Change Comes from Inspiration or Desperation with David Roden

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David Roden explains how he had to choose to make his life better. David created a situation in which no one knew how he truly felt, and that almost led to his death. Today we get to know David on a very deep level. 

How did the lack of accountability attributed to David’s weight gain, and what prompted him to make a change? How does marketing in the weight loss world lead to a lack of integrity? Which one of our hosts has never bowled? And how does Travis like his Pizza? All these great questions will be answered in today’s episode. 


{05:00} What makes David a titan?

{15:00} When people don’t hold you accountable

{23:00} What prompted the change

{44:20} When we only see the good, or the bad, and refuse to see the whole person

{53:20} The issue with marketing and nutrition

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David Roden Bio

Howdy, David Roden is the co-founder of ALG, the Accountable Life Group, and it was formed by individuals who are accountable for their lives to change themselves for the better. He’s also the author of Drop the Baggage. At 19, David was over 400 pounds. He was prediabetic, suicidal, and had high blood pressure. A few years later, he started his journey and is now a healthy 215lb and helps others through the fundamental principles he implemented to create lasting results.

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Hey, welcome back to the show. I’m Carol Carpenter, and this is my co-host, Travis Johnson, and we have a special guest today. David Roden. Hi David. 

Howdy Howdy

Howdy, David Roden is the co-founder of ALG, the Accountable Life Group, and it was formed by individuals who are accountable for their lives to change themselves for the better. He’s also the author of Drop the Baggage. At 19, David was over 400 pounds. He was prediabetic, suicidal, and had high blood pressure. A few years later, he started his journey and is now a healthy 215lb and helps others through the fundamental principles he implemented to create lasting results. Welcome, David. 

Absolute pleasure; Thank you for having

We got to work on your Intro.  You can’t say hello, leave a gap, and then do the intro because he wants to talk if you say hello to him.

Well, I know, but I want to say hello to him. I always say hello.

After the intro, the introduction is something you can already do. 

Row, row, row. 

What you can already do is the intro. 

Row, row, row. 

What you can already do is the intro. 

Row, row, row. 

What you can already. Tell our intro that we’re super professionals.

Yeah, I know.

Suits and ties are always suits and ties.

So yeah, yeah.

This sounds like a German term. It sounds like guten tag

sprechen Sie Deutsch

I don’t know Germany either. I don’t believe that’s all.

That’s the end of my knowledge, right?

I know that’s all I’ve got.

What happened to their stool?

I know, I know, like a couple of my wife’s German friends in high school. She has no recollection of having any knowledge of German.

That is their soul. It’s like me in Spanish. Yeah, I can get those out.

Among all of my courses, I took three years of Latin, a dead language that is only useful if you want to go into the medical field. 

That’s good. That’s good. Yeah, I did. I did quite a bit of that. I was pre-med in college. I was so into the Latin game, which I know fairly well.

You and I both.

Also, pre-diabetic. Do you finish anything?

No 100. 

The percentage isn’t all that amusing. How that works,

That’s where you’ll find it when you arrive.

I jumped quickly.

doesn’t want to finish, right? You want prediabetic, right? to combine it

We’re going to get out. I thought it was too funny at the time, but no. It’s the Latin game that’s entertaining.

Yeah, yeah, we had fun. We used to make little phrases like “Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.”

He gets it.

If you know, you know. What is it, you know? What is it? Right? Yep, yep. 

I don’t know what it is. All I heard was, “There’s **** in there.”

Oh, booty, I didn’t say—


You did when

You crushed the words together. Booby is one year old. of the outcomes of this.

always wearing underwear.

That goes against my prime directive of never wearing underwear.

Yeah, let it hang.

You know you know. This is a Jeff Foxworthy one liner, but he’s like, you know, women, like, “Oh, hey, I’m not wearing any.” Our guys are excited, right? My husband mentions that to the wife he’s like, hey, I’m not wearing any underwear, and she’s like, oh. I’m going to have to wash those jeans twice.

That’s funny 

Oh my God, this is hysterical.

We got in early today, starting with the laughs. If you don’t get laughing early, she’s grumpy for the whole day, and we don’t. We don’t want that.

I’m always laughing. Shut your face, man.

If you’re a long-time listener, you know I’m right and carol is a big grumpier, but David is the focus of today’s inquiry, and we want to know David. 

What makes you a titan?

What makes me a Titan? I think we were having this conversation beforehand, which was one of the biggest matters to me. It is interesting because my direct business and what I do are because of my story and my character. 

Some people don’t get that, and they have to kind of redefine it themselves. Anything that requires specialization within a business is on you as an individual, and you can improve. Period, whether that’s mental character consistency or whatever it may be. 

Any business, any profession, anything you did for yourself the other day. It’s on you. And so, it is for me. That whole game cost me over 400 lbs by the time I was 18 years old. It’s always so interesting because I grew up in the medical field. My dad’s a cardiologist. I was in pre-med, I was an EMT, and I was literally on the fast track to an early grave. It’s how you’re you can do it to you. You can know the science, understand what you’re doing to yourself, and still do it. And you could have time management and everything else within any industry. You can know what you’re doing is not adequate. How do you alter it? 

No, don’t censor yourself. This is a fully ***** show, let it rip.

I love the show, but I sometimes throw you off because you were looking forward to it so much.

I’m like, “Oh.” 

You’re trying to throw me. You’re trying to throw me. Off my game. Good ******* luck. 

David, you wanted the ***. 

