Rid Your Life of What is Keeping You Prisoner With Energy Coach Anna Choi

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Next-Gen global leaders seek her help in global enlightenment. Carol and Travis are joined today by Anna Choi Anna an energy coach, Forbes author, TEDx speaker, and all-around Titan. Anna shares her journey of being an Asian American, and the journey that led her to be an energy coach. 


{01:14} What else makes Anna a Titan?

{05:56} What helped Anna in her endeavors

{07:42} Explaining to people what it means to be “Asian” 

{09:33} Life today as a Titan 

{13:47} Getting rid of the things keeping you prisoner 

{17:38} The number one thing Anna coaches people with.

{23:52} The journey that led Anna to become an energy coach.

{33:54} The pre-release of a song.

{44:40} You are in control, and you get to decide what to do with your feelings

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Anna Sun Choi Bio

Anna Sun Choi, Energy Coach, Forbes Author, and TEDx Speaker serve high-achieving, creative, conscious, next-gen global leaders to catalyze a tipping point in global enlightenment.

Trained by two living enlightened Energy Masters, she is a lifelong energy student for the last two decades. Her work blends ancient wisdom, energy mastery, and brain education as a Dahn Master, Korean Qigong Yoga Instructor, and Taekwondo Martial Artist.

A second-generation Korean American social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Anna founded the Conscious Leadership Foundation to train educators in helping their students cultivate mindfulness and emotional resilience through Brain Power Wellness.

Her proudest accomplishment is water-birthing her son. She’s married to her best friend for 20 years in Poulsbo, WA. Anna loves being a singer-songwriter, hiking, dancing, and a plant-based cook, and you might see her face on billboards or subway trains as a BECU model.

Connect with Anna:



Hey, welcome back to the show. I’m here with my lovely co-host Carol and her guest today, Anna Choi Anna is an energy coach, Forbes author, TEDx speaker, and all-around ******, which is why we invited her on the show. How are you doing today, Anna?

I’m good. How are you?

We’re doing great. Obviously, for those of you that don’t know the real stuff that goes on here, we give you a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek of what it is that we do. So, we get the guests to come in and we BS for a couple of minutes, and then we come into the recording studio all amped up with good vibes and good energy. But I mean the pre-show. The pre-show discussion was all about bangs and erections, so who knows what kind of show we’re going to have today?

True, I don’t want to put my name to that, but yes, those words did come through.

In any case, you’re the one we’re talking about. This it’s not It’s not about whose fault it is. Is this the person we’re blaming today?


Yeah, it’s all her fault.

Own it, man.

It’s OK.

I just own it. Say Yep.

What should I do? That’s why it’s tight and because I can take it.

That’s right.

Yeah, that’s right. Well, that’s the first question. So, what makes you tighten the one we already know? Because you can take it and then. What else makes you a Titan?

Oh my gosh. Oh, that’s such a good segue.

You’re welcome. I’ve been doing this for a while.

Yeah, yeah. No, I can tell you so well. I think it depends on how you define what a Titan is and if we just define it as a ******. Who’s taking it then? I would say I mean, where do I start? There are numerous options.

Well, let’s not talk about instances. Let’s talk about what makes you, in particular, a Titan.

Yeah, not the stuff that you’ve done or accomplished. But the Titan? That is who you are, and because of who you are, you were able to accomplish those things.

I am gritty. This is the word that comes up as overused as it is. I’m trying to think of a different word.

great resilience and determination. Maybe resilience is probably a better word.

Yeah, yeah, because I will put myself in really uncomfortable situations. Worry all around you and then come back. I kept coming back anyway and growing from it, which could be on many different levels, right, whether it was playing football with an NFL player as the only woman or dealing with things emotionally, I always grew up as a token Asian in all, you know, fairly mostly all white communities and.

Oh, Amen, girl. I was there and I was there many, many years before you.

Yeah, which was way worse. It’s gotten better every decade.

Yeah, no, no, for sure Back then, we didn’t have the safety net that you probably had when you were going through with it. For us, the kids were allowed to call us racial slurs, and the principals would never step in, and you were just expected to get stronger from it, or, you know, pretty much let it destroy you. So, it’s an interesting thing to be the only one you know of something within your community and has to kind of, I want to call it, rise to the occasion, so maybe that’s what helped you develop your resilience.

Uh-huh, for sure. I mean, I’ve been in a male-dominated industry until coaching. I would say that throughout my time as a planner advisor, I have been in the triple minority because being 22 years old and telling people how to retire is a difficult task.

Yeah, no, no, being young in any profession where you know people are of a certain age, they’re probably looking at you like, “What do you know about retiring?”

Uh, yeah, yeah. Then the big woman and then being Korean, everyone is like, “Oh, you should just take the Korean market and I’m like, I don’t speak Korean, I don’t speak Chinese here. 

I see. Well, I take it back. I do speak Taiwanese, but I don’t read or write the language, so it’s like, yeah, so I’m like, yeah, so I’m the worst Asian ever. You know,

My mom called me a banana when I was 18 

Did she call you a banana?

She’s like, “You’re so yellow on the outside but white on the inside. Oh my God, you’re supposed to support me. He won’t listen to the podcast. That’s OK. That’s true.

Mom, I didn’t say this. FYI, I know, that wasn’t you. I was referring to somebody else.

I was like, “I know I’m white on the inside, but you can’t.” You don’t have to say it.

Well, but you know, when we both lived here.

Yes, I married a white man.

