let.

Let me ask you, are you, Travis? Did you like whatever you were studying? Is that what you are currently doing, or did that change and evolve during the process is right over the years?

Yeah, for me it changed and evolved and I’m not currently working on any of my degrees. Well, maybe in theory, right? So initially I just started doing general classes to get some of that stuff done, and then the Navy came out with a requirement that didn’t last very long, but they said in order to get a certain promotion, you had to have a degree in your career field. And I was in aviation. There was really only one degree that kind of qualified from one of the partner universities. I started doing that and then I wanted to get a full Commission. And in order to get that done, I had to have a degree from a major university and go there full-time.

So, I went to the college admissions to see where I fell out and what was available. And there was a stipulation that had to be commissioned by my 31st birthday. So, I only really had a couple of semesters to finish my degree and there was only one degree that met that requirement. That was multi/ disciplinary studies, which is the study of whatever the heck you want, they called it. Would agree as long as you meet whatever the requirements are for the university and then for the Navy.

So, although I Took well, like I said, like the Middle East, and I did health and Wellness, and I did some other stuff. And the Navy had required American history and Calculus and physics calc 101 physics went that had nothing to do with anything I cared about. And then I went back later to get my master’s degree. Both of these were from the University of Oklahoma, and I got into human relations and human relations as a three, and I think it’s three focuses. Degree plan one is like organizational leadership, one is counseling and the other one is social justice. 

So, you’re really looking at different aspects of how we interact with people. But do I think I’m relating to humans right now? I definitely do with this, not a degree is required for something like this.

No, and I have to agree with it. That. Yeah, it’s. Like is it exactly what I went… no. But do I use what I learned? Yes, yes, like I have. I have my boards in nutrition. I have my boards in nutrition too, and you know it’s. I use that with the tips that I give and that kind of thing, but am I a dietitian? Am I working at A clinic somewhere? And honestly, I don’t have any desire to do it so. It really is. It’s incredible, you know, but, that pressure is put on the youth of today on figuring out what they want to be.

Pick something that you want to be for your entire life, and the truth is, chances are, whatever you pick, honestly unless it’s like a doctor or a lawyer that you know you have to take a certain path, chances are it’s going to change because you’re going to change and evolve.

And I know there are a lot of people with whom we all mutually know that you know they started off with something and they are nowhere where they started. Because they changed, and thus they evolved into something else and they made businesses out of the things that, you know, they had an interest in that because at 20 something could you possibly even know what you want to be for the rest of your life? 

And how about if you were pigeonholed there and that was? The only thing you could. I mean, could you imagine a life like that where you have no choices or alternatives? Because there are always choices and alternatives.

All I have to say though is if it’s a family company and you don’t want to run the family company one day, don’t make a big deal out of it because you can keep the company and be able to hire somebody else to run it. For you, you see this in movies all the time, and I’m always like, don’t be dumb. Stop fighting your parents. Keep the company.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s your legacy, that literally is the legacy your parents are trying to. Leave it behind for you. So don’t shun them because you hate what you know. That company is, for whatever reason, a part of it. You know, honestly, do your duty as. You know a child and that way when you learn it, whomever you hire to run it, you understand. How the business is run. That actually will do you. Good in running whatever business you decide to choose to do on your own later.

Right. It becomes a passive thing for you. And yeah, that just drives me crazy. I’m like, stop it and stupid in these movies, you know, and you are just not a nice word. I know, but you know, like, like, just forget your pride in that situation. Like, yes, you can be anything you want to be. But don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth. Are we allowed to use cliches around here?

Right, right. Well, but… Yeah, right. So, pride and ego pride and ego is the thing that gets in the way of everything. If we can put that aside, we can make better choices.

No, I think that’s wonderful. Very good point, Carol.

Yeah. What is it? Like Doctor Lawyer Dennis, engineer psychiatrists have specifically required degrees. In every other job out there, there’s no degree required. You can learn whatever the heck you want to learn but don’t go to college and be a gender studies major and expect to walk out with a $ 150,000-year job. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I am saying it’s not very likely.