Good ******* luck. 

So, uh, you know whom I’m talking about?

I mentioned a few things that we don’t do well. That’s biblical. That’s in the Bible. Paul doesn’t do the things that he knows he needs to do, and the cobbler has broken shoes, the auto mechanic has a broken-down car, and a professional podcaster uses second-rate recording equipment. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

Isn’t that crazy?

Isn’t that crazy? But that’s just, like, how? What happened? Well, how? Did you get to it? Be 400 pounds, and don’t say I ate more than I worked. Off, there’s the mechanics of it are straightforward, but like what. What was happening within you that you were self-medicating with terrible food?

100%, so this is always a big one for me: people who are significantly overweight. Does trauma or some type of upbringing cause that? Sure, does every single person that’s significantly overweight or have some ****** ** part of their life have to have trauma? No, there is no reason. 

I had the sunniest and rainbow-filled childhood of anyone you could have asked for—literally every resource you could want. My cardiologist’s dad made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I grew up in a 7,000-square-foot house with an indoor basketball court and a full gym, in my house

That you didn’t use at all. 

We used it, and I could bank it off any wall or shot, and we played pick-up basketball. I couldn’t play defense, and I couldn’t run. But guess what? Anywhere on that court. Or it was flush. I’m just putting it out there. I’m still shooting to this day. But it’s always so interesting because I like resources. 

I had everything, relationship-wise. My dad and my parents were incredibly supportive people. My mom was a stay-at-home mom. She was a nurse and would always help me in any way, shape, or form I wanted. Anytime I want to get into a new fitness routine, my dad will do whatever if he buys me the Bow flex or the AB lounger. He did whatever he could. to try to get me to build more discipline and consistency in the gym and nutrition. 

The issue was the two folders that got me there, and this is always the fun part everyone thinks that some resource is what’s holding them back from success in anything. But when push comes to shove, you can have it all and not use it, which was the case for me. My dad worked 80 to 90 hours a week. So, there you have it. I didn’t have a very masculine, strong figure, and I think you may want this. You’re not having it like I never did. I never had that. 

Just from that and #2, my mother loved me to ******* death. And her definition of love: are we saying yes? Are we saying yes? Like that, and that’s all it came down to. So, like, when? You’re 12 years old, and you have an unlimited credit card and a mom who always says Yes, what do you want? Food and video games?

is a typical kid. I mean, you’re a typical kid, right?

Yeah, and then, before you knew it, my mother had never seen it, and my father had worked long hours before, you know, I was 300 by the age of 15. I was 400 by 18. And it was a **** ton of video games that pushed me to that point. I used to eat a Costco-sized bag of Reece pieces almost every night while playing video games like Call of Duty. 

Or you’re just talking about my life goals? That’s exactly what you’re doing.

It’s not. It’s not crazy.

It’s not, but you said you didn’t have trauma. Growing up was not like the trauma that I had or the trauma that Carol had. The big T is true. What you had was a mild case of T trauma. It’s in your life was helpful, but that help didn’t give you the help you needed. 

True, true. Right? 

Yeah, and. 

It’s parents. We’ve talked about this before. Parents **** up their children. It’s just a matter of how we’re evolving as a society, right? It used to be that raising your children meant not being able to provide the fundamentals. Kids were then transformed into “likes.” The dad was an alcoholic and abusive. And now we’re in the area were locking up your kids is not giving them boundaries or meeting them emotionally. And whatever the next generation is—Speaker 


Right, they’re going to suck up their kids because back in mine, you know. Tik T.O.K. was seven seconds, and now it’s two seconds or whatever the thing is. It is going to be, yeah, no.

100% it is, but it’s always so bizarre because, like my dad, for example, yes, he worked long hours, but even at such a young age, he put my father and me through college. We talked about it; he’d be between 8 and 9, 10 years old. Old. He’d put me up on the countertop in the bathroom. And he says “Look yourself in the mirror and tell that man you love him” 

it is fascinating how even likes. Still, again, at the same time, my dad’s dad died when he was 12, and so that was a big thing going into my late teens and early 20s when my dad and I would not be in arguments. I’ve become an ******* quick because we’ve been having, like, whatever the argument was, it didn’t matter, and I’ll never forget one. “Dave,” my father said as he looked at me. My dad died when I was twelve. I’m not sure about this, and he looks at me and walks away. I only knew who my father was. He was a superhero. Because, like him, I didn’t know him when I was in my late teens and early twenties; I thought he was a jerk, but he wasn’t, and neither did I. 

We had an argument, and I remember him saying that to me. I’m an ******. That struck me right away. When I had the emotional stability to look at myself and say, “Go, I don’t know,” I was a terrible person. Being a doctor and a cardiologist, where we can see all that green, many doctors’ emotional states are up here.

But, as parents, David, we don’t get a book. We don’t get guidelines; we don’t get anything. I mean, every child is different, right? And your poor father. I mean, I kind of feel for him because he didn’t have that experience, so he didn’t know how to deal with it, and so his only way was to love you as much as he could because he felt the pain of not having that. 

So, you know, and it sucks. You know because they want to love you the best way they can. But they enabled you to earn over 400 lbs, right? Just by over-loving you, it’s like people are with their pets. You know their pets that are their children, and they clothe them and them. Do all kinds of stuff with them. You know, they baby them, feed them treats, and then they’re over weight, what do you do?

If they do well, you call them chukers and watch them waddle around the house, struggling to breathe.

Do you have a pug?

Do I?