You were born and raised here

I was, I was. I was born in Ohio, of all places.

Oh, that’s white.

I know. That’s why Then get wetter in that.

Ohio? Oh, that’s white. Have you been to the upper Midwest yet? Everyone was imported from Scandinavia, Germany, or Denmark.

All this I’m just thinking. White, as in milky white, as in how white? You know what I’m talking about.

I’d say this is derailed, but to be honest, we were never on the tracks, to begin with.

No, we go off the rails all the time, so let’s just roll with it.

Yeah, I was going to say something that could derail it more I was going to say bank interactions, right? That’s where we began this conversation.

Yeah, yeah. You know, I mean, where do you How do you think that this helped you? Do you know the endeavors that you’ve been in?

I’ve never connected the two, but there must be something there Well, I moved a lot, too, so I moved to Texas, and then I lived in Georgia. And that’s like most of where I grew up was in the South. And it’s not Korean where I grew up. So, I’d be like, what are you and I’d be like? What do you mean? And then they’re like, “Are you Chinese? Are you Japanese? Then what are you?

There are only two options, right?

Yeah, right. In Asia, those are the two options that you get asked 

There were a lot of Koreans who moved down in the 1980s. In the 80s, granted, but I’d be like, “Korean and some. I started messing with people, though I’d be like, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about later.

I would get more sophisticated, like, what’s your ethnicity? No, no, where are you from? And I’m like, oh, you know, down the street and, you know, where you’re from, I’d be like, Ohio.

Now I’m asking you what your nationality is.

As in, what is your nationality, as in, I’m an American?

I’m an American-born banana. 

One time, I was like, “I’m Mexican and I’m waiting. I was like, are they going to call me out, and then they will? Like what? And I’m like, “Yeah, my dad’s Mexican. 

I don’t understand Asians as a moniker because are you talking like an Asian? Are those people from Saudi Arabia? is Asian, which means people from Oh, Asian. You must mean Russian. What the hell do people mean by Asian?

It was a made-up conspiracy. state because they couldn’t tell the difference when black and white people are like, “What do we? Do you know what I mean when I say these people are yellow?

People in general? Yeah, this whole class. Uhm, you know, I think for some people, though, and in all you know, kidding aside, I think they’re curious because they may not have had any encounters with an Asian, so they don’t understand what flavor you are, right? So, let’s just call it that What flavor?

Are you right?

I was. I was fine with it the first 100 times I got asked, but then after that, I got a little bored.

You get a little tired of it.

I’m going to answer the first question. No, it doesn’t happen now. We have improved as a society. Right now, I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Yeah, that’s

That’s what kids do right there Like you wear glasses. That’s weird. They just know that something is different. They don’t know what it means. They don’t know what’s well, better, or otherwise.

They just liked it.

I didn’t get offended. Did I just get tired or bored? Yeah,

So, while I graduated high school, I made up cards that said, you know, hey, glad to be at a high school, so I’d answer the questions in the car by saying, “Yeah, I’m glad to be at a high school. No, I don’t know. I won’t be when I grow up. I don’t plan It’s as if I handed it to you. So, every answer is the same question. Over and over again, I’ve got friends that I’ve got a friend that’s 6 feet 11.

And he’s got cards. How tall are you? It says 611. Wow. Are we that? Tell us, like, yes. What’s the weather like? It’s better up here and like he would hand it out once, he said, as I would be like, did he just hand him the card?

Laughing, he was already gone, so he didn’t have to keep re-answering the same questions. I thought it was genius.

The landing page schema is completely schema.

So OK, so resilience, but also, I mean, what? What? In particular for you and just specifically for you, besides, let’s say, in that broad term of resilience that makes you a Titan.

But you’re not going to give me a pack? like planning to give past examples, but not necessarily.

Well, no, because this is where you are today. What makes you a Titan today?

Well, this is going to be a different kind of answer. So, I think what makes me attain it today is going against the grain of society, of the hustle and grind. And it’s very pervasive and toxic in my opinion. Everywhere else is the same. And people know now that it’s bad. And they say, “Oh yeah, that’s bad. We’re for well-being but few. I have the balls and guts to follow that, and I do.

And is that why you left your financial field?

Yeah, I got burned out there for sure. OK, I worked for 8 hours. Something stupid to build the business and then from scratch. And then the second business got burned out again in event planning for tech and social impact. I was like, “Oh God, there’s got to be a better way So that’s part of the impetus for building my practice now. And I’m having an odd conversation right now where I’ve just finished about 4 weeks of vacation and am about to start another week of vacation, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, too many vacations.”

God, I’m quite jealous.

You know, and it’s a weird place because it’s not like you can come. It’s like having a lot of money, or like, oh, you can’t complain about your wealth problems. You know, people said the same thing. It’s like, you can’t complain about it, but I got it That’s totally what I’m dealing with right now.

There’s nothing wrong with that, yeah.

You can just break your rhythm, you know?

Well, when? When people are People complain. They talk about not having a lot of time. Here’s the deal It’s hard if you want to be fit and in shape. If you want to be a fat, lazy ***** ** ****, that’s also hard. It’s a different kind of hard, but it’s still hard. If you want to be wealthy, that’s a certain kind of hard work. If you want to maintain your wealth, that’s a different kind of hard.

