Courage is Being Scared and Doing it Anyway with Mariel Anderson

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Mariel Anderson shares her journey and work with the Shine Foundation for Artistic Expression. They discuss the importance of empowering men with healthy perspectives on intimacy and their challenges in seeking help. They also discuss the historical perspective of men's mental health. There is a need to understand these historical factors and the differences in communication and emotion processing between men and women. They also discuss the importance of continuous personal growth and open conversations about mental health. We need to challenge assumptions, education, critical thinking, and the role of information and literacy in shaping problem-solving skills. Remember that hardships and challenges can build inner strength and character. Her passion is to inspire and help others to live and love to their full potential scars and all. It’s her absolute joy and pleasure to cheer someone on, and then watch them succeed in overcoming their challenges. Val currently works as a Registered Nurse, and has a love for all things Pink Beret Archery, fitness, and tacos! Laughing is my absolute favorite, I even laugh at my own jokes!

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