Be Seen, Heard, and Validated with Matt Currin

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Matthew Currin is a retired Marine Corps helicopter pilot and a current Team Penske NASCAR pilot. He is also a trainer, life coach, and founder of Convene Communities. Matt shares his passion for peer-to-peer counseling. He shares stories from his time in the Marine Corps and dealing with the loss of friends. If you are struggling in life: reach out, get the help that you need, and don't think you're alone.

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Standing Firmly in Who you are with Jessica Brown

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Jessica Brown is a sought-after Empowerment Speaker, Confidence Coach, and Mentor. As a natural connector, Jessica has the ability to make people feel seen and heard. With 70% of teen girls not seeing themselves as good enough compared to their peers, Jessica is passionate about changing that narrative. As a teen, she looked for validation from others and became a perfectionist out of a desire to hide her external flaws. Her exceptional communication is a result of her degree in Communication, learning English as a second language, and her fluency in Spanish which she learned as a child growing up in Panama. Jessica is a Veteran of the United States Army and attributes her level of resilience to overcoming physical and mental challenges she endured while serving, as well as various life-altering experiences.

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