If you’re poor, that’s a whole other kind of hard, and you get to choose the life that you want to live, which is hard enough that you want to be OK with it. Oh, Travis, you don’t understand it. I do. I grew up in trailer parks at Foster Homes. I fully understand what it’s like to be hard. I kind of understand exactly what you’re talking about. There’s nothing wrong with saying it’s hard because you have too many vacations. And another thing. Let us know how we can help you get back into the grind.

Well, I’m like, “This is going to air.” Yes, it will.

We can edit this out.

piece so.

We won’t, but we can.

Well, at the end of the day, this is real. This is raw This is a conversation. There is nothing that you need to be embarrassed about, and the truth is, if you’re going to say it, say it loudly. I mean it Own it; do it.

Yeah, you are bringing that out here for sure, so do you know what vacation is? Because for a lot of people, it’s more stressful to be with their family or to be with their in-laws or to do whatever. And so, there’s this moment where I recently got back from an energy training with my master and energy master, and we looked at obligations that we have in our life that we live by. So, whether it’s Mom’s wife, whatever. And it had me come back and look, “Oh my gosh. Like, to what degree?

When I take a vacation, is it an obligation of what I’m supposed to do as a mom or as a wife or as a family member or whatever? And it was surprising to see how much. That was there and when I started just in the last few weeks, my most recent thing, you know, not saying yes to things that are a good idea just to look good or obligate whatever, like that stuff, it has, I believe that’s part of the reason. I’m not sure if it’s resilience, but you’re constantly facing potential judgment.

But then you’re being yourself, and it’s truer to who you are and much more.

So, if that’s what we’re preaching about being authentically yourself, then there should be no guilt around it.

I do ask people when I coach, and I get calls from people saying they told me about their situation. When I asked them what decision they would make if there was no guilt or shame attached to it, they immediately had answers, but they didn’t want to tell me right away. They don’t want to say it because asking maintains the guilt and shame. Well, wait. What was that answer? I know it popped into your head.

Well, what’s the thing you would do? And when they say it, it’s almost like they now have permission to do it if you’re not willing to say it. Get whatever the thing is, that’s what’s holding you hostage to the thing. That you know needs to happen.

Totally no, I would say. This is a different trait than resilience, but I’m always questioning what is true for me right now. So maybe that’s authenticity, but like, I’m not going to confine myself to, you know, societal constraints.

I would say whether that’s in the slow grind or whether that’s my family roles because I pride myself on my marriage. After all, we’re very out-of-the-box as far as our relationship goes. We’re not going to, you know, some people talk about divorce or separating or having problems. Ours is different where we’re like, “Look, we’re not going to hold each other back from our dreams when the other person is, like, genuinely not interested in pursuing that expression of a dream,” right?

So, for my husband, who’s living on a boat for a year, like God’s love, you know, bless him, my love. boats for a single day or a couple of days. But to live on one for a while, like when I get sick, I’m like, “No thank you, but I don’t want to clip his wings. Right.

And I want to go on a global tour with people I know and, you know, visit houses, go to Turin speech, and I want to bring Eli Long, and he does not want to see other people’s houses like that, you know.

So, we were looking at what’s authentic, and so we’re looking at something very unconventional, you know, like we write, we separate. I go off for three months to pursue that dream with Eli. He goes off and lives on a boat, and we switch. Come back. I don’t know.

Things like that, like

That’s called parenting, sweetheart.

That’s where I’m from. Currently, it’s like the obligation sets in that I need to be there as a mom for his s**t up.

So, you can’t be present, yeah, but you can’t be present for him to help him.

Until he’s 18, you know.

See-through your example You know what, what makes you happy?


That’s what I want to do shortly.

And that’s what you’re teaching your children is, hey, I want you to do it. Whatever you want in life, do what makes you happy. If he sees both of his parents, he may not see you guys together because you each choose to do, you know, different things, but what he’s seeing is ultimately the best thing.

which is that both of you are happy in your pursuits.

You know, without fully knowing, yeah, in our expression,

And then it permits him to be that way too.

Yeah, and when you consider the military lifestyle, what you’re describing isn’t all that strange. I spent 53 weeks away in the middle. What was my wife doing? I don’t know. I could think I know, but I don’t. I know.

This is, like, commonplace for all military families I just said I’m like 3 months to 20.

Yeah, he’s going to go on living.

Three years, you know.

A boat for a year, like, oh, next thing I know, it’s like, “Been yeah. That never happens to us. I’m never going to go on a walkabout. In this request with your advisor or the third person, whatever The thing is, it is not that bizarre. It just depends on what circle you’re in.

Absolutely, yeah.

And in our circles, he is very traditional, or more, you know, it’s all about family and being there for the family.

And that’s not my family, right? Yeah, do you find that?

That led to some issues for you guys in your marriage. And does that mean, uh, Oh yeah?

Well, but that’s normal, I mean Let’s be honest. Marriage is hard. Let’s be honest here. Marriage is or, I know, and I still got divorced after 21 years, right? So, we raised two great boys. But it’s hard for everybody there is It’s not like this, like rainbows and unicorns, and you know it It’s just that this isn’t Cinderella’s story. It’s none of that. It is messy. And it’s life.

It is the number one thing when I’m on coaching calls that people are dealing with.

Marriage problems Yeah, yeah.

Let me ask you this. The money problems within the marriage are the first thing they talk about.

It’s not It’s not usually related to that.

Oh, what’s number one? I’m curious now.

So, I would say it’s not a trend of money. I would say each one is unique, so I couldn’t even say that there’s a pattern per SE, but it’s not like money is a pattern 

Well, it is either money that is mismatched with money, mismatched communication styles, or mismatched expectations.

