Life as a Little Person With Christy McGinity

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Christy is an actress, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and little firecracker. Today we are joined by Christy McGinity. She shares her journey as a little person. Marriage, divorce, motherhood, acting, public speaking, and even an accidental visit to an S&M club. 

You’re going to enjoy this episode! 


{00:03:26} What makes Christy a Titan?

{00:15:24} Types of dwarfism

{00:15:43} The politically correct terms

{00:16:51} The biggest challenge on a daily basis

{00:21:24} The worst disability Christy struggled with

{00:34:26} Life as an actress

{00:47:45} The best and worst of Christy 

{01:06:22} Drinking when you are a little person

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Christy McGinity Bio

Christy McGinity was born on August 19, 1977, in Burbank, California. Before she was on Little Women: LA, McGinity worked as a stand-in for child actors in commercials. She also had minor roles in films, “Death to Smoochy”, and “Austin Powers in Goldmember”. Christy was also a financial advisor.

McGinity also has experience in multiple other fields: Real Estate, Fashion Design, Recovery Coaching, Medical Assisting, Writing, Theater, Cooking, Baking, and officiating weddings. Christy made an appearance in an episode of Little Women: NY, and has also appeared on an episode of “The People’s Court” alongside her daughter Autumn.

Connect with Christy:

Hey guys, welcome Back to the show. 

I am Carol Carpenter, and this is my amazing co-host, Travis Johnson. Wonderful and we have a special guest Christy McGinty, a good and dear friend, of mine.

On that note, if you’ve ever seen Little Women of L.A. Christy McGinty was one of the actresses in that. So, Christy is an actress, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, and, well, she’s a little firecracker, which you’re going to find out about.

She does everything from her heart and with integrity, so welcome to the show, Christy.

Thank you so much, Carol. I appreciate it and thank- you Travis for having me on.

Hey, I’m glad that I got to meet you the other day before we did this show. That was nice. Not a whole lot of time to chat.

I was such a zombie too. I was so tired “I know people are talking to me, and I am like,” I said, exhausted. “I’m here but I’m not here.” You know when you do so many things during That day and you, yeah, that was me, so

Yeah, oh yeah, that happens. It happens to me more often than I’d probably like to admit.

Yeah, so I was like, “I know they’re talking to me; I just don’t know what they are saying

I see your lips moving, but I can’t make out the words, yeah?

I checked out.

Yeah, so it’s like you pack your days full. Right? Because even this morning when we were talking, what were you doing this morning?

I went to volunteer to help the homeless, there’s something out here in San Diego called the humanity showers that gives people. It gives homeless people the opportunity to take a shower and also gives people the opportunity to get new clothes and food and get ready for an interview. 

So, I’m there because I’m a recovery coach too, so I’m there just to help facilitate making them feel good and talking to them. And yeah. That was it. 

I’d been looking for meeting places and getting a little stressed about it, but I know it will come to me when the time is right. And then I came across my friend’s salon. She has three stories. And right now, the second story is under renovation, so “I’m going to hijack your second floor because I’m in the area and don’t feel like driving back home” 

And I’m sure she was happy to acquiesce and help you out.

Yes, and then at 6:00 I have another meeting with some people in the community that does community work. I’m trying to get really into this area. I’m not from this area; I’m from the LA area, so I’m trying to hit several communities. Say “hey, I’m here; don’t forget about me and that kind of stuff”

Yeah, yeah, I understand completely. We wanted you to come on the show today and tell everyone what it is about you that makes you a Titan.

Can you defy Titan, please?

You’ve got to define it. These are the qualities that make you the bad **** that you are.

It’s going to be something like that. Our interview was online. Wasn’t it he who defined him as a Titan? Was a survivor.

I would say I’m a survivor, and that’s right.

I’ve gone through a lot of crap in my life. I got married young—as young as 19—because I got pregnant when I was 18. It was my first child and I ended up having two children with the man who fed me, and he was a misogynist. And that was a wreck

And then I was like a single mom, mom, and dad. and for the majority of my kids. And then I got married again, and that was a trainwreck, and that was on the show little woman of L.A. got married and divorced. The last scene was like the sheriff dragging him out of my house. 

Then I got pregnant with a really good friend of mine not long after. And then she passed away during COVID, and then recently about 6 or a little over 6 Months ago, we broke up. And I was working on myself, and I ended up back in California.

So, I’m helping others keep going, and I’m working on several projects. think serving others and helping them makes me feel better.

If it feels purposeful

Yes, I feel like I have a lot of purposes, and I feel like I can give someone you know experience, strength, and hope. Because I’ve been through hell and back. And I give them examples throughout—

oh, I forgot to mention, throughout all of that other stuff, during the subprime market crash in 2008, I picked up drinking, and I drank for a period of like almost two years and a half. And it got really bad, and I’ve been sober, not drinking a drop since January 4th, 2010.

If you need the designated, Driver, then Christy is your gal.

Yeah, yeah, because I’m naturally drunk and high all the time.

Without alcohol. 

Without alcohol, no. So yeah, I don’t eat that ****.

You kind of glossed over it your loss. 

And, well, I sort of do want to draw attention to it because it was a pretty significant part of your life. And I believe you could expand on it because you glossed over you, like, talk right over it and.

Well, it’s hard to talk about it.

It is. 

This is what a lot of people experience. I mean, you gave birth to a live baby. I had two miscarriages, so I didn’t even have a live baby. You knew at that point that you had time to bond with your child before she died.

I had two weeks with her.

She had a genetic disorder. She had both forms of dwarfism she had a genetic disorder. She had both forms of dwarfism. And her lungs were just not developed; the bottom of her lungs didn’t even have bones, so we were hoping that they would grow while she was in the ICU, and they gave her all kinds of different steroids, but she was in pain medicine the whole time because she was in pain. 

And she tried to take out her tube several times.  She attempted it several times. She was strong. She raised her arms and hated that she hated every moment. So, I stayed with her for two weeks while her lungs kept collapsing, collapsing, and they looked at me and said, “This is not a quality of life for her. So, we ended up taking her off life support. She passed away on her chest.

There’s an impossible decision to make. 

Yeah, that’s heartbreaking; you mentioned both types of dwarfism, and I’m not sure what those are in this context.

I have a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. It’s the most common type of dwarfism. 

