Passion for the Dance with Debbra Sweet

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In this inspiring episode, we are thrilled to introduce Debbra Sweet, a remarkable individual who has earned titles such as the "Queen of Courage" and "The Rock Star of Resilience," Debbra tells stories of her childhood and her healing journey through PTSD. Debbra embodies the essence of grit and determination, transforming her life's adversities into stepping stones to success.

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Keep Being Dangerous with Sam Webber

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Travis is joined by Sam, who has gone from podcasting to becoming the owner of the Oklahoma Kings. Sam shares his journey of focusing on mental health, being there for others, sharing vulnerability, and releasing emotional baggage. Travis and Sam discuss the importance of communication, setting boundaries, learning self-worth, and managing energy. They also discuss their shared interests in podcasting and military service. There is power in human connection if you are willing to be open to new opportunities.

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Government-Funded Education is Economic Slavery with John Renken

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Join host Travis in an insightful conversation with John Renken that delves into pressing topics such as economic slavery, gender roles, and the power of open-mindedness on the path to success. John shares valuable advice on tax optimization and wealth preservation strategies.

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Doing Life Backwards Worked for Me with Val Foglesong

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Val is a proud US Army Veteran (Combat Medic), and Registered Nurse. She currently holds a volunteer position as Director of Peer Support for The Pink Berets and is also a current active member of the Pink Beret Archery team.Her passion is to inspire and help others to live and love to their full potential scars and all. It’s her absolute joy and pleasure to cheer someone on, and then watch them succeed in overcoming their challenges. Val currently works as a Registered Nurse, and has a love for all things Pink Beret Archery, fitness, and tacos! Laughing is my absolute favorite, I even laugh at my own jokes!

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Dive in, Get Dirty, and Fail Forward with Michael Klepacz

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Michael is unstoppable, passionate, and focused on bringing his vision to fruition. Entrepreneurs, like Michael, often struggle with time management and fear, but their drive and tenacity can overcome these challenges. Travis, Carol, and Michael talk about defined personalities, movers, shakers, provers, and makers. Shakers are idea-people who have nonstop ideas, while shakers work with the prover, who sees the holes in their vision and works to fill them. The tenacity and determination of a Titan can help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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False Identities Cause Many of Our Problems with Aaron Ellis

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Aaron Ellis is an accomplished musician and entrepreneur in the music industry with 15 gold and platinum records, seven Top 10 songs. Aaron shares why the key to his success is an insight into himself. Aaron explains it's not what we do, it’s how we show up and flow through what we do. He also explains how freedom to him personally is becoming aware of what is not working and then choosing to change it.

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