Oh, they won’t express it.

There are three major things, and if money is not figured out, that’s usually number one If money is figured out, it’s one of the other tails. Yeah, no, I’m just looking at It’s like communication.

Yeah, it’s like a pattern is emerging, perhaps of something different. I guess you could call it expectations if you wanted, but yeah, of what one wants in the relationship, what the other one wants.

It’s tough. It’s tough. Newlyweds, in particular, have a completely different experience than people who have been married for a long time. Like newlyweds, you have the idea of what you think of as a family based on your experiences growing up. Right, so when my wife was growing up on the farm, Dad did everything in the garage and outside. Mom did everything in the house. That was an expectation.

That’s what they decided on for their family. I grew up in trailer parks, you know, with a single mom or in foster care. So, my expectations were all over the place. She would be young at home, and, like, she needed oil. She’s like, she’s like, hey, Dad, do you need an oil change? And he would go and do it Right, that was the guy’s thinking. I lived in a house with a single mom or a foster mom and, like, if you didn’t do it, like, it didn’t get done right? So, we were young in her marriage, and she was like, “Babe, my car needs oil The change in my head was like, “Sounds like you better go get your oil change. Right, because that was my expectation, right? because she wants to, not because she has to. It was in there, but it wasn’t yet discussed at this point. And I didn’t know there was an unknown expectation that she had. I had no clue because I’d never seen that done that way before. Do you know what I mean?

Well, because all men know how to change the oil. Goddamnit, Travis.

It’s like, oh, like the thing and it gets, I don’t know. I do know how to train. Well, I do not prefer to do it because it’s just not my thing. But wait a minute, that’s a nun. That’s an unknown expectation. That you didn’t know, or that men are generally more direct, and women are generally more suggestive. So, hey, babe, we’re running low on milk. All I could hear in her head was a sound like you’re about to run out of milk. It was her asking me explicitly to pick up milk on my way home.

And that’s a communication thing. No, not. I think it’s funny, though. A lot of things can be resolved if communication can be ironed out and they can speak somewhat the same language.

I’m like, I was going to say something wise, but I’m like, no, I’m going to hold that thought.

Don’t hold back This is not the whole back story. This is the cost.

Not because I’m holding back.

So, whatever the FCK is on your mind, shift.

because the thought left me.

Oh, OK, gotcha. Gotcha.

Are you, ladies, familiar with love and respect by Doctor Emerson Eggebrecht?

No, I’m not.

This sort of thing, love, and respect is built on a principle in the Bible. There’s a line in there that a lot of ladies are uncomfortable with. It says men love their wives and women respect their husbands. And it goes through the talking discussion of why the Lord of All Lords would have to say that specifically. Because, like, why would you need to tell men to love their wives? Because women, obviously, right? And to men? Why would you say that women need to respect their husbands?

You’re like, obviously, because men operate largely on frequency. Women operate on the frequency of love, so we have to be told as men to love our wives because that’s not how we normally operate. And women need to be told to respect their husbands because that’s not how they normally operate.

And it talks about the crazy cycle that if I said something like, if Carol and I were like, let’s say, a co-hosting relationship, let’s just say, and I said something UN-loving to Carol, she would respond disrespectfully to me. And this can happen in a marriage, and you can see how that works the same way. If she says something disrespectful to him, he’s going to respond lovingly.

And you don’t know how you got into this argument, but if you say something as a guy to what I say something lovingly, she’s going to respond respectfully and the same back and forth.

That’s good.

I’ve never even heard of it, but that means that they were kind of wired, right? So, it’s known as those hot buttons? To push and know not to push him.

Yeah, well, I know one thing that I see in a lot of marriages or a lot of relationships. Well, a woman will be out talking poorly about her man and saying something disrespectful. And to guys, there’s nothing more violating than that than saying something disrespectful or like, oh, you know, He should have taken care of that long ago It’s been on his list A wife may have said that for a long time, thinking it was just a friendly reminder.

The guy feels like he just got hit in the face with a 2 by 4. It is extremely disrespectful. and then doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand how they got into this fight because of what she said, but she didn’t see it that way.

Yeah, that’s an interesting perspective.

I don’t know how I got here, but here we are.

I don’t know how we got here either. Sorry. So, how about that, but when, when, when? Does this financial career, which I don’t know about, like my Asian background, expect me to have a certain profession?

So, were you led by your family, too? Possibly pursue something that might not have been a passion for you. Or was this something you always wanted to do but realized after you did it and were successful that it wasn’t something you wanted to do for the rest of your life? I mean, what led you to eventually? You know, becoming an energy coach.

So, my parents did not expect anything. I was just a crazy high achiever. And they’re like, “Have at it.” They were smart enough to step aside and allow me to just go crazy. And I was like one of those, you know, in high school, varsity athlete, president of the school, got all my AP classes, got all my college done, you know, all that kind of thing. And it was like sleeping for five hours but burned out Then I would say that’s like where the burnout began. I’m just this intense high achiever that I was just born with. My dad encouraged me to start a business because they were just getting divorced.

I was 14 when they got divorced, and I was really happy because, I think at the time, they fought a ton in the house and were like shaking the walls in a super rage. And so, I was so grateful. When they were getting and that, he was like, “Look, you don’t have a mortgage, you don’t have a spouse, or how? 