And then my significant other at that time had something called hypochondroplasia. Which is similar to achondroplasia. When I looked at the odds of two more people with that condition mating, I discovered that there is a 25% average, 50% little, and then 25% if it’s a double dominant double zygote, which means it has two dwarfisms, there’s a chance of it surviving, but it’s slim to none. 

And so, what happened was I had a CBS test, and that’s when they take Alisa’s placenta. Three months, but it died in the lab, but I had so much of it that I donated some of it. By this time, they had taken it to a nearby university and had sent it to the lab. I was five months when we got the second test, and I could feel her movements. They told me that her life expectancy wouldn’t be very good, but I couldn’t terminate because I felt her in my stomach.

That’s what makes it so tough. That is so tough. I don’t know what to say other than that stuff.

And that suck.

But you know that by surrounding yourself with people who will support you through it, you will be able to talk about it and we see some relief to some degree, and not everybody goes through a miscarriage or loses a child. But you know, being able to talk about it with people who understand and have that support system, I think, is incredibly important.

Absolutely and there are so many silver linings, like, honestly.

This is what I love about you. It’s a positive girl. I love it.

I would say It helps me become a more patient person. I wasn’t always patient. I still have that mentality. I want to bloom… but NOW.  I want to bloom… But NOW. 

Now I’m a little more laid-back. I’d say it rend of chilled me out.

Yeah, well, we always say we want things to happen now. The truth is, if it’s not the right time, it will happen at the right time. That time frame that we want it to happen in isn’t always realistic, and if it doesn’t happen, there’s a reason it’s not happening right now, but it does happen. It doesn’t mean it is. incorrect, it simply means It’s not ready to be done.

Yeah, well, my issue is just too strong for this earth. Yeah, yeah, you know.

No, I completely understand all the things that happen in our lives happen for a reason. Sometimes that reason is that you’re dumb and you make terrible choices, but sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it will grow you into the person you need to be. The problem is that when we ask for these big, amazing things are happening. We are signing up for terrible experiences in our lives because to get there, we must go through and grow through all of these different things and what we are doing. It sucks, and you get there and you’re like, “

That was impossible. 

And they say, “You didn’t mean to, didn’t you? Ask for this. I had no idea it what’s going to be so difficult, you think people get up there because it’s easy.

Yeah, no dude. You know you’re stuck on guard every day, but you know what’s fantastic is that I got to meet you.  I remember going to Mobile and meeting Christy, and ongoing to her at the airport.

Do you want to tell them the airport story? It is ****** hysterical.

I thought one of my mentors, Dan, and his wife, Penny, were picking me up. I was talking, but I couldn’t hear who. was on the phone. I thought so. Damn, I thought it was Pam… penny… Is it a penny, correct?

Penny yeah. 

Hey, but I wasn’t sure, and I was like, OK. And then I hear, “Oh, we’re right out there looking for you,” I’m like, “Oh, there they are never going to find me.” I stood to help them find me. Right after I got out of the airport, I stood right in the middle of the road, and I went like this, and yeah, and then the results must like this white dude with this big beard and this Asian lady, I was like, “OK, I guess I’ll just jump in a stranger’s car.”

So funny, I’m like You just get in any car, seriously, Oh my God. It was hilarious, like, and she’s talking well. She picked up the phone, too, and mind you, I got her phone number from Dan, and I was like, “Hey, we’re at the airport, but I don’t have her phone number,” and he was like, “Hey, we’re at the airport, but I don’t have her phone number. Text it to me. And I called. Christy and she were getting off the plane.

I didn’t know you were you, though. I thought you were his wife.

I know, I know. I know, but we’re checking in with you because you answered the phone. Hey, we’re trying to find you—where are you? Meanwhile, we have security guards pissed at us because we stopped to pick her up.

How dare you? You just have to roll and go!

Right Oh my God. It was insane, so it was. just as a whole was a disaster trying to fight it. It’s so ***** funny though.

My big mouth was like

She’s like standing out there, and you’re waving her hands like she’s jumping jacks.

Send the guys a message saying I’m going to give them a ticket, and I said, “Excuse me, you’re going to give them a ticket. I’m a little person. I need help getting into a car”. And it’s almost as if he could have pulled over, and I said “There’s no one around. Why? Do we need to pull over?”

yeah, well, there was no space to pull over. It was the problem. Everybody was cleaned up, so we were just going to quickly do a stop and grab you and go even though it looks like we were kidnapping you! 

Yeah, exactly. 

You look at it.

And didn’t we make a joke about how anybody could pick me up and put me in a trunk?

Yeah, well, because Dan said that at dinner he was explaining. Penny’s wife goes grocery shopping, and she looks around and makes sure the cars are clear before you know it, loads the car, and then looks again before she gets in.

Dan, on the other hand, was unaware of this and was like, why do you do it? That, and I mean, Christie even brought up the fact that, well, I mean, why wouldn’t you? Because you literally can get kidnapped, and she is so small, you could pick her up like a football haul *** and she is gone. You just don’t see her.

One of the reasons I get the cake right there.

What? Cake?

That’s why I eat cake. I want to be too big to be kidnapped.  I don’t need to be in shape. I want them to be like, whom should I get?  Should I get Travis, or will this other person be like, “Definitely not that guy?” He is too big

Oh, yeah, ha ha ha.

We don’t have time for that much effort.

So, I have to ask you, Christy, we talked about the various types of dwarfism, right? How many different types are there?

There are over 300 different kinds there are 600,000 in the whole world, 30,000 in the United States.

Wow, OK. 

There are fewer and more albinos in this small area.

What really? 

There are more albinos than there are people with dwarfism! 

Then, do you want to know what the politically correct way is? And I know everybody is probably, you know, going to ask this question about what’s politically correct or, uh, courteous.

Hi, what’s your name?

No, I know, I know who I am, but who is this little person?

little person.

Dwarf, I’m fine with that. 

Some little people are not OK with dwarfs.

Some little people are not OK with their short stature. I would say a lot of people have. ..It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, small, or whatever…. Some people just have chips on their shoulders. Just never say the “m” word and you’re good. That’s what I say.

OK, yeah, I always say I’m height challenged. I don’t have a problem.

Yeah, fun-size 

Yeah, fun-size, that’s my favorite.