It’s a pug. Yeah, OK, you have pugs.

No, the pug is on the screen right now. The pug  “Peed Under Giraffe” 

Oh, Jesus Christ, we’re going down Pug Lane again.

We haven’t talked about it in a while, Carol peed under the giraffe in Safari on occasion, which was extremely upsetting.

It was an experience, let’s just put it that way.

That’s fine; that’s funny. But yeah, that was a big thing for me. From that standpoint, my childhood just came down to a lack of discipline and an inability to do those things. And then what happened? I was by the time I I was so far behind the curve. And you look. At 17:18, you had pre-diabetic old and you’re like, “How the **** am I going to lose 200?” It sounds like there is. There’s no ******* way. 

What were the people in your life other than your parents, your friends, and your significant other? They didn’t hold you accountable.

Well, so I was always well; it was interesting.

or you didn’t allow it?

Starting with number one, it was a multifaceted problem. I was the funny fat kid that everyone loved, and that’s one of the things that’s always so interesting. It tends to be a problem for a lot of overweight people. They struggle with their self-esteem and self-worth. They try to make everyone help everyone else around them. The fun like laughing and stuff to deal with it. And I was no exception, so I became the funny fat kid everyone enjoyed being around because I was always being goofy People really enjoyed that, and that became my identity quickly. 

So, for most of my friends and stuff, and I had a lot in high school, we’d just eat and play video games, and that’s all we did, and I was on the tennis team, which crazily played tennis, doubles, and golf.

I would say you can’t play singles.

I couldn’t play singles. Not a, but I was a good doubles player because I had good hand-eye coordination, and that was later in life when, after losing 200lbs, I went through this resentment phase where I looked at myself and said, “David, you’re an athlete like you. “I’m like, I’m 6’1 225 right now. And just like an absolute, I’m a beast of a man, and I’m very athletic. I can almost dunk the ball, and it’s like playing basketball. What if I had kept this in high school and I went to this whole thing where, like, my life could have been if I didn’t do this, which doesn’t happen? Yes, benefit you at all costs.

Come on. The Could Have, Should Have, What would have been…

It can get you, but like I wasn’t. I wasn’t even an athlete in high school playing doubles playing, but I was on the golf team and so on. So, there were friends and friends and stuff all around, knowing that no one accepted everyone just kind of accepted it. We were all one about David being the fat guy

I had one friend, Phil. I didn’t drink regular pop, even at 400 pounds. I was a huge diet pop drinker, and when I say I was into diet soda, I mean I was obsessed with Diet Coke. To the point where for my dad, my dad grew up in Southside Chicago, with a very poor upbringing, and then obviously became a doctor and was on the other echelon, but for him, a budget says been something that’s that has been ingrained in me of like know a budget, have a budget, live within your means all this kind of stuff.

And I remember showing Dad the numbers. I’m like my dad. This is how many diet sodas we drink as a family in our household. There’s a Costco and so on so fourth if we have a diet fountain drink machine in our house. It’s going to cost us this much money.

No, way. 

But over the next six months to a year, we’re going to save money because of this, and dad was this close to getting us a fountain Diet Coke machine in our house because I showed him. He asked me how I was going to save us money.

But I had one friend, Phil, who was so sickened by how much diet soda I drank. He, like me, would be like playing video games, just going at it, and he’d be waiting, and I’d be like, “You, can you give me that coke from the kitchen?” He’s like, “No, I’m not kidding you.” Another one is, “If you want to get a Diet Coke, get your *** up and go to the kitchen.” Get your own because I’m done giving you diet Cokes.

Use those 5 calories wisely and get your *** in there.

Yeah, so yeah, I had a couple of friends who would kind of… but not really. It would just be because, again, even in high school, it was not something you did. You didn’t, really just kind of like your friends’ friends? No one really gave a ****

I would assume that you are. would like. a sport for fat guys, such as football or bowling.

Well, I was also on the bowling team. That is correct.

OH yeah see there we go yeah, the classic drink beer, eat nachos and also roll a 300. 

And I roll of 300, it’s about the coolest thing in the world. I’m talking about the high school varsity bowling coach. You see, you understand. And that’s just one weird thing about me. That’s kind of sweet. and it’s like the coolest thing in the world.

But yeah, so. I was a big bowler in high school and then took some time off and got into coaching high school bowling now.

So now you’re a medium-sized bowler; as opposed to being…

Jacked. Let’s be honest here about what the average bowler looks like. I look pretty, Jack. 

This is exactly how I feel. Her wife and her entire family are originally from northern Minnesota, and her entire family is a bowling family. My wife is a state champ, growing up, and she actually scholarships, and then when I joined the family. Of course, I got into bowling because that’s the only thing that they did that I could stomach. Let’s be honest, like the things they did in the family getting to this like Nah, can’t do that. You can do that, nope. I guess we’re not doing that. Could you join us for bowling? And you know, ended up. 

And winning the League, which, if you know anything about bowling, is not that big of a deal. And to be our League President, which is also not a big deal. And then we ended up going to bowling nationals a handful of times. 

You bowled at Nationals?

if you know anything about bowling, are also not that big of a deal because anyone can pay the fee and go to bowling nationals. My brother-in-law, on the other hand, has rolled 300, and one of them has a tone. They’re both sponsored by Storm. less than that, and he rolled. a dozen or more this year, including one at Nationals, which is ridiculous.

That right there is some serious big girl ***.

It’s not a bad game.

258 \ 259 not bad so far. 