You’re young, like, go risk being an entrepreneur while you can. And so, I took it to heart at the time, and I was like, OK, I’m going to do that. I had like 12 interviews with other ten interviews with other places and chose this financial planning place because I just liked the people.

I thought there was a good opportunity to learn and grow in the business, and then I loved it. I loved the actual business. I love my clients. It is not appropriate for the industry. Mind you, this is like during the Great Recession of 2008.

Oh, that’s bad timing.

Everyone’s portfolio, I know, was like

I heard in my military career that timing isn’t everything.

A lot of depression among the viruses It’s the only thing Yeah, yeah, there was. It was a hard time. I enjoy everything. I love it so much, pizza. I discovered that I loved entrepreneurship but that I was not a fan of the industry, so I sold that company to the next business, getting burned out as I was saying. So, I just kind of walked this whole path. I was like, “This is not sustainable. I mean, it’s so obvious, like everything I’m going to do for how long I’m going to last, you know? And now I have a kid, so it’s different running. A business with a kid

And a family We had a mortgage, so I was a sole breadwinner for a while in that situation, which was tough, but anyway, we’re out, rock bottom low We were on food stamps at one point because I had, at that point, gone through everything I got from selling my business. I hadn’t worked for years. I was. I took a sabbatical and wrote a children’s book during that time. I did some enjoyable activities. And then my husband was just a landscaper at the time, making like 18 bucks an hour, you know?

So, we’re talking about a family of three living off of that wage, So I had to go to work six weeks after having a baby. just to pay our bills. So, I tell people I wasn’t working for two and a half years just to make it a simple story, but it had to work.

So, I did like all these odd jobs. I was coaching, I was doing tutoring. I did try to do a bunch of remote stuff just to bring in an extra $500.00 a month, you know, to make ends meet, and I did that for a couple of years while, you know, you’re not getting sleep, you’re breastfeeding, and all that good stuff, and we didn’t have any family around. So, it takes a village, but there was no village, so I just made really good friends with other people that were our age with babies.

And I was like, “Let’s do it.” But anyway, so during that rock bottom period, we kind of kept going into a hole, and my husband, at that point, had gone to grad school. We had like 67,000 in debt. It was just that it wasn’t a good situation. You know, you still have pride. There was like a moment in the grocery store where I was like, I couldn’t buy the beans. because it wasn’t on the card for the EBT.

And she’s like, “So then we have got to go.”

A refund here or whatever.

I’m just like, “Oh my gosh. So that was the bottom. And I said, “No, we’re not doing this. We’ve got to turn this around So anyway, long story short, I was getting coaching, and my coach was like, “Dude, you’ve got Daddy issues still. You need to go see Ma And so, Mas, one of my energy masters, is an enlightened living being. I walked down this living street, blew me but, and put a ridiculous amount of money on a credit card.

I didn’t have to go see her because I was desperate. That was the beginning of my energy mastery journey, and shortly after I met my other enlightened energy master. Ileana was through my yoga center that I was going to, and this time I was refusing to even spend it. I mean, I was, in that case, refusing to spend 5 minutes a day on myself. I couldn’t afford it, and at the time, I would leave the class early, come late, and then complain about the class. I was like, I was not there. I mean, I just had no sense of self.

God no. Yeah, I was a machine, machine-keeping, just trying to keep up with what needed to happen and desperate. I mean, it just wasn’t a good situation. So, after I got back from that meeting, things started to turn around. I was working another job doing my business when I got laid off. That same day, I got called and accepted another role that was like twice as much money and got to take some time off for three weeks. And it just kind of kept going and going.

And so, in two years, we paid off all of our debt, moved to waterfront property, sold our house, made a lot of money, and everything changed dramatically.

Was it the key piece that caused the shift, or was it, uh, realization, or was it the focus on you? What was the thing that really? We kicked off that change.

I mean, I do have to credit my energy masters. I woke up, and there was a release energetically with the ties that I had You know, your parents are the ones. That kind of gives you your roots. Crap in life. That I didn’t, I couldn’t. I had done so much personal growth work up until that point, but it couldn’t quite address this like, especially with my dad, like an unhealthiness there, and so that, like, got uprooted, like in a very big energetic way, and, like, the cords were cut, so to speak, from me.

Trying to get approval or being a little girl or whatever, I was doing in my patterns when I met him. It was the first time I was a woman talking to my man, my dad, as a man.

Not anything else.

Not, uh, not a child speaking to a father Yeah, yeah, it’s a different dynamic when you do that.

And all the ways I felt threatened before melted in the sense of, I’m like, you’re just, this sounds bad, but you’re just an old man It’s not like it’s not.

You’re not.

Murray, yeah. He’s just like, “Oh, in fact, I had compassion for how things had gone down.” You know, we had been estranged for like six months up until that point. Anyway, I healed that, and then I became interested in energy mastery; it’s like I started going to yoga three times a week, and I started making not just like 5 minutes, but like 20 minutes, 30 minutes an hour for myself.

I started going into self-care ********. It wasn’t all at once, but it grew and grew and grew. So, 7-8 years, you know, really intensely. And then I got into other modalities as a martial artist. It’s still all about the same type of cheeky gun principles for which Tai Chi is a martial art It’s just not focused on fighting, it’s focused on here, and through that, then it started. I am doing a bunch of classes for my foundation. I have the Conscious Leadership Foundation, which is helping train teachers in mindfulness so that they can have the self-care to then give back to the kids and teach them emotional resilience as well.

