Passion for the Dance with Debbra Sweet

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In this inspiring episode, we are thrilled to introduce Debbra Sweet, a remarkable individual who has earned titles such as the "Queen of Courage" and "The Rock Star of Resilience," Debbra tells stories of her childhood and her healing journey through PTSD. Debbra embodies the essence of grit and determination, transforming her life's adversities into stepping stones to success.

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Keep Being Dangerous with Sam Webber

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Travis is joined by Sam, who has gone from podcasting to becoming the owner of the Oklahoma Kings. Sam shares his journey of focusing on mental health, being there for others, sharing vulnerability, and releasing emotional baggage. Travis and Sam discuss the importance of communication, setting boundaries, learning self-worth, and managing energy. They also discuss their shared interests in podcasting and military service. There is power in human connection if you are willing to be open to new opportunities.

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