Yes, yes, I’m sure. I’m like, you know, you’re fun-sized.

How tall are you?… Fun size? 

That’s right.

I love it now.

So, one of the things I wanted to discuss was things that you have to go through and the challenges you face daily. What do you think is your biggest challenge daily?

Reaching stuff.


Having to use this tool everywhere I go

Oh, I have to use a stool in my kitchen.

OK, wait, climbing, you saw me climbing nonstop.

Yes, yeah, and everything isn’t necessarily made for somebody of your height, right? I mean, I’m sure, but I can still reach things that you typically can’t.  

climbing on chairs.


Everything, pretty much.


Something I never considered before because I’ve always considered myself short. I met Christy. Right, and she’s this bundle of energy, and you’re like, “I treat her like I would anybody else.” And we went to the bathroom together when we were mobile, and things that I don’t think about, I take for granted It was an interesting experience for me. It was eye-opening, truthfully, and I remember we are sitting there talking like girls do in the bathroom, you know. But when we came out, I had washed my hands, she was leaving, and I think mobile was still *** backward if they didn’t have anything for the handicapper. The door wasn’t accessible. You know, they didn’t have certain things yet, so they’ve got these hand pumps that were way the **** batterer well didn’t even consider that, and she was like, “Hey, would you mind pumping soap in your hands and giving me some. The pumps are so high.

as well as you turn on the water.

Yeah, turn it on. the water, and then she could only wash one hand at a time. And I just saw, “Oh my God, what a pain in the ***,” right? Not only that, but the paper towel dispenser is even higher for me; she can’t.

Do that, yeah, sure.

I’m sitting there, going. This is something like just going to pee. For instance, there are all these challenges that she has to face just to go pee, right? Also, the toilet. Even the toilets are high. So, she. has to be climbed on top of the toilet to go.

Because I don’t want to sit, I usually stand on top of the toilet I don’t want to get germs, and I like squatting.

Yeah, but you know how to get up there, right?

can climb up there.

Oh, I’m like this. Oh, I’m sorry. I like. 

R-rated Christie, not X-rated OK.

This is like this, and I’m like this. And I’m like,

If you’re listening to this and not watching the video; if you don’t, you’re missing out big time.

You’re completely missing the point.


So yeah, it was. It was an interesting experience for me. Because, you know, we always think. Oh yeah, we have issues. I consider myself height challenged, as I am concerned. I’m not even close to you, as if I have nothing to ***** about the girl.

And it was very appealing to open to see things from your perspective, and it was. It was great. It was. It was one of those things in life where, you know, you feel comfortable with yourself and then, next thing you know, you see somebody struggling with things, and you’re like, “Holy ****, I’ve got nothing to complain about.” Shut your face and you will know. Be grateful, right?

I feel the same way. 

I see people suffer in other parts of their lives. Like if they don’t have legs, and I think, oh my God, their arms must be exhausted from doing this all day. Isn’t it true that there is always that one person other than yourself?

Worse than you or more challenged than you and has a different ability?

Right, yeah? 

And that’s so true; most of us have something we can’t do, something we’re bad at, or something else, but most of them aren’t for the vast majority of just unseen. But it’s a huge problem. We talked to Rob Robinson about PTSD. That is an unseen challenge that most people are unaware of. You can’t just tell by looking at it. Some people 

I talk about silent disabilities, and I’ll tell you about them. You are what? Little people are not my greatest handicap.

What’s your worst disability?

Dyslexia is most likely.

Is this a bigger challenge? Then being a little person

I would say so. I have to work hard. It doesn’t make me stupid; you know I tend to be dyslexic. I just process things differently.

I believe Malcolm Gladwell discusses this in his book Outliers. 

I think my asthma is worse. Then, being a dwarf, because I have to have medicine to survive, I don’t. Have an antidote for being a little person.

Except for just being *******, right?

I think Malcolm Gladwell was talking about this. Outliers include CEOs of incredibly large corporations. And they all had one thing in common: they were dyslexics. So, to solve all the things that you have to do in regular society, they had to work so much harder at it and find different ways to solve the same problems. And because it was such a complex solution, it caused them to grow in a lot of different areas. Do you feel like this is something for you?

Yes, everything has to be hands-on for me, so when someone just gives me something, I’m like, “Oh.” But once shown, I’m like, “I get it.”

Yeah, so you do process things differently, and You know what? Just because you have Some people, like dyslexia itself, consider dyslexia to be a disadvantage. But the truth is, it comes to this. You also have a different way of processing things. You sense things that other people can’t see. 

So, you know, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and this isn’t one of them, because it’s not considered a disadvantage. It’s just different.

Yeah, it takes longer. It’s what I say.  

A little longer, just a different way of learning. So, my daughter has auditory and visual processing disorders, and I, uh, have a 140 IQ. But she’s like a borderline genius, and so that was a challenge. I’m trying to teach her how to read because I know how to read well, and my dyslexia hasn’t affected my reading. 

It has an impact on my spelling and auditory processing, among other things. I did; someone told me about graphic novels for her, and so I started buying her graphic novel because you could buy every single book ever written in a graphic novel. 

And so, I started getting her every single book in a graphic novel. Now she simply reads any book, and she’s a bookworm, so You know, you just have to find your niche and how you learn and just run with it, because everyone is different.

So, you have a son and a daughter, correct?

Yes, my son is an architect. He lives in Summerland, and he’s married.

So, average or small person size.

They’re both little. My son is a good head taller than me

Was your ex-husband, on the other hand, a small person? 


OK, then, interesting.

Yeah, so my first two husbands were, and then my ex-fiancé was. I’ll never date another small person again. Yeah, no, I’m not going to say. It’s, but you know a Napoleonian complex. 

Oh my God. 

I just can’t. I just know

Even my son knows this. I love him to death, but he’s an *******. No, it’s like they have this. 

I think men have it harder than the n because women can be cute. Men have to have this is a difficult-to-access area, and there is a brick wall there I am a macho man all the time, and I adore my love, my son to pieces, and he’s telling a tough story about a boy because he moved out of the house by 17, he was an architect by 22, and now he’s 25; he’s so successful that he’s working for one of the best companies. 

I’m so proud of him but he had to be a tuff mother  ************.