Yeah, it is. It’s incredible. And I will give props to all these different. Like digital? You know, accredited-like classes that they have now online because a lot of people are starting to recognize them. You know, people are really starting to look at, you know what? What are they saying? You’ve got to be strong in your soft skills and you also should have, you know, these little certificates and things like that, things that people used to think to laugh at and be… Like oh, you got a certificate offline. You know, nowadays it’s like, I mean you go on to Google or HubSpot or you know like I’m not trying to name-drop, but it’s like, you know, they offer these incredible courses that can teach you at your own pace. What you need to know is how you can excel and go to the next level in what you’re interested in. You find out you. Don’t like it at all. And there you go, right?

Yeah, you’re done. Yeah, but knowledge is key. To everything, even and by the way, not everything is something you’re going to take in and use right or adapt. But just hearing every aspect in every viewpoint, there’s no harm in hearing it. You may disagree with it. But at least you now know you know you have the knowledge of like ohh well that you know that opinions out there.

 Do I don’t necessarily jive with that particular, you know, thought school of thought, right? I may jive with a different school of thought altogether. But it doesn’t mean that you know you can’t know about it, so at least you can have some valid argument should you actually talk to somebody that differs from your viewpoint.

I’m a big fan of being able to defend your position of whatever it is, right? If you look at the political landscape and we’re not jumping into the political landscape, but there’s a lot of people all over the political spectrum that when you ask them a question or they ask you a question and you’re like, well, like, like, why do you feel that way? Oh, you don’t know. And they instantly go to, like red alert. Like, there’s, like, nukes inbound or Something.

Be able to defend why it is that you feel that way and understand that not everyone’s going to feel that way. I love those conversations because I’m truly interested and curious about their point of view. Like if we have a different opinion. I was like, oh, what happened to you that drew you to that inclusion? I want to know; I want to know because I’m curious. Like I miss something? Is that the piece that’s going to unlock this new opinion for me? 

My opinions changed because I got new. All the time when something comes out, some news story, I’m watching it on a right-leaning news source. I’m watching a left-leaning news source. I’m reading A blog about it from AP News and some, you know, independent bloggers. Because I want to see what the viewpoints are, and if you’re listening to this, you’re like Travis, why would I do any of that? They report the same thing that happened. But they all report different things based on what their base cares about. So, if you’re only listening to 1 news source, you never even get close to having a full picture.

Right. It’s amazing because when I started in the media. That we weren’t allowed to have opinions. It was, you know if you if. You even had any kind of opinion going into a story like it was crossed out, you know, scratched out and read and, you know, go back, lose the opinion, and get me something by tomorrow. Nowadays it’s what fuels their ratings and it’s very sad to me because you’re not even getting the news anymore. 

It’s a marketing ploy.

It’s a new attainment.

And Travis knows I’m a big person to say, you know, if you’re starting out your day with the news, don’t do it. Just don’t do it like it’s scientifically has been proven like it. It can lead to more depression. It can lead to higher anxiety. You know, the first thing you should be doing in the morning is some kind of kind. There’s all, yeah. Yeah, like meditation.

Right. Coming to your mind, getting focused.

Meditation is great too. But yeah, it’s, you know, if you have the chance, you know, for people that you know, have families in a household, you know, one of the main things within the 1st 10 minutes is you should greet everyone in a loving manner. And then go and have your alone time for meditation. And because the way you start your day really does determine. And how your day’s going to flow.

Is much different from that. Yeah, I’ve got a quote that I’ve debated on saying or not, Zig Ziggler used to say that he woke up every day, read the newspaper, and read the Bible so he knew what both sides were up to. I don’t know how much I agree with that or whatever, but it is funny.

That’s cute. That’s very cute, that is.

It’s just Cute, actually.

It’s never like they’re trying to tell you how to feel about whatever the thing is, and they’re only showing you the point of view that supports the way they’re talking about it, and it may or may not be how you feel, but if all you listen to is one point of view, you’re never going to be open to this. So many times, I’ve had conversations with people, and I’m like… I did not know that. Because whatever new source they want on a regular basis they never talk about that thing. When Trump got into office, they were talking about all the terrible things that Obama did. And now that Biden’s in the office are talking about, you know, revoking all these terrible things that Trump did, or whatever else the thing is. But if you’re on one of those sides of the spectrum, you’re only hearing the bad stuff about the other person. You’re not hearing any stuff about your own.

By the way, you’re only hearing half. And there are always two sides to a story you need to Hear about. And then draw your conclusion.

My opinion, your opinion, and the fact What really happened? That’s like the three points of view, right? It’s crazy.