Not bad at all and my averages have never exceeded 60.

What’s your high? What’s your high game?

Oh, you’re talking to me.

Yeah, what’s your high game, come on?

I don’t bowl

You’ve never bowled, ever?

I’ve never bowled, ever.

Not once. 

All right, we’re going to have to change that.

We’re going to have a Titan Evolution podcast, meet up with some community members, and force them to go bowling. It’s going to be great.

Yep, no bumpers, either. No bumpers. 

OK, I don’t know. What does this mean 

If you aren’t watching the video?  looks super sad right now.

That’s funny. That’s funny. 

She has no idea in the slightest what we’re talking about, which I think is hilarious.

Yeah, well, you know. If you’ll let me, I’ll tell you what I’ll bowl. Everyone gets on a motorcycle and rides down the street.

Do you know?

Your road took 10 years.

See, that’s funny, my dad. We had something like a Honda 1000. Some are as simple as Honda’s. My mom had to…. My mom finally was like, “No, you got to get rid of it.” So, when I was like 8 or 10, she made him get rid of it. And yeah, so we have been on a motorcycle together since I was like 6.

And now it simply looks weird and

David riding. ***** would look strange. Seriously, you look weird.

is Even stranger, because his father will be riding, and he will put David on. The tank-like he is his father will be riding; he will put David on. The tank-like he’s. A top. 

That is, in fact, the case. The ongoing joke in my family is that my mother’s number is 5’7 5’6, my dad’s like 5’8, and my brother’s 5’7 5’8, and my brother’s like 5’7 5’8. I’m 61 years old and believe I was adopted.

There will be no date, Sir, but I will tell you something. I’m 5 four and my brother is 6 three explain that. 

Well, he looks like everybody else.

That’s funny. 

So, David, when and, I guess, at what age did you decide to make a change, and what prompted you to do so?

100% so for me I always kind of convey it like this. 

Number one, you make massive change out of one of two places: inspiration or desperation, where, obviously, in the medical space, you can say that you get diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, or heart disease and you’re like, “Holy ****, I’ve got to change me.” ******* life. That’s one.

Inspiration… of the benefits of connecting with someone who makes you say “wow. “This gives you a whole different perspective on life. I can do that, and so on, for me. Desperation never did it. I was always feeling desperate. That’s where depression and suicidal thoughts are. When I was in late high school, early college came into play, and, as I’ve said, I was so desperate. I thought ending my life was the only way out. “I understand what that means,” 

But you seem to have a lot of friends, don’t you? So, what made the desperation fun?

So that’s always the case. That’s always a fascinating part, because, at the end of the day, your emotional state and everything like this is where I’ve gotten really into with neurolinguistic programming, how the brain works at the other day, you can create your reality, no matter how prosperous or how awful it is. 

And this is a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around, because how does someone grow up in a 7000-square-foot house with great parents and great everything? I had more friends than he would ask for. I had all the financial resources. Everything you could ask for Other than my weight was fantastic in my life and yet when I was 18 years old. I almost ended my life. And most importantly, 

Getting what you want does not equal happiness.

True, that’s very true, and not understanding perspective in your life and valuing what you value.

Because like for me 18 years old. I was surrounded by all these great things, but all I kept saying in my head was, “Why am I not good enough?” Why am I such a loser? Why am I so fat? Well, I will never get past this. This is something I despise. I hate my body. I hate Me.

You I get caught in this loop and on the outside all my friends, all my family no one knew. How low did I feel? I promise you no one knew, and it wasn’t till I published it in my book. In my first manuscript, which I had my dad read, he broke down. I was in my custom marble shower with a pair of scissors, and I was crying because I explained where I was at the time. Thinking of trying to get the courage to end it because I was just, I just was 400 lb and I just hated it. I never acted upon it, but I was right there, and I wrote about that in my book, and I had my dad read it, and he looked at me and was like, “I failed you as a father, and I’m so sorry.” 

“Dad, there’s no way you could have known; there’s like, no one knew,” I say, so it’s not like you want to take this on yourself, but it’s like, none of my friends or family members were aware. I had no idea how depressed I was. was, and so it is fascinating how you can. Create this job. chasm of fear, anxiety, frustration, whatever. Even if you’re surrounded by incredible things, it’s possible. 

And that’s where I’m blessed. I went through it. I’m grateful I went through it because now I understand where the value of emotions comes from and like what it does, like getting into the depth of gratitude. And, when you consider the values in your life, what do you value the most, and do you hope and hold onto that for yourself? 

That’s where things are right now. I can have those conversations and say, “Hey, you think it’s more money that’s going to make you happy?” No, you think it’s more friends who will make you happy. No, you believe it will have more status. Not at all 

If more is the case.

Yeah, what was it?

Or is the answer to whatever the thing is that it can’t possibly get you where you want to go? 

You mentioned a couple of things in there that I wanted to point out, a highlight is that you had to choose to make your life better. You had to, or you created a situation in which no one knew how you truly felt, and I see this all the time, especially as a veteran. People talk about PTSD and suicide a lot. I feel like it’s too much. They feel like it’s not enough. The conversations keep happening. 

And one of the questions is: when it hits the public sphere, one of the celebrities kills themselves, and people are like, “How on earth… they always seemed so happy?” One of the reasons that this show was started is because we want to know … David, we want to get to guests when they go on and on. or they interview? You can tell they’re filming their next movie or performing their stand-up routine because everyone is laughing. It’s fantastic up until the moment that the laughs stop. 