Yeah, well, I think too. That is when you say you are. You’re a little person, and you’re trying to go into this world of, you know, normal-sized people. What living sort?

land of giants.

Average we call it average.

Are average people OK? 

What is normal?

Right, exactly, we’re not correct.


Carol is not.

I mean, it’s a challenge because he has to be seen, so it’s almost like you have to just be loud and aggressive, to be seen because people will just gloss over you and pass you by because you’re so adorable just not easily seen. So, I’m betting now to put that face on to be seen

He won a lawsuit in his headfirst year of college. He had to transfer out because he sued. After all, it was discriminatory. So, he went from one univocity to another because of that discrimination. 

But that’s my son. He fought and won it.

Yeah, no, no. Of course, but isn’t that sad because that type of discrimination is unlikely to exist in this day and age? People are much more aware.

Exactly, but I’m glad he opened his mouth for the future people that might need assistance, whether they’re in a wheelchair or a short stature or have some other ability that they must use.

It’s a growing area.

Yeah, yeah. 

Okay, you and your daughter are as well. What does your daughter do?

She’s my smart one. Can you believe it? She has a higher IQ than him, but he does not…

She is engaged. She is 22 and engaged to a 30 Something-year-old. She is his bookkeeper. 

You have to let them make their own mistakes. or prove me wrong. Or prove me wrong, I might. I might be I minor see it in total he’s a nice guy. He’s nice. Am I supported to like show home dates? probably both a mother and a father, so

Nice is unremarkable. That’s what “nice” means. It was unremarkable and not worth remembering.

I am, and I strive to keep my mouth shut. You know, it’s hard.

Well, and it’s hard when it’s your daughter, right? You don’t want her walking in your shoes and making the same mistakes; you want her to have a better path, so you’re sitting… You’re sort of watching this train wreck happen.

Do you know which? You know was her solution. That was the case. 

Don’t worry, mom. I’m not planning on getting married. I’m performing vows of the heart. Do you realize it’s a new thing, so you have a ceremony, but you don’t do it on paper?

Autumn… don’t you know that if you live with someone for so long, you’re still considered married, and she’s like

It’s not true

Yes, it is.

Mom, why do you have to make up lies to ruin her life?

I’m just like that.

You’re protecting her, and hopefully, you know that eventually, it’ll seep through. It’ll make sense to her.

Now she’s like, “I don’t want to hear it.”

Oh wow, OK, 22 already.

Let me make my mistakes mom!

Except for when they’re so big that you know you don’t want to make big mistakes that she can’t recover from.

It’s like I’m not drinking alcohol. I’m not doing drugs. That was a little

That’s the bare minimum.

Yeah, and she’s like, “I’m not doing any of that, so don’t,” and I was like,

You’re like, “There are way more ways to **** up your life than drugs and alcohol.”

Yes, and I told her. I told you to get pregnant. Are you sure?

Pregnancy, by the way, will link them and bond them forever, so that’s another thing that’s like. Please just be careful right now. You know you’re young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you make good choices.

I know, and he has three kids already, so I’m like.

Whoa, my dear Lord!

Look there, look there! There are a lot of ways to have a great time in the bedroom that cannot result in pregnancy.


You don’t want to tell your kid that. Giving feels gross.

Right, I Oh no, I’m OK with having all that conversation with her. I was always very open and honest with my kids.

They hated it.

But I had to be both mom and dad. had no choice. And I homeschooled her in high school, so it was like he …

Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen you guys talk. You guys have a really good time. The good relationship just as much as she drives you crazy. I know, I know.

She has to drive you crazy; otherwise, he wouldn’t kick her out of the house. He said, “Go be an adult.”

The last time, visit her, she says stole my Birkenstocks, but I stole two pairs of her jeans

You know once these airs she will know you stole those Jeans, even though you said she’d never find out.

They’ll never watch this. Are you kidding me?

All right, if you’re a friend of Christy’s daughter, you’re now in the circle of trust. You can’t tell.

You can’t say anything.

I stole her jeans. Two Pairs

Oh, but explain why you had to steal her jeans because you went through surgery.

I got it, yeah. I had a tummy tuck, and all my other clothes are big on me and I’m like. She had them put in storage. Jeans are only fashionable for about two years.

Now, in this situation, I love your rational

She will almost certainly never wear these jeans again. They’re going to go into storage, and then she’s going to end up just If you give it away, she’ll never know.

Your thievery is very rational.

It’s not theft when you raise those kids, and you pay for everything.

I don’t even know what to say to that.

It’s the Trump card. When you pull the Trump card out, you just can’t say anything.

I don’t know. When my daughter comes to visit. She came one time, and now she’s in the kitchen and making a bunch of noise. I swear to you, she had a shopping cart going through my kitchen, loading up to take stuff back to her house, and I’m like,

Do you want to be a little less belligerent about it? Do you like it? Need money for groceries?

Oh no, dad, I’m good. I get all this. What are you doing? You don’t have yourself.

Everything I need is here. I’m going to shop at Mom and Dad’s.

Yes, yes. I started asking around, and it happens, to everybody

My kids don’t. That’s fantastic, thank God.

Are they anywhere near you?

No, not well.

It’s as if we have to pack Mom’s groceries and fly back across the country to where they live.

I mean, they live in the same state; it’s just a little further away due to traffic.

Yeah, yeah. My daughter is about an hour away. She’s like, “What?” loading up like it’s a normal thing, and I’m just like, well, I don’t care that much.

She’s like, “Oh, I need some fig jam.” Oh, fig jam.

So, what is it like to be an actress? That’s something I don’t have any kind of knowledge or insight into. Is it fun? Does it stink?

I kind of just fell into it and wanted to be a doctor, but then I got knocked up, so that stopped, and I already lived in Burbank, CA. Didn’t suck. I love you. If you watch this trend, I love you. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I would have been a radiologist.

I made the decision will come and go into acting because it was easy. I lived in Burbank, CA, which is the center of all the acting, and I just did commercials. This, that, and then I—you can’t just be an actor, and that’s it. LA, you have to have like many jobs. 