And I, you know, I always talk of things to the whisper down the lane too, because you know it once it goes through, you know, three different sources, it’s really mucky at the end.

Dude, it’s” telephone”. Right. It’s the telephone. You start with the. Actual message and by the time it gets To the end, you don’t even know what was. Said back there anymore because it doesn’t even resemble What was originally said?

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman.

Or they’re reporting that someone else reported something about another thing.


Reporting that we have a correspondent that heard this from the other one. If you’d like to really look at it, you’re like you’re not even reporting anything.

I had a Taco party over the weekend that I had, you know, a bunch of friends and family in town, and we had people drive in from Minnesota and Colorado and up from Dallas to come to hang out, and we’re just having. Such a good time and it’s always. Interesting to see. How do people react to certain things, what is different, what happens when you bring different cultures together, and what’s going to come out of that? 

I always invite a ton of people. I always have like a hundred, 150 invitations that go out, and my wife’s always like we can’t… We can’t do we can’t support, 100 people. It’s like going to come. Most of you need to.

But I always end up Inviting people that either live kind of a distance away or just haven’t seen it in a while. Just to know that even if they can’t make it, I’m thinking about them, that I care about them and inevitably some of these people end up showing up. 

I had this time last year when my daughter got married. We had people driving from Los Angeles flying from Reno driving down from Colorado Springs and up from Houston. Like letting people know that. They’re important to you, whatever that might look like is something that helps build that real community, something that’s much different than what we see online.

Because you always get everyone’s best-looking selfie. Or here’s the best news about our business when we’re doing this great thing. When behind the scenes, everything is ****** disaster. You know the building. Was on fire, and the dogs were running in circles. Forgetting people. Together and expressing that gratitude and seeing how the different people form the little different groups over the night and how they go to different places, it’s always interesting to see just how. Much nonsense is in the. News and doesn’t apply to real life, yeah.

But I am going to yell at my mailman because. I did not get my invitation to the Taco Party. Did you get yours, Carol? 

No, no.

Yeah, it’s definitely the United States Postal Service.

I know daggers are OK.

Definitely their fault.

Yeah, I’m. I’m going to.

Ohh, is that what we’re doing with Travis? I called BS. I called BS.

I believe you, Travis, I believe you.

Oh my God.

Yeah, I agree 100%. It really is. Really realizing what’s important in this world and all of that stuff. Does it really change the moment, you know? Because, that information seems to change on a daily basis like we’re actually, you know, dealing with a water contamination problem in Philadelphia. You know, so for the last couple. Of days people have been going nuts. 

You know, I waited in line for water at you know Costco yesterday and everybody was wonderful. I mean the line moves so smoothly. I had another customer; he was just there. He saw me struggling, trying to get some into my cart. And, you know, he was like, let me help you, you know? And he just, he helped me out and I was like, wow. This is really cool to see people just being so kind. You know, not arguing it was beautiful, but then, you know, then the news comes out with. OK. Well, if you’re in this area, you will not be affected because it only happened at this water plant and then it was, you know, OK, if you are in that area, then your water is only good until 7:00 o’clock tonight. OK. No, we’re going to move it to midnight.

You know what? Just cover all the bases. Go get the water.


You’re all good. Go.

But I mean, it was just, it was instilling fear and that’s what they do. They instill fear and I think the. That’s not cool. So today they actually said that there is no problem anymore, so. You know, people can have their water.

Meanwhile, half of Philly dies.

Hey, Travis, stop it. I know, I know. Like the little gears are going. I could hear him Worrying. And then? I’m like, oh, he’s going to say something, really. Like smart ash skilling.

What is going on? On you’re in Lake Georgia visiting family and you all have this.

Oh, I do.

dark humor like what’s going on?

No, I always have dark humor. I’ve always had dark humor.

I mean, yeah, but it really doesn’t come out in the show very often today you’re just hitting it after hitting it. After hitting it.

Ohh well because we started with. If so, why not just? Go with it. We’re just good. Hey, if we started with. It we’re ending like. Totally strong.

Yes, I was going to say, and with that. That’s like our thing. Maybe that’s what it is. We started with it and now we’re just. We’re in it.

Hey, like, go all the way right Tia? All the way, right?

Why not just keep on going strong all in?

You have got to be all in. It’s always better when you’re all in.