You mentioned being a stay-at-home comedian. And I’ve done the same thing and used humor to mask all of the terrible things in my life. It’s really easy. I’m great at deflecting topics that come up. I don’t want to talk about it. I can redirect, crack a joke, and move on, and they will forget they ever asked the question. You keep yourself safe; you protect yourself. Or you feel like you’ve kept yourself safe and protected, but the reality is, that’s not true. That’s not a true story. 

That’s a deflection, no different than escaping into video games. No different than escaping into food. No different than escaping into comedy It’s the same as escaping into motorcycles. If that’s what it was.

Whatever the escape or EDC the youth of me like these concerts these like week-long concerts like electric like EDC and Vegas. or all these different ones. Now those things are crazy, like escapism, whatever that is. If you have to escape from your life consistently, you need to start asking yourself, “Is this the life that I want?”

You have to evaluate your life. 

Do you see that escapism, like, do I have enough beer for the weekend? You’re just escaping into the bottle, or, hey, I’ve got to go to another conference where you just had three conferences this month. Yeah, I’ve got to go to another one. You’re avoiding; you’re escaping. 

All of these things, and I know I’ve done some of them in the past, and I could still do some of them while I’m podcasting here. I’m on camera. I don’t have anything else going on in my life. The life I can have here says whatever I want. Do whatever I want. Be whomever I want for the camera, and no one knows any different because that’s the only thing that is the vast majority of people see

That’s huge for me. With the weight loss space being like social media—Instagram, Tik Tok—all this kind of stuff is really big for me. I’ve got 100,000 plus on TikTok and like 40 thousand on Instagram, and I’ve become friends with a lot of the top weight loss pages in the last nine months because I’ve lost 200ib. Years so similar this isn’t my first rodeo. And you get a lot of these. 

They put this facade on social media, in particular, which makes it seem like they have it all together, and I know I know them. They don’t. They and it’s a tough one because I have a lot of friends even. Right now, that is theirs. They’re like transformations early on, and some people end up cascading with a slew of followers. Some people don’t. That is why I hammer this so hard. If you are using social media as a tool to hold yourself accountable, cool. If you’re using social media to inspire others and just sort of hold your agreements, Cool. If you’re using social media to put value in whatever you’re doing based on your followers’ likes and shares, you’re a *******. 

Because I can tell you two dozen people who have undergone more incredible transformations than most. They blew out 100,000-million-person account transformations, and they just didn’t get the validation, but everything about their lives is better than the million-person account that shows this facade. I’ve lost 200. Look how great it is behind closed doors. They hate their bodies. They hate themselves. They binge eat, and then they purge. They do all sorts of things like this. Stuff and. I’m like, “Stop it.” like, and so

It’s a game because of social media, in particular. It can. It can put on a facade, as if I have it all together, but when the chips are down, it falls apart. That is not how, and it is not how if you are not true on the inside as well as the outside. Outside, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.

Commercial break 

So, I do want to get back. When did you decide to undergo that transformation, and what prompted you to do so?

So, I was 22 at the time. 

In my final year at the college, I went to Central Michigan University, and I was pre-med, so I have a degree in biomedical science. And I just decided that medical school wasn’t for me. This is where it kind of started. I decided that medical school wasn’t for me. I didn’t like where the medicine was going. I didn’t like how it was just being controlled by a very small group of people, and it was less about professionals like yourself and more about big systems, and you’re just a cog in the wheel. I didn’t like that. 

And so, I was like, “OK, what the **** do I want to do?” So, I was in this big transformational phrase. And I also, at the same time, made a deal with my dad that if I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight by the time I graduated college, I’d get weight loss surgery. 

I didn’t want to have I was considering weight loss surgery for a variety of reasons at the time In this case, During the transformational stage, I got connected with some awesome people, and actually, the biggest catalyst was what I got. I started a network marketing company called Vemma. If you happen to know Yeah, do you happen to know Verve? The energy drink was healthy back then, so Verve, the parent company, was Vemma. It was a network marketing company. The reason for this was the company’s huge youthful momentum known as the “YPR,” or “Young People’s Revolution.

It helped transform my life it was not the product. But the people within it, Luke, Jamie, these, these people still are in their late 20s, early 30s with me. It was a huge mindset shift in a community of personal development, reading books, getting your s*** together, and holding yourself accountable to your actions. 

And at the age of 22, being with these guys, Luke, a good friend of mine who was my age, house last night he was at 19 years old, making a quarter million in this network marketing company and weirdest huge in reading books. And so, like the first book I read, I read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. That book profoundly changed my perspective of where I was with my body. Because, like so many things, when you’re 200 pounds overweight, the biggest thing that holds Most people hostage situations because they are afraid of losing 200 pounds. And it’s just like it just seems so astronomically impossible. It’s like there’s no way. I’m out £200, just as there’s no ******* way. I’m starting a company. There are just so many people moving parts there are so many things you got to do, and there’s so much like I can’t do it.

And so that that whole foundation holds you captive and at the end of the day, atomic habits. Or, in my perspective, which was the compound effect of Darren Hardy? It just simplifies things like, “Guess what it is—it sounds like craziness, but it sounds like witchcraft.” If you lose 2 lbs a week for 100 weeks, you drop 2.

It’s baby steps, isn’t it?