So, I went to the real estate office. Indus try as well as investments in loan officers and supermarkets crashed when I had a whole bunch of stuff that I was doing, like flipping, investing, and borrowing other people’s money, and it just made me go into a loop of depression, and I drowned myself in alcohol for a couple of years and then I lost everything. My home, my children, and even everything lost mine. Everything, and then when I realized I had a problem, I went to rehab, but it wasn’t finished yet, so a few months later I just got on my knees and said, “God, can you please take this obsession away from me? “I don’t want it anymore, and it was like this. There was craziness surrounding me, and I didn’t want to drink any longer within 30 days, I got pretty much everything back; it was insane how that happened. I think you just have to give it to the universe when you’re ready.

I am fairly fortunate

So how did you do it? Yeah, so how? How did the whole “like little women of L.A. come up?

We got a bunch of friends together, and they’re like. We must all do a pilot.  I just got off a pilot. And I don’t want to do another pilot or anything. No, just do it. You know me. 

So, I finally felt little. People always like OK, so we did. We submitted at one of my friends’ houses using a small, handheld device. It is to like. This was bid on several networks, including nine was like God, right? I expected it to be one season that no one would enjoy. It will be similar to a flop, and then, like nine seasons, it was not a bust.

And how did the season conclude? How did you, um? How did the whole show end up? Like, “finalize,” yeah.

It was a hot mess at the end. Lifetime has gone through a lot of changes. Disney just bought them out because A%E Disney bought out lifetime.  So, it was like everything was a hot mess. I honestly think Disney was so focused on Star Wars when they did a lot of the poles. I’m not sure why they’re pulling from different shows to stay within their budget. That was my theory. It might be the wrong theory. I do not know. It was also similar to the previous season and the person directing was from Kardashians, and she botched the season.

In terms of the show’s overall direction

The direction of the editing was bad, and they kept on changing the days. No one knew when to watch it. It was just bad. We had bad views. It was just a hot mess, and I think that were a lot of factors contributing.  Going that long for a reality show is like going back in time. It’s like no one does that. I mean, who gets married and divorces, and what the *******? I did!

Yeah, yeah. 

Do that with shows, but it’s not the case.

Yeah, I didn’t realize. So that was fun.

So, did you vote in season nine, which was going to be your last season?

No, so we did eight seasons in the United States one in Puerto Rico.

Oh, OK. 

And then we started season nine in LA, but also in New York. But they shelved it because it was like the whole baby thing, and I think it was just too heavy to air.

Wow, OK, so did season nine never air at the time?

My so-called urban season 10 falls somewhere in the middle. Well so, I did nine Seasons, so eight in the United States, one in Puerto Rico, and then only eight in Los Angeles before we began filming 9. I think I went through five episodes. It was shelved, at least five episodes shelved, and it was like the story of violet.  Oh my gosh, yeah.

Well, I’m shocked they didn’t air it because I think. People could relate to it, especially in this day and age where everybody does something based on emotion or feeling, like, you know, I want to do it out of anger, so you could, you know, do something that enrages people.

I think it was the lack of budget, but I also think I didn’t want it to filmed anymore. I was like, she passed.

You were done.

As well, you should be like

I was just done. I was like, “I don’t want to do it anymore.” 

I got invited on to speak in front of a disciplinary board in the military and was called away from the road. His wife was threatening to kill herself, as evidenced by photographs of her leaning against horrible things that happened several months after the incident, and they brought me in. I was telling her, “That’s the guy you want.” That’s the guy you would pick always to be in your crew, like, “This is the guy,” and “Yeah, but it’s been like six months. Why isn’t he back with the girl?” I was like, “Look, I’m counseling people outside here who are talking about PTSD that they’ve had since ember 11, 2001. At the time, it was like 19 years ago. How long does it take to heal from this? I don’t know. But you can’t sit here and tell. me that you’re. I’m going to kick this guy out of here. military for something. There is no healing for the trauma that happened to him.

There is no such thing as a magic formula and you. There’s nothing within your rights to do after such a tragic event in your life. You know there’s no magic way that it does this. There’s no right way to do life.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was just completely done. They even asked me recently. However, it appears that you want to give it another shot.

So, you think you’re done with reality shows, is that the case?

It would have to be the right one, Carol.

The right one for relationships and the correct one for projects now I know.

The right one’s got to have you and Carol in it.

Yes, and you know what also, I would have to be a creator, like a part-time creator. I would have to be the one producing it. I have to have my hand in the creative process. I am the ending because I don’t want what happened to me to happen again.

So, you didn’t have any of that in the previous show, I’m guessing.

No, so they can use voices to manipulate. They can manipulate every scene, so cutting technology is crazy. Yeah, there were times when I didn’t say that. There were numerous occasions.

Like, yeah, they cherry-picked a little slice that’s going to make it sound terrible.

They like it all the time, by the way, so they’ll pick and choose the bits that can cause controversy.

I learned. Keep my mouth shut when I’m not filming or pop my microphone and unplug it. So they can’t. They don’t have

Yes, there were a few stray remarks.

because there was one time, I can remember saying something in the bathroom and then hearing it.

Do they use the content from the bathroom?

Huh, huh? 

Oh my God, that’s like a violation.

I know

Well, there it is, right?

Oh, I know.

Yeah, I mean, I think you can be an executive producer, so you can have some access and control. However, I do not edit.

You could always work with a reputable editor.

I’m not interested in editing; I’m interested in getting to know the person. Do you know what I mean? Many editors simply there’re so there for the quick buck. And they, and a lot of them, and I’ve talked to plenty of them, seem to know that when we’re editing, we’re destroying their lives.

Oh wow, they know that.

That’s a horror…

Or are they doing it intentionally? Or is it? because that’s what the studio wants.

They’re doing it because that’s what the studio wants, and that’s their living. 

Well, people keep voting with what they’re watching, right? So, the crazier it is, the more people tune in. And that’s what they want. That’s what they get, right?

Yep, and people like I mean if you have haters; you’re famous. Just because you don’t have haters doesn’t mean you’re famous.

We got this *** backward, man. I mean, it’s ******* off.

We’re not, and I’m not famous enough because I don’t have enough haters. I only have 3. I don’t know how many hits I’ve gotten.

Who are they?

There’s one that I know of. Well, now I know two for sure. I have at least three. I guess I have to. If I want to be famous, I don’t know how to get more.