All in, that’s right, and the sizzle factor.

Sizzle Factor. And dark humor.

Right. And what are they going to do to turn us off and make us better? People. No kidding.

They’re going to do. They’re going to take away your birthday.

That’s right.

So, I was going to mention this earlier. Like, oh, what are they going to do? Take my birthday. Well, in, in the US Navy. They can actually take away your birthday, and play with the International Dateline, right? Depending on where you’re at. 

And I don’t know like someone can explain the mechanics of it. You can be on one side of the line, and you cross over the line exactly on that new day. And in theory, you’ve skipped an entire day of the Navy can actually take away your birthday.

Wow, that’s not nice.

Well, did you know? That is Chinese, in our culture, we have two birthdays.

The first of the year.

We have our American birthday the day we were born, and then we have a lunar birthday. I don’t know. Who’s going to say how? Do they? All I know is it adds an extra.

How do they figure that out? Is that like, partly the day you’re born, but also like? The year and…

Yeah, the leaner.

The date is always different than your actual birthday.

Another culture talks about this that they have, like the day they’re born and like the first of the New Year or the new month. So, you can be like two days old but be 3 in that culture. Have you heard about this? 

Well, it’s actually technically one year. The difference is it is one year. Difference. Yeah. Yeah, so. I remember when I was turning 39. And I’m like, oh, I’m just. I’m right. At you know. The 40s back door. My stepmother did not miss a beat. She goes. Oh, you’re already 40 Girl and I were like. It’s dark and twisted. Yeah, it’s the dark and twisted humor.

Yeah, yeah.

I got to laugh about it. Because it’s like otherwise You cry. You know you’re older.

You go the other way.

See, I don’t.

Like, could you be your younger?

No, no, because the lunar year is Always ahead. Yeah, it’s always.

Well, that just doesn’t seem fair, does it, Travis?

I don’t care in the slightest how old I am. Is it just a Report of how many laps the sun?

Different guys are different. You look more distinguished.

It doesn’t matter unless you’re dating Leonardo Di Caprio and you’re getting fired when you’re 25, like.

Or Ted Cruz?

Benjamin Buttons problem that that I want Benjamin button.

I was going to say problem as I think. I think I look younger now than I did. You know, like some of my high school people, they’re like what you got, Benjamin Button, which thanks you. I love that. I appreciate it.

But it’s funny. Travis, Travis, and I talked about it like I don’t know how old I am. Yeah, I know how to do the math. I just don’t care because the fact is. Is, yeah.

Age is a number.

I grew up in a house where we didn’t, we didn’t do numbered birthdays. You know, we celebrated birthdays, but it wasn’t like, oh, this is your, you know, 10th birthday or yeah, it wasn’t like that. So, there wasn’t any pressure, but I did learn from seeing my peers in school. They put so much pressure on themselves, you know, by and you see it happen today all the time, especially with women, you know well, by the time I hit 25, I need to, you know, meet the man I’m going to marry by the time I’m 28. I need to have my first kid.

Well, trust me, you’ll be divorced by your time 27 then. If you start. At 25.

Ohh my gosh. As I heard I heard some poor girl at that age. It was her 26th birthday saying that she was middle-aged now and I was like.

At 26?

Past her prime was like no.

No, no, that’s true. That’s definitely true.

Maybe you’re Leonardo DiCaprio? I don’t know.

The only point I’m trying to make is why on earth are we prescribing and infusing so much emotion, especially negative emotion, with something we have no control over? Like I’m a guy, I’m 5’8. That’s not very tall by American standards, it’s much taller. Then a lot of. But they are way taller than Tia and Carol, but like, I don’t care why. I don’t care how tall I am, that’s just the height I reached when God’s like, Yep, perfection achieved. That’s where we’re at, right, it doesn’t mean anything.

Oh, I love it. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I haven’t grown since the 6th grade. Like in 6th grade. You already reached perfection. That’s amazing.

But you had. A beard in 6th grade and you know it was like.

Hey, hold on.

I know, ladies that have beards.

if we can. All just think that who we are. Currently right and have always been perfect. Then we can stop trying to reach perfection because we are perfect as we are. We were created. As we will always do.

Be Carol, as she said that did.

We are. We are simultaneously a masterpiece and growing.

You see the sunlight come in and shine.