So, I was just doing all this energy stuff, which is personal. And I was just doing benefits whether or not, you know, doing free classes and stuff until there was a turning, and especially with the pandemic, which accelerated it when people needed help. It was when I fully embodied the whole energy coaching 100% in my vocation of what I do and what I’m called to do to serve in this world.

Would you call this your passion and your purpose then?

Oh yeah. Yeah, it’ll take different expressions, like I’ve added in creative stuff like singing but singing. Just energy in a vocal expression. So, I’m not going to become like a local. You know, I’ve just recorded a song, but

We were singing karaoke at their ranch in Texas after playing flag football with Fletcher Cox, so I know. But you know how to sing.

I love singing, so singing is a passion. 100% that I didn’t know I had Well, I knew I loved singing, but I now know I love songwriting too. So, I did my first real research this year. We’re doing a release on World Peace Day, September 21st. I’m holding a World Peace concert, and I’m going to release the song to the world. Where’s the concert? It’s online. September 21st.

We’ll have to get them. We’ll have to get the link for that so that Travis can put it on. We’ll be featuring other singers as well.

I don’t even know when this episode is going to go live. It’s probably going to be two months after that.

Yeah, it could be It’s also true that we might be able to.

I know the person that runs this thing. We might be able to slide you up a couple of slots You know, I’m saying this to kind of get you in there for the pre-release of the song. I know a guy.

You’re looking at who, me?

No, that would be cool. It’s a nice perk. We want to benefit the Ukrainian refugees, you know, or Russian refugees, like that whole crisis has died down. It’s not as hot, but it’s still going on. So, we do what we can. 100% of the proceeds will go there.

Oh, that’s awesome So then your energy coaching, like Tell us a little bit about that, because now we know that this is you, that you have discovered your passion. You found your purpose. This is what you’re doing. Give us a taste of what you might do for someone who comes in looking for your services. Who would be a prime candidate? A candidate let’s just say. I would benefit from coaching with you.

We serve high-achieving, creative-conscious business leaders. And the why is that we all have the same vision, which is, in a nutshell, global enlightenment. But, to elaborate for those who are wondering, what does that mean? It is truly to raise humanity’s consciousness because, considering we have when it comes to the world’s biggest problems, many of the solutions are technological, but we’re still fighting as a people, human to human. We’ve got our wars, so world peace isn’t going to be a reality until we have inner peace.

So, we are here to catalyze that next generation of those high-achieving, conscious, creative businesses. Leaders cause a tipping point in elevating our consciousness globally so that we can have global enlightenment as an outcome.

So, we all share that vision. And then what we do with our people is cultivate their inner peace and be calm. The chattering mind cut through the distraction, and really, it’s happened to have boundless energy inside rather than constantly looking outside themselves for that next thing. dopamine rush, or that filling, that void that is always outside of them. We have them looking at the silence and the inner world and in doing that, uhm. You know we use, we have a live framework, I shared on Trump’s other podcasts. It’s all about allowing more yin to your yang, and A is for allowing more yin to your yang.

Again, the daily grind is all-pervasive. How do we create moments of nothingness, of reflection, in our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual lives? I think I did a little too much Jen this year with all that vacation. Too much is out of balance.

That could be advantageous because some people want to expand their gang if you know what I mean.

It’s usually the case, right? So, it’s not work-life balance like, look at it.

I’m shocked, Travis.

It’s it. It’s funnier than when I said no comment. I had both of you rolling right there. I am not touching this, and like, what do we expect? You have to touch this. Handle all of this.

You didn’t just whip it out She’s careful. In any case, I can play Naruto.

So, I’m someone that struggles with this. Right. I have. I’ve had a lot that’s happened in my life. I consider myself accomplished. There’s always something going on. I wouldn’t know what to do if my mind was called upon.

They can be scarier for some people. Yeah, yeah. Someone once told me that I don’t want to be in silence. I don’t want to be still. And I’m like, “Oh, there’s all the things we do. Because you have to face yourself and the inner demons, so to speak, all your stuff comes out in that silence and in that.

That’s one of the ways you can approach it.

There’s still a restraining order out on all of my stuff, so I don’t want that to be Yes, I’m here all week. I’m here for you.

So, give us an example of what you would do if someone came to you. Let’s just say he’s struggling with not just their business but their personal lives as well. How would you?

Go about helping them find that thing. That they need to work on besides, you know, becoming quiet, becoming connected to your inner self, understanding. What scares you so that you can face it? What are some? Things you know help to debunk myths. Because when you say energy work, I think for a lot of people, they’re like, I don’t know what that means, right?

And so, you know, giving people an idea of what that looks like might allow them to see. Oh yeah, I’m down with this. I get this, you know?

Totally. So, it works differently if it’s one-on-one, which I don’t focus on at this time. I do have a handful, but I usually do group coaching or training, so it looks different. So, I’ll kind of speak a little bit to both, but on A1, on one level, it’s all about discerning in the conversation what their actual energy leak is. What is the source of it? So, like I was saying, it’s oftentimes a relationship, but a lot of times, I mean, everyone is a little bit different. So, through a series of questions that are guided, I help them discover for themselves the source of whatever energy drain they’re dealing with Oh, I’m so exhausted all the time. Oh, I don’t have a morning routine. I don’t have support for this dream that I want or whatever. So those are all energy leaks and drains, and then, depending on what it is in an A1 one-on-one session, I go wherever needed. So, for some people who just want more energy, we did get physical, like I’ll do like yoga or Tai Chi with them in like a private session and give them actual energy exercises Working on that release, I think Travis has experienced some of that.