If they’re really bad, like on my feed, I just delete them, but if it’s something like what you posted, I can correct it. I like to say that if you have nothing nice to say, please don’t say it at all, or I will end up deleting you. Or if they say something like that’s false, I’ll correct them and say, “Actually, that’s not true. This is what is happening, blah blah blah”. And then if they do it again, I’ll just delete it.

Delete. Block. You can’t have that.

Yes, but I always believe in giving people one chance to be educated, unless they are disgusted. Some people are just naive.

Yeah, if they’re offensive, delete them. If they’re naive, you can educate them.

Yeah, exactly, so you have to, like, branch it.

If they’re receptive because even if they’re hearing they can be unreceptive.

Oh yeah, totally.

Yeah, so if you are naive and you’re on the Christie feed, if you start with the words “I don’t understand this,” it’ll go a long way toward keeping you from getting booted off the Christie channel.

Yes, exactly. But if you say something derogatory purposefully, and I know it,

Oh, that’s my favorite. That’s my favorite stuff. On a random thread somewhere, I posted something. They were arguing about geography, something so stupid and benign. There is no real value. And so I put, you know, comments on there; someone, it seems, came back and said all these nasty things, and I “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I exclaimed. It’s like, don’t hate me for this; get to know me as a person, and then really hate me for who am I?

I love that

And then that was it. Like, you don’t like one interaction, as if you don’t know.

I love that.

You don’t know me; you don’t. know anything about me? You heard part of it, or whatever the thing was. Don’t hate me. For this, hate me for who I am as a person.

And you know what blows my mind—that you can draw that conclusion while writing instead of meeting somebody face-to-face and getting to know them? Like, how can you draw that conclusion based on something that you messaged about?

Oh my God. There isn’t any context. There’s no body language. There’s no voice inflection. There’s no obvious sarcasm phase.

You can’t derive any of that stuff? Yeah, it’s hilarious.

I don’t. Understandable, but what would you say about when you had the best and worst experiences being on the show? 

What have you learned about your best and worst as a result of it?

I don’t know If I have a best… I have a funny

OK, well, then, that’s fine.

I had taught Auto Hot Sex Ed for a long time before I had to teach her on the show, but they wanted me to teach her wherever I could. They can show it all around the world, even in China. In any Asian culture, and or the other and so I had to use fruits and vegetables for sex, Ed. And, as with the eggplant, I cut it in half.

Don’t do that!

Then there’s me and then I scooped. It, and then I put some cottage cheese in it, and I said, “That’s gonorrhea.” Yeah, I was like. Then I opened it up like an avocado with brown spots, and I was like, “Oh, look at that support,” and like I was just trying to like it. Help her. Yeah, and you teach her, and she’s like, “She looked at me and went because we’re doing this on the show You owe me.”

“I think we ended up shopping a lot,” she says, “and I was like, “They want this segment.”

Well and to apply it so it can be shown everywhere is difficult because they each have their own. Yeah, their limits and rules and regulations of what they’ll televise, right? 

Yeah, so it was very strategically taught so. It was weird. I’ll try to pull it up on YouTube or something. 

OK, and then describe your worst experience from the show.

Oh, when Terra threw a glass, it was like, you know, there are water glasses with the hollow bottom and they’re glass. They’re like freaking £5. She threw one at my head and I got this egg. I had a hat on. The cowboy hat next super thin I got this egg right here on this side of my head so big I had to be rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital, which is one of the best. All right? And I had a mask concussion with two brand conclusions, WOW. 

Wait, why did he throw the glass at you? 

Because the production egged the fight on. 

Oh, they wanted you guys to disagree so they could film it. That’s pretty ****** **. 

Yeah, and she, but she was really mad anyways. 

They’re like throw some water on her so like that and then she took a whole glass, and I had a plastic cup. So, I think it was planned a little. Why would I have a plastic cup and then she had a glass like a ******* mug? Not even a glass… a mug. 

Like a quart-size glass mug that you would. 

Yeah, she’s breaking with the big bot glass. You know, the big thick ones are really heavy, like will you drink beer out of. 

A booth sign, yeah? 

Yeah, like. Chopped it at my head so … the DEA came and wanted me to file charges and it was insane. 

And she just had a baby and then she was looking at nine months in prison. And I dropped. I ended up dropping the charges. 

Wow, OK. 

Holy crap. 

This thought it wasn’t fair to that baby, yeah because her mom’s in the hospital. 

That’s hard, that’s hard. That’s a hard decision. I don’t know what I am. Would have doit me in that situation. I’ve had people that have wronged me immediately. I’m like no **** this gets whole accountability. This that and the other and there’s sometimes he will run me and like you know what? Just going to let it go. Just going to let it. 

It depends on how severe it is, right? I mean if poor and if they have the intention to do real harm, that’s when you cut him out. If it was an accident, of course, show grace because. 

No, it wasn’t an accident, and then she was always mean to me on the show. It was just like it was. That show always was against me, because I don’t. I don’t kiss people’s butts. I don’t drink, they drink, they kiss each other’s ***** and. I’m like huh, no? 



You were the outsider. 

I was the outsider. And through this whole experience, I still was a motivational speech so I was just building up. I was. It gave me a platform to do what I love which is to Speak 

And what do you speak about? 

The majority of the time it’s usually on disability, silent, and physical. But like we’re. In, that’s what I was originally going to do on mobile. But then I ended up doing it on inclusion because Dan asked me to do it the night before, so that’s why I didn’t go out with everybody. I stayed in my room and. Did my stuff 

Did your homework? 

Yeah, yeah. 

If you want to succeed, you got to do the work. And sometimes that means you don’t get blocked. 

That was a good one. I got people to cry. Right? 

Oh, you did get people to cry. It was it was moving for sure. 

If you can get people to cry, people to laugh, and a couple of people to hate you, you did a good job. 

Haha, you got to have all three. 

No one person came up to me and said something and then apologized later. 

Oh, God. 

That’s interesting. That’s interesting, but they were boiled over enough that they had to say something and then realized shortly thereafter that they completely ****** it up. 

His wife told him to apologize to me. 

Can you share? 

Sorry if you’re watching. 

What did they say? Do they say that was so messed up? 

Remember when I talked about inclusion? Inclusion should be pretty much for every single human being. We just went through a damn pandemic. If you don’t have a mental illness, then there’s something that then you’re lying about because we all went just through the most stressful times of a *******. United States…Ever 

Like everything that’s going on right now? We’re going to war. We’re going through pandemics, not just one a…. A couple I mean inflation. Job scares me everything. The nutrients in our food are degrading. Our oceans are dying.