That is something I am capable of doing at 410lb I was at me. I was in my final year of college. I was like, “All right, next Sunday 408 lbs weight boom, I hit it.” I was like, all right, next Sunday 406lbs booms, I hit it sweetly.” Next Sunday 404 lbs booms, I hit it sweet, and I hyper-fixed on losing 2 lbs a week. and I remember stepping on the scale 50lbs down, looking back going, and I was actually in my apartment in college. And I remember just crying in front of the mirror, staring at myself. David, you’re changing everything about your life that you don’t like. 

And a year and a half later, I dropped 200. It was it was. About two, just over two years to drop 200 pounds. And then, at that same time, because of that momentum, I fell in love with the mindset shift of change. So, I fell in love with neurolinguistic programming. Tony Robbins figured out how the brain works and how to like it. adapt it through habits. And yeah, that was like the big catalyst at the beginning. But the most significant change was straightforward high and only concerned with 2 lbs per week like the biggest start. Everything else began to gain momentum as a result.

Yeah, when you sit there, and you think about, you know God, I got to lose 200 pounds. It just seems It’s incomprehensible that you could do that. But if you, take tiny baby steps. The first step is the hardest, which is accepting that I’m going to do this, and I’m going to, you know, make this work for me. 

People, especially those who are starting a business, don’t realize that once they take that first step and change their perspective, they can do anything. When you think about the logistics, all you can think about is being paralyzed by fear and taking that first step. 

But once you take the first step, it’s all very literal a learning process, and as you learn, you gain more skills and tools for yourself, and pretty soon they become useful. You know, second nature. You understand it, so if people cannot be paralyzed by fear and just go, you know what? That’s my goal. I’m going to go for it. Take that first step, because that is the hardest. Once you do it, you’re never going to look back.

100%, and that’s the big thing to me. I hammer this so much, my clients. I’m on social media, especially when it comes to weight loss, and it holds every single sphere, whether it’s becoming a professional athlete, a starter, a company, or whatever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t acknowledge the progress, you’re making in celebrating the progress you’ve made thus far. it suckers the ******* life out of you.  Like I’m 400 pounds. I need to lose 200. I’ve only lost 35. How many times have you heard something like, “Well, I got to lose 50?” I’ve only lost ten suckers to you, and you’re raising the bar. You’re doing all these frustrating things that you’re working out. You have stress and muscles, and you’re making food decisions that you don’t necessarily like but that are better than what you used to do; you’re making progress, and you’re going to *** on yourself and say it isn’t good enough; good luck maintaining that.

That’s what happens. Everybody becomes self-sabotaging, right? It’s the little inner chatter in your head that keeps you from accomplishing your goals. If you can shut that little ****** up, then you. can do anything. 

The little ******* received a

name as if there isn’t anything there. Sucks life. Wait, what was that? 

The little ******* got a name: Doe. Do you know what it is?

No, what is that?

What is it called? Is trying to protect you. It’s your ego.

No 100%. 

The ego tries to protect us by keeping us safe and away from homeostasis. Your normal operating rhythm feels like a scary thing. And as soon as you have just a little bit of doubt, just a little sprinkle of doubt, like if you were making a recipe for a ******** sandwich, you sprinkle a little bit of doubt in there. You take a big old bite out of that, and you’re like, “Oh, I can’t do this anymore.” My body is uncomfortable. Things are changing. It’s too much. I’ve got to go back to where I was because, that safe, I know what that’s like. I can do that, and let’s go back there.

At least I’m alive.

Pretty soon, you’ve talked yourself into like, Yep, you know what, that’s right. You know, we know that there’s a little office lady with a filing cabinet Her head decides all the things that we’re doing before we do them. That’s a whole other discussion, but Your ego is fighting every day of the week to keep you in this perceived safety, familiarity, and comfort. 

And that’s why I’m huge. I’m also a huge advocate when it comes to this change. Personally, when it comes to nutrition like, obviously, there’s. Different nutrition and fitness and fat loss. Finding processes like getting your ego out of it or the fact that you have to do CrossFit or whatever you think you have to do is like, at the end of the day, finding habits that move the needle, that you enjoy, is going to be way more beneficial than what’s optimal or the best? If you ******* hate it. 

You’re not going to want to do it at all, and you’re not going to stay in that program.

You’re not going to do it for 30 years like that’s just. That’s always a big thing, especially in the weight-loss space. However, this is correct. You can do many things. can look at business. Like there are so many tools and tactics and processes you can take to get you from point A to point B, there’s not one. There’s very rarely one thing you do.

And putting it out there like you have to do it this way this is the thing you have to do because, like finding processes you enjoy, you’re happy about it. But I like this idea, and fundamentally, I respect David Goggin’s. Don’t get me wrong. However, the notion that every day must be *******stuck as in no, come on, as you can do it. I understand that you should do something uncomfortable every day because it’s uncomfortable. It gives you more grit and more consistency.

It does, however, open up processes, but at the end of the day, if you hate it, are. Are you going to continue doing it? Of course not. You’ve got to find things that you enjoy, and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another, and we use things like motorcycles, right? So, I’m a hundred and something pounds. Don’t want to talk about it…

Half your weight is hair. Let’s be honest.

That’s like, let’s just say, for instance, you bought a 6’1 at 215 lbs right? And we’re riding the same motorcycle. Are we going to enter and return the same? Are we going to do the same? No, because. Our weight and the way we position ourselves on the bike and anchor ourselves are completely different from the way I could anchor me. So, I have to be able to ride for me, and you have to ride for you, right? So, we have to choose items like that. That’s what worked for us, and that’s what people don’t realize because it worked for somebody else. We don’t have to follow the same path as somebody else because, more than likely, it’s not going to work. We are the same.