Firsthand, when we were at the ranch, you never know what’s going to get shaken loose Trust me.

I know what he cleared out Sometimes it’s physical, you know, how I work with them; other times it’s emotional. Right, so in that case, I just have different exercises that I guide them through.

It could be a meditation like we’re going into the heart It could be, however, that in my 10X talk, I do the exercise where you face the fear inside as energy. So, what’s the color, what’s the shape, what’s the texture? And we put you back into observer consciousness.

And then, by just allowing and accepting the energy, people can see it for what it is and move through it and forward versus fixing it, resisting it, avoiding it, all the way that people deal with an uncomfortable feeling or painting, right? So, there’s like something more practical?

Do you have a specific energy that you deal with? When you say you do energy work, do you focus on one particular type? Or do you do them? Does it just depend on the situation as to what type of energy work you do?

Correct. I’m not like I’m a Reiki teacher or I’m an energy practitioner. So, I just take ancient principles, you know, from the Tao a lot, but from all the cultures that are 10,000 years old and apply them to the modern day and what that means would look like when I’m dealing with someone’s fears.

And they don’t want to They’re too scared to take them off because they think their business is going to go to the ground. If they do, I’d be like, “Well, let’s look.” And so, we play out the whole scene where they’re like, “Well, I’m going to be homeless. I’m going to, you know, do, or die. Do, or die, as they get to the source of it. Sometimes we draw pictures. I’m not kidding. We’ll do whatever it takes to, like, help them on their way, get to the source of what it is, and then once they face it in the body as a feeling, that’s where there’s freedom and then we can. And again, it’s not the particular energy I’m bringing in necessarily. It’s their energy and having a look at everything in their life. Their thoughts and emotions are just like energy and then separate from that.

Or sometimes it’s accepting and welcoming the energy into their heart, as it depends.

Because it can make you a stronger individual in the end.

Like, we want to value our fears. That’s one of ours. That’s the villa. So how do we treat fears? Like little children, all you’re doing is throwing your little tantrums again and putting them under your arms without thinking we’re

I’m going to kill you.

Or just ignore you, yeah.

See, I think I know we’re joking here, but this is important. Because if we can, if we realize that we’re not the person, we’re not, we are not our thoughts, but we are in control and having our thoughts, and we are not our fears, and we are not our ego.

And we understand that we’re separate beings and we can control that narrative, that conversation, those interactions. It changes how we view and interact with the world. It completely unlocks what we’re able to do as people.

Yes, absolutely.

So, you kind of made a little joke like, “Oh, your little fingers, you’re throwing a little tantrum when you can talk to your fears that way. When you can legitimately do them, be like, or you name your whatever, right? I used to have arguments with my body because my body does not like pain, but when I have to work out for the military, it causes pain, and you know, like, oh my knees are hurting.

Like, what’s up, man? Why aren’t these then, like I told you, going to hurt you if you were going to run again? Like when you have a conversation with different parts of your body?

Yes, that’s healthy too.

Because you can, but you really, really can And I sent it to someone This was like 10 years ago. They looked at me like I was out of my mind. Dude, I’m like, “No, you are all those. Things that happen to you, like all the emotions, all the fear, all those things. That happens within your being, not your being. Your emotions are an indicator of something. It’s not the action you need to take. I know so many people that are just… whatever their emotion is, that’s what they’re doing.

You are in control, and you get to decide the feeling is an indicator of something, right? What about

But I am not angry. I have anger.

I have anger.

I’m not. Yeah, not identifying with whatever. The thing is, you wake up and you’ve been going to the gym for like 4 days now and your body is like, “Wayne is doing this; suck it up body, we’re going anyway. That feeling you’re getting of not wanting to go has nothing to do with who you are. It’s just happening within you and you’re experiencing it, and you can say too bad So sad.

The same can be said for one’s comfort zone. I don’t want to do it. It is scary. Everything is scary and impossible until you do it. I know it was starting to show with Carol. She’s never hosted a podcast before.

A little nervous.


Oh, I was nervous, like crazy nervous when I started this with Travis. I was so out of my depth, and I just remember leaning on Travis in the beginning, and I leaned heavily on him, and thank God he could take my weight because I was worth it. I was.

Your light. You and your aunt are both white I picked you both up. It’s nothing.

Well, no, but it was a bit terrifying. I didn’t understand the structure. I didn’t understand what to do. And he’s great because, in a way, he became my mentor for a podcast. You know, I noticed Dan in my lane, and he’s been great, and we talked about this with David on the earlier podcast. Do you know where I stay in my lane? I’m good at certain things, and I know I’m good at them, but then I have these blind spots. And Travis covers one of my blind spots, which is in podcasting. I have other blind spots, but.

I have other people in place that cover those blind spots to protect me. So, every place I know I have blind spots, I have people that support me, and I feel very fortunate. You know, I had Travis here to help guide me because we all need guides and mentors to become better people.

Or energy coaches like Anna.

Yeah, exactly. We can’t do it all, and that was part of our other, you know, our discussion with David, was that you can’t be good at everything. You’ve got to pick something. And you.

which leads you to believe that football is an excellent analogy.

I got to run with thanks

You can be the best linebacker, but if the defensive line isn’t blocking anybody It doesn’t matter if you’re a great linebacker; if they throw it over your head, you’ve got to rely on the safeties or the nickel backs to catch it. Right, you can’t do it all, and it’s easy to talk about in team sports, but it’s hard to think about when we talk about ourselves as individuals. But this household doesn’t run itself. There are things that I do well, there are things that my wife does well, and there are things that we make our son do right.