Just so much. Stress, If you aren’t, say that you don’t have stress and you’re not panicked and you don’t have any issues, then you liar. Its intrusion should be for everybody. It should be like one specific purpose. They group yeah, I get that everybody should have a chance. In things, but you know what is in America you have the chance if you’re a little if you’re in the spectrum we give you that chance. You just got to take it. 

I don’t want people to look at me as different. I want people to go. She’s one bad *****. 

Right, right? So, what was it that he said that caused the

He was like my wife talks about inclusion and it has to be in a small thing and has to be specific. It was something about women in the army or something like that, and I guess he went and told his wife how I spoke on it and how everybody should feel included and not just people in inclusion like everybody should have the same resources. If they ask for them, I think if they need them just because you can’t see their disability doesn’t mean they don’t have one. 

And so, then I and so I guess she was. He told her all of that. And she’s like, Oh my God, she’s right. You need to apologize to her. 

Yeah, we can’t we come across this. 

I did a lot of work in the nonprofit world. Host another show, the nonprofit architect podcast. And I had people that would get mad because I wasn’t highlighting certain different nonprofits. Because it wasn’t as big of a need as the other. One or whatever else I was like, there are 1.5 million nonprofits in the US. 

Everyone has a different focus for a different reason, and they told me that you have to find it that it doesn’t exclude people. Exclude this exclusive I. Was like I was like; every nonprofit is exclusive. And like what do? Do you mean like? If I started a nonprofit to help single fathers get their rights? I’m obviating a **** about single moms, right? There are nonprofits are dedicated to that, and this one is. For single, well, yeah, but you can’t. You can’t do that as I told him I was like I went back and forth with him a little bit and I was. Like I tell. You what man, if you want to do the research and you find out which ones meet your criteria. I’m happy to do so. I never heard another word from him. As long as she didn’t have. To do the. Work was going to be OK. 

Need to chase the ball. 

Yeah yeah, but. 

I’m not, I’m not sure monkey. I’m not here to dance for you. I don’t know, I don’t know what you want for me. Everything he wants me to do. Everything I don’t know about this random internet comment I was highlighting is like highlighting one a day for Thanksgiving. That’s one of my gift packs as I promote nonprofits. Right, right? You got to make sure you’re putting the right ones. What are the right ones? Man, I’m happy to listen. Which are the right ones? 

My God. 


Yes, yeah. Have you ever got a hard time Christy helping out one nonprofit and not another one? 

I think I’ve worked for 20 nonprofits. So, I have a big profit background. No, but I would. Say some nonprofits are not so honest. 

Yep, that’s true. That’s true. It’s almost impossible, nearly impossible to evaluate how good a nonprofit is doing. You’ve got like Charity Navigator and a guide. Stardust and the other, it tells you. Where the money goes, find them. 

No, but when you’re in it and you. See the numbers. You’re like, oh, wow. 

Yeah, yeah. 

Oh, OK. 

Doesn’t tell you how effective. They are doesn’t tell you if they’re good at anything. Doesn’t tell you if they’re using their money effectively, don’t tell you they treat their people. 

And you see where the money is, yeah. 

Well, didn’t tell you any of that stuff. 

It it’s it. It’s a tough one. That’s a tough one. But there are nonprofits out there that you are for the people, and they give so much, and they do their job well. But there are some out there you’re like. Oh, you should not have this. You should not have a nonprofit. You are for profit not for nonprofit. 

Right? Exactly, most of them classify themselves as a nonprofit. 

I’m not going to say most of them, but some of them. Providing them for nonprofits is not nonprofits, and they are actually because you are a nonprofit. By the way, they make a lot of money, right? Right?

The way they use it, it also is not on the up and up. 

Also, the giveaway the government gives so many grants and so many companies give so much away to nonprofits. Crazy! So, when you see all of this coming in. 

Yeah, it just. Now comes down to the person running it. Are they of integrity or not? And that’s the problem, right? Is who doing who? Who is a good or which is a good non for profit versus? 

But I and I get that they have to keep their lights on, and they have to have they have certain expenses. But a majority of them I’d say overspend and their numbers are completely off. 

Right? Right, they overspend into their own pockets. Do you mean for salary? 

I didn’t say that. 

How much is a good salary for someone in nonprofit work? 

It matters what you do. 

It matters what you do. So, what about like? What about delta Dental, Delta Dental is billed as a nonprofit they charge for everything they do. 

I don’t know anything about Delta dental, but I know the nonprofits. 

Their CEO made 27 million. 

I’ve worked for. 

Sorry, how much did that? How much did this? 

27 million to the insurance company, right? People don’t associate that with altruism. 

Through 2015, the NFL was a nonprofit and there are billions of dollars going in and out of everything that they do. Right? 

So, what is or isn’t? And what rules should or shouldn’t or how much can, or couldn’t people make? Because don’t people nonprofits deserve to make a living as well? Yeah, hard, it’s hard to have the hard conversation, yeah? Yeah, that’s right. 

I was just going to say what is going on down there because you look down and I see your hand moving. I don’t want to know what you’re doing. 

I’m at Julie’s house so I’ve got puppies that came to visit me while I was recording…Chewy. 

OK, I can’t see a face. 

I don’t know. It looks like. A lab, and there’s another lab in the house too. Come to say hello. 

Oh cute, didn’t bark or anything, but came in for some love. 

Yeah, I mean, that’s what I do. As long as you don’t bark at me. I’m going to give you some love. 


I got to hear some I got to hear some craziness. Christie, tell me one of the craziest experiences of your life.  Inside the show outside the show. Any part of your life young or old doesn’t matter. 

Hold on for this wild ride. 

Would be this is pre-YouTube pre photos and videos on phone. 

Those are the best ones, no evidence. 

My 24th birthday. I had some girls come out of the woodwork to take Me Out on my birthday. We call this the birthday week. 

And we ended up going out to Hollywood. Bunch of little just little people women. I don’t understand it. I don’t know what my thing was. And we all thought we were the ****. We looked good. We were just like the hilt. 