It was like the first glimpse of the Sun we’d had in days.

Yeah, but here’s the deal we’re all infinite beings. We’re all masterpieces, and simultaneously we’re always growing. And changing and evolving and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We’re perfect in our imperfections.

That’s right. So, no matter what age they decide to slap you with don’t. Have any meaning? Right. It doesn’t have any meaning at all. I know people talk about ohh; you know once you reach retirement age? The retirement age was a thing created by Auto von Bismarck in the 1800s because of all of his enemies. We’re 65 and older, so it’s like 65 mandatory retirement age and then the US somehow adopted the same thing. But our country is almost exclusively run by people older than that. So, like, what the heck does it even mean? I have no idea.

We talked about that I think all three of us had to us did a questionnaire where it said you know when you plan on retiring and I put I could never you know because I don’t think I’m created that way you know. Yeah, to Pivot into a different you know, profession, even or whatever. That’s fine but… I’m not made to stop. 

I have such a purpose and I have. I have such… that tenacity of helping others and making my mark to leave this world a better place than when I started. You know, I think that retirement age. No, that’s not a thing for me. And I think more people started to look at it that way. They wouldn’t be so downtrodden by the fact that, like, you know 80 years old the greeter at you knows the hardware store is there.

I absolutely know because They’re out They’re socializing with people. Yeah. Yeah, and I think we’re human beings. We need to be social. And at 80-something years old if You’re a greeter, freaking great. You actually get to converse with people on a daily basis. I think that just. Well, there’s something that it does for you that enlivens your soul.

Let me ask what Betty White did like. The secret to youth? She’s like I always hang out with people much younger than me.

Yes, and that is the truth. Our body again is so super smart. Discovering like the Fountain of Youth they’ve been talking about this for, you know, probably centuries, but a little fun. The fact that if you ever have a blood transfusion. The blood cells that you get through that transfusion, your body will try to keep up with. 

So, if you get like a younger person’s blood your cells and your body will then become younger because they’re keeping up with the Joneses kind of thing, and yes, and that’s the whole concept really of Dracula.

Here we go. We’re just going dark again. Just 100% diving into the darkness, yeah.

So it is, but it’s we’re like cellular beings. So, when you hang out with somebody that’s younger than you, you’re self, you act younger.

You start your yes.

So, it’s not just about the blood, it’s just on a cellular level, you will. You will become younger.

Is this why women are always obsessed with these vampire shows and movies could be or? Or is it like I just want you forever? You have to be mine and the only way we can do that so I can annoy you into eternity is if we become vampires.

You know what, I just like that. I fit in. I’m so I’m so alabaster. You know, Travis, you got to see that firsthand, in hot Houston, it was like I was the only one applying SPF because we were going to be out. In the sun. Yeah, I feel like it. You know, I have something in common with vampires.

Well, as we’re getting ready to wrap up the show here in our fantastic dark conversation with Tia, what advice would you have for someone that might be struggling right now?

I say persevere; I mean it. It really is so important. Changes happen constantly. Certainly, as Travis said, you know it’s about being prepared, you know. Just be prepared to evolve like it’s it happens whether you’re for change or against it, it’s always going to happen.

So, if you’re, you know, if you’re in a dark place or you’re just struggling with something, you know, consistency is key, just keep going. Because it really does make a difference. You know, we have this mindset that we have to make leaps and bounds, but you know, honestly, even in the last year, I’ve been making like these little shimmies. And he’s, but I’m going so much higher than where I started just by doing those little shimmies on a consistent basis. So just keep on shimmying. Shimmy shakes right.

I feel sorry for my gal that does transcription. I don’t know how to spell shimmy. Good luck with that. Once we connect with you.


That’s what I would have done too, yeah.

Where can people get a hold of you if they want to connect with you too?

Oh, I would love for them to go to To check out all the wonderful tips that we have there you can also reach me at tipsfromTia. One word on what is it? We got Instagram, we got Facebook, we got Twitter, TikTok, we. Started. That’s and Travis, I was surprised you didn’t bring it up. The shirt collection is just the tip as our little slogan for tips from Tia. You know, we started making some cheeky shirts that will be on Etsy at tips from Tea Shop so Thank you.

Yeah, fantastic. All of her links are at You can find all her social links there. So the one thing you have got to remember, the one and only place to go is Thank you so much.

Thank you.

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