It would not be a good idea if I was to clean the gutter.

But you learn things. You learn about the rules. You decide what you’re good at or not good at For example, I enjoy being on camera, you both know this about me. I love having the microphone. I could talk all day and feel like I could be doing it right now.

See that? It’s seriously a gift, right? But that’s not a gift that everybody possesses. You know, people do it because, number one, it’s an effective tool for people to get to know you better. But not everybody enjoys being in front of a camera. Not everybody enjoys being in front of a microphone. They may not be natural at it, and it just depends on where your strengths are. And for you, darling, you take a mic from a person and go and start a conversation with the whole room, because that’s the person you are. But that’s not something that everybody is good at.

Right. And there are things I’m terrible at, like back-end podcast production. I’ve got a team and we do it for other people, other companies, and other shows. But I know that I am not It’s not one of my skills. My abilities contribute to this by being in front of a camera, talking to people, and then assisting others in doing so more effectively. I know where my skills are, I know where my lane is, and then, just like you, I have people to do the things that I’m not the best at. Could I do those things? Of course, I could. But good Lord, how long would it take?

Take me to do some of that stuff. Oh yeah.

Is it worth your time?

No, yeah. Five days later, I’m still doing whatever it is and they’re like, “I could do this for you in six minutes.” So, what are you doing? I was like, “I can do it. Why would I? Why would I waste my time when I could be doing something much more valuable?

Well, that’s why there are so many different professions in this world. There’s somebody to fill each slot. So, where you lack the experience, the wherewithal, or the knowledge, somebody else is going to fill that spot, and they can do it better, quicker, and more effectively than you every day of the week.

And I can do this better, quicker, and more efficiently than they can, so yeah.

So that comes now. We’re going. To take this full circle back around to Anna, this is why. You know, if you want to run a business and you find yourself bogged down, you know, and you need that clarity, and you want to clear that energy so that you can let more creativity come into your life, right?

You have to hire a coach. You hire a coach to guide you through that, to help you face your fears. to allow you to become an effective leader.

And that’s what I was going to say. Even so, my lane is group coaching. So, while we do that, right? I was just talking to a coach literally before this call, and he was like, “God, I love one-on-one, not a group. That’s so tiring, and I’m like, “No, I love groups. 

So much easier and more awesome. So, the way that would look is a little distinct. If I could share that, that would be great. So again, it’s a different format. So, I find there’s an energy that happens in a community like you all. You know that is easy to tap into. That works beautifully alongside one-on-one, which is distinct if you did not have that. We look at membership, an alive membership, and inside of that, what it looks like is we have a rhythm where they get trained in something for a month so that they can integrate it into their life.

Because how many times have you been to a session or retreat or some awesome out-of-town event? And you come back home and reality hits you and you have to integrate into your life and it’s very difficult.

It’s hard to do so, right? So that’s where the community comes in, and then we work on being able to pick apart one principle and integrate it as a habit each week. And then we also have yoga and Tai Chi classes in that shifting membership so that we integrate what everyone is learning into the body and not just keep it up in the head. And that’s a thing. It’s not just a yoga class. It’s not the integration of energy into the body. So, for example, when it comes to allowing Mori into Yang, we practically break it down as, OK, great, plan out all your vacations for the next year. Come back next time with that next, you know, with that done, and then the next week would be like, OK, great, when you’re going to take a date with yourself.

Doing exactly what you want with no one else. It’s like having no responsibilities or obligations. And I want that date to be done and let us know how that went. So, it’s much more practical and specific in terms of what each of the principles is because we don’t have space. I mean, that’s just one principle. But we don’t have the space to just go be alone. When you do, take that space. It’s so replenishing that you end up producing way more than you ever have before.

I love it.

You allow everybody in those groups to share so that they can glean from each other’s experiences as well. Then some friendships form within that community, where there is, you know, OK.

Yeah, so we just do the training on one of the four weeks, but the other weeks we do a mastermind, like a pure advisory mastermind. Everyone contributes. We encourage everyone to set up a one-on-one session with each other. Outside of the call and then we are also We’ll do other things. We’ll sometimes bring in guest speakers or whatnot, so there’s a different format each week.

Interesting, OK.

So, we are just actually finishing up a round of our first 90 days with our founding members, and they’re all in love with each other and we create. Side projects together, supporting each other, all of that, so it becomes more of a lifestyle.

No, I love it. I tell you. And as we’re getting ready to wrap things up here, I’ve got two last things for you. One: Where is the one place you want people to find you?

If that’s either your business or on social media or an e-mail, what’s the one place you want people to find? You connect with me.

LinkedIn is fine. 


And then, what advice would you have for someone that’s struggling? With the energy loss in their lives, put it on your terms. What advice would you have for these individuals?

Energy loss, like yeah, the drain or the plug. The main thing is to stay within the long and short, you will never discover it if you keep chasing energy outside of yourself to gain more energy or to numb bad energy out. The brilliance within this is to shine as bright as it can.

No, that is perfect. You’re constantly searching for something outside of yourself to fill you up. Let’s Jimmy forever. No, no amount of booze, handling sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. I’m going to fill that void. You’ve got to find it from within if you want to shine. I love that and I thank you so much for being our guest today.

Thank you. My pleasure.

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