And my friend. Goes I have this perfect club for us. It’s Amy carbon. It’ll be so much fun and we’re like, OK, let’s go. So, we went down and they’re like it’s 30 bucks to get it. Well, $30 back then was like a lot of money for a 24-year-old $30.00 to get into a club. I mean, see that. I know it sounds like nothing now but back then we were. Like that’s the cover charge.

It must be a ******* 80’s club. But we couldn’t hear the music, and they’re like it’s downstairs, its sub-levels, so we’re like, OK, cool. So, we go, and we come down to hear this music and there’s like people screaming what the **** is like. We walked into an S&M club. It’s like a sex club. We were just standing there like…. 

And you, you three or four hours is all you could handle down there, right? 

One of the little people because she was a partyer ran off and I was like no, no. 

She’s like, yeah, we’re going to get a rubber **** ***, please. 

Please here we go, can we? So, we ended up leaving. We got their money back. I don’t even know how they did that

And we ended up going to a couple of other clubs. We must have forgotten to eat, or I did. And we ended up the key club. People drink, giving me, drinks and I’m drinking and having fun. And there’s a big bouncer that picked me up because I was so intoxicated and was throwing up so. He put me under his shoulder, and I started throwing up. 

We’re outside of the sign. And he drops me on a manhole cover. I had an indentation like I’m an owl from LA. 

Ah, it’s hilarious for me because I didn’t get hurt. Yeah, Oh my God, yeah. 

The ambulance came, and the ambulance came. Brought me to Cedars. Sinai had another CI service like that, but all the girls came with us. We had to be. 

No, and so. Uh, yeah. So, there was like. What the girl that kept on running off she went with some guys was like where she? We didn’t know. Somehow, she ended up at the hospital too, so. 

For different reasons?

It’s like 5 people on stretchers in the hospital as your Sinai. 

Every single one of you. 

What is the staff, so the staff is like one comes into that strange 3-4 pounds. What in the **** is going on right now? 

They are multiplying! 

And the one that ran. Off, she was one of those little ones, little dwarf peas, you know, the little, tiny ones. She was like a little one. 

So, it was just it was one of those crazy nights, so that was pretty crazy. 

And each is there for reasons of their own. 

Oh, we were. 

All needed to be on IVs we overdrink. 

So how much like because it’s based? On body weight, right? So how many drinks is a? 

It’s I don’t know. Like back in the day, like if we wanted to drink, we go OK make this an audio ************. Let’s do this.

 Oh my God, you remember that? Oh my God, those audios ************* were dangerous and they were big and high. 

They were really good

I don’t know why but hold on. Seriously, I couldn’t even Polish one without like passing out like that’s an audio mother. 

Adios, that’s why they call it. Adios ************. 

Oh, and I’ll tell you a story I was working for a high-tech firm at the time, and it was time for my review, right? 

So, my boss takes me out to lunch, and he takes me to the one place where we all go basically to get Adios *************. Right.

And so, what does he do? He’s like its lunchtime. We’re not going back to work, you know, after your review, let’s just drink. I had one. I ended up passing out for my review. By the way, this is my review lunch, and he has to haul me back to his car and take me back to the office where I am in his car sleeping it off. I puked in his car. 

And I’m sitting here going. Oh ****, I guess my review is going to be bad. I mean he’s going to have to figure out how to clean his car from the puke and everything. It was horrible. But yeah. Anyways, adios *************. Bad things taste great. 

this is my first time even hearing of it. Never heard of it. 

It’s a California. 

Never heard of it. 

The thing I think yeah. 

There it’s, they’re blue and they have like all the pineapple. Juice is so good, so there’s. 

I’m reading about it right now. It’s like 5 alcoholic components. Kind of like Long Island iced tea, but man. 

Yeah, Oh my God. 

It’s not. 

It’s horrible, it’s like. It’s a hangover in a giant ******* enormous glass. 

Yeah, it’s a bad one so. What Irish Powerball? 

I got vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and a blue carousel. Plus, some other stuff. 

Yeah, Blue Carousel is what gives it its blue color. 

Yes, obviously. 

Yeah, yeah. 

Wait, Christie, you didn’t disappoint? Talked about real ****. Talked about You know the tragic passing of your baby. You talked about wild SNM parties. I think we got our money’s worth, Carol. What do you think? 

Well, OK, let’s ask one more question. Like the dig deep, right? So, tell us something about yourself that possibly people wouldn’t know

Wouldn’t know?

Wouldn’t know like they wouldn’t believe like something that you’re into something that you believe in whatever you know, like something about you that. Most people wouldn’t know. Give us the in. Give us the inside story. 

I’m bougie, with my water, bougie. 

OK, explain bougie 

Like I have to have sparkling water and still water. And it has to be good still water and good sparkling water. I like alkaline water and then I like sparkling water. It could be a Croix; it could be bubbly give me anything, but I have to have my Billy butter and then just. Then the key. I don’t drink, so I think as my daughter my. 

Like when we were talking with Jessica. She was telling us that She believes in ghosts. 

Yeah, we got into ghost-hunting stories and stuff. 

I’m not novel I just believe in ghosts, and I believe in aliens. 

Yeah, that’s what Jessica said

I believe. In English. 

Yeah, yeah. 

I don’t care what people think about me. 

Yeah, whether people think about me is none of my business. 

Ha ha. 

Oh my God, I’m Going to steal that from you. That is so sweet. 

Yeah, last. 

Yeah, that is so perfect. 

That pretty much says it all in a nutshell, doesn’t it? 

Yeah, yeah. 

Well, if you had advice to give anybody what would your advice be? 

Meditate every single morning and ground yourself. 

Listen to the silence. 

And be patient with life flow.

Because no matter what, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. So just let life flow. Don’t fight it. 

That’s great, I love it. Christy. If people want to get a hold of you and track, you down for I don’t know public speaking. Or, you know, an S&M conference. 

There we go. 

Where do they get a hold of you? 

Uh, you can e-mail me at

and my Instagram is Lil Christy rocks. 

Little Christy rocks. 

I never changed it, and I was like. I did it a long time ago. 

Love it, it’s cute. 

It works, works for you. 

You don’t want to keep having something, it’s like it’s yours, yeah? 

Thanks again for being our guest, our guests, Christy, and Carol. Thank you for just being you. 

Yeah, gorgeous.

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