Yes, results, and as long as my thing is like fundamentals, there are fundamentals in momentum and inertia that you must consider. But it’s like, “This is the way you have to do it.” Do it if your knee does not come within 3 inches of touching the ground. It’s just not a good turn. It’s like… What’s the deal?

But by the way, if you have injuries and can’t, put the knee down. It doesn’t make you less effective as a rider; you just ride differently because of your injury.

Different groups employ various strategies.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. 

But in any race, there are at least three different strategies or tactics that you’re employing. If you’re sprinting, of course. If you ever heard a sprinting quote, Coach, there’s a Way in a position to get off the blocks. 

There’s the early momentum build. There’s the midrace. There’s the final push, and there’s the leaning at the finish. There are at least five different strategies within the 100-yard dash. That takes 10 seconds, or 100, or whatever. I don’t know. I’m not an Olympian unless they get bull ***** into the Olympics, and that will be at least a silver medalist. Let’s be honest

but in that one race that takes 10 seconds, all these different strategies are employed. How can we possibly think that you know what I’m going to do? I’m just going to wake up, and every time I feel like eating something nasty, I will slap myself in the face. That might be a great early tactic to get your mind right, but if you’re still doing that three years later,

You’re not going to have any friends. Because your friends are going to think you’re weird, not want to hang out with you especially 

The story there is always fun. When I started learning neurolinguistic programming, like reassociation, in our heads. How do we all have these stupidest associations that mean nothing? Of all men who are bad, all men they’re. Don’t get me wrong. All men are bad. All women are awful; they’re cheaters. Like all of them, like all of them. We all do. Diets suck. It’s like, how are you doing with your diet, what do you eat? 

We do these associations all the time and break that down and like, why don’t you like grilled chicken salads because you don’t like the taste of it or because you think that eating a grilled chicken salad is inherently a diet meal? And I don’t like diets. Regardless of what the **** it is. 

So for me. I was learning about this whole process. And so, I was. Like, OK, I’m going to. I’m going to start finding ways to enjoy it because I grill. Chicken salads are delicious. You picked a good one. Honey mustard, so all the good vegetables and so a nice pile of grilled chicken. It’s delicious. 

You lost me at honey mustard. That’s not a real thing. Its garbage invented by the Illuminati to make You feel terrible; I don’t. I can’t do it. I can’t do honey mustard. It’s either honey or mustard, it’s not both. *** honey and mustard

A balsamic vinaigrette is also delicious.

Oh yeah, there we go, yeah?

I love that.

But I’m at the cafeteria and I’m trying to associate that idea. College is in session, and I have this big old grilled chicken salad in front of me, and I’m eating it while buddies around me are eating pizza and burgers. What the **** are they eating? And I **** with you. not for a couple of weeks straight. I stood. I’m up at the table with all my buddies around me, and I go to David. Good job. I find myself sitting down and staring at you, and they look at me like “I’m just happy that I’m eating a better choice meal right now like you, do you?” I spoke. I’m just doing me. 

And I did that for a few weeks straight, and it’s just the idea of celebrating good decisions, rather than disapproving of them. They did it, so I don’t do it anymore, but it was. It was an early thing I did to kind of get me to actively want to eat. Better food choices rather than, like, every time something is perceived to be healthy, you’re like. I’ve got to eat this slop is back. It’s like grilled chicken. The salads are delicious. Come on, you don’t have to grill chicken salad, and mind you, we can eat a lot of different foods, but the salad world is funny to me because everyone perceives salads and #1 as being healthy.

I love salads. Number one. 

But it’s not always healthy, either, which is always fun.

I love them.

To me, at least.

That, too, I mean. If you douse it completely in salad dressing, it’s got probably the same caloric value. As you know, a hamburger is so

I always love that I’ve witnessed what I’m like. So, what do you have? I’ll have a client go, like, what? What do you eat? Grilled salads at each meal and I’m like, “Show me yours.” She shows me how much salad there is. She donned it. It was a ranch. It was butternut-like butter. I’m like, “so that you know, that amount of ranch on that salad, you could eat a cheeseburger.

And you’d be better off, literally.

You’d be better.

And she says, But it’s a salad. It’s a salad. 

Just for context here, I love doing research during interviews. Panerai SW Chili, lime ranch salad with chicken, 650 calories. Applebee’s Oriental chicken salad is 14120 calories. Wendy’s spicy chicken Caesar 720 Taco Bell Fiesta tacos 760, so the salad does not equal healthy; gluten-free does not equal healthy; vegan does not equal healthy.

Hey, don’t you say that?

Vegetarian does not equal healthy, you say. What is vegetarian Cheetos? OK, you have gluten-free Cheetos as well.

Oh, so disgusting. 

So, let’s not pretend that one label means it’s good.

If it says, “Doctor Recommended” on the label on this bag it says, “Doctor Recommended,” 

OK, so tell me where Doctor Pepper fits in.

That was cool. That was good.

We’re the only country, as far as I know. That has the Food and Drug Administration under one banner. What the f*** is that all? Let’s be real.

Uh, that’s funny.

That’s always a fun one because, like, I love to have this when it comes to nutrition stuff. I sit down in the middle of it all. I have friends on the crazy holistic side of the world who believe that if it contains GMOs, it’s inherently bad. It has preservatives in it. It’s inherently bad, and I feel like I understand some of your arguments there. But you better have some data to justify flipping the coin, some data is required. Oh, hello, there are people out there who— Think, “Oh yeah, I can.” Simply eat Cheetos when you’re in a calorie deficit. That’s fine, and it’s always been like that. Stop it. like the two extremes.

It’s so full of preservatives, though. I mean, you’re 

Losing weight is not the same as being healthy.

Exactly, and trying to regain health. But there are people outside. There, it’s like sugar. It’s bad; it’s like, yeah, don’t eat. I had like six slices of pie for Thanksgiving, but I’m not eating 6 slices of pie every day like I used to. Is that a big deal? No, just don’t do it all the time.

And it comes down to moderation.

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try it.

I mean, too. 

It’s hard to believe in yourself.

What’s that?  

Any pizza is a personal pizza. If you try hard and believe in yourself, David knows what I’m talking about. OH hell. 

Yeah, I do. It’s still this day. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t have weight loss surgery

My number one problem when trying to lose weight is free pizza. It does something to my brain in that it reminds me of when I was poor and that pizza is my favorite food, and I can’t let my favorite food go to waste, especially if it’s pizza. It’s free. Completely derail. 

You’re saying you’re going to Planet Fitness, hold on. 

Where in the world did, we go to get free pizza? 

You don’t have to know about it, it happened.

It happened, you find ways, what when you want? 

OK, by the way.

to talk about. Free pizza, you’ll find a ******* way. 

Where in the world are you going to get free pizza?

Planet Fitness, follow me for more tips. I’m just saying.

Planet Fitness?

But, well, actually, since COVID, they stopped, but that was one of the polling points for Planet Fitness: they gave away free pizza once a month on, like, Sundays.

Are you joking? At a fitness center.

You’ll enjoy it. Planet Fitness, everyone. ******* hates it. I love Planet Fitness I’m trying to get sponsored directly by them. I’m trying so hard. It’s difficult because it’s just it’s it. Planet Fitness informed me once more that some people hate it because the marketing scheme is mischievous because it’s 10 to 20 bucks a month, which is dirt cheap, and they only accept direct deposit, so there are no credit cards or debit cards, so don’t throw about cards expiring, but they hook you on like you’re the average person. We eat pizza too. We get bagels, too, like people who just come in and work out, which I respect because movement is still so important. But it is so funny that some people hate Planet Fitness. because they have. …as a fitness brand gives free pizza to your guests. 

“It’s once a month if,” I say. They did it every day.

OK, we could have. It was once a ******* to have a conversation. Chill your ***. 

Are you familiar with the story about the guy who was big into fitness and tried to get people to get healthy. And then he couldn’t make it happen. couldn’t make it happen. So, then he opened the heart attack grill.

Making people. 

That girl, yes.

No, I never heard.

You don’t know how hard it is. No, track gorilla. It’s a dining establishment.

But the more you weigh, the cheaper the food is.

Yeah, if and if you’re over 500 pounds, everything’s free.

You are ******* me.

There’s a burger called the gastric bypass, and it’s like nine patties. It’s probably around 8000 calories.

We’ll have the single, the double, the triple, the quadruple, and the triple bypass. OH yeah. 

Good Lord

yeah, that’s called gluttony.

That’s not a virtue. That makes sense, yeah?

And it’s a great marketing campaign, though.

Yeah, no kidding.

That’s always fun in marketing and nutrition, and stuff like this is always so interesting because it’s so important and tight. To me, you’re a Titan. This kind of goes on a tangent, but I like it. In my right mind, I cannot support sponsored activities that I know are ********. I can’t do it.

In the nutrition space in particular, in the fitness space, it’s full of ******* charlatans. Full of ********-like. 

Shock and Awe

What what’s crazy is you put on a face that you think you know is not true. The number of people who believe certain things are true, such as, do you? Do guys know who the liver king is? 

So, Liver King came about through Tik Tok. He’s got like 1.5 million followers. He’s all about animal-based care, like the carnivore diet. And it’s like eating liver, beef, raw ******* pig testicles, and all kinds of random ****. Vegetables are for *****. That’s his motto. 

And he’s jacked as ****. He’s probably he’s like. I don’t know how tall he is, but I think he’s on the shorter end. I think he’s probably around 5’9 240lbs with 8% body fat. just a ******* monster. And he says he’s natural. There’s no ******* way like you cannot be that big that lean naturally like it just doesn’t happen. And so, he keeps saying he’s natural. He makes a million dollars a month off of his supplements.

And people eat this **** This is why his marketing is great. All this kind of That’s fine; I can’t pretend there’s any part of me that can. For example, fat burners. 

David… integrity. 

Yeah, I can’t do it like that. That’s right, I tell you. I inform you. the community all the time. If I ever sponsor a fat burner, I’ll let you know. Everyone has the right to kick me in the ********, for crying out loud. The level of integrity in the nutrition and fitness industry is simply ********.

When it comes to money, though, David I mean, that’s kind of like the Trump card, right? Everybody says that. And then when you know like this guy. Whomever you’re referring to eventually finds himself in a position where he can market his ******** products. 

You know it brings in a substantial income. Then he’ll do it. It’s almost like, “Oh, it’s not that bad,” like that’s not going to hurt anybody, and it’s ******** because what you do is you’re raising these people’s hopes. 

Yeah, you’re setting unrealistic expectations, and, like, I’m not even against steroids. Like if you want to take testosterone and…. 

Yeah, but don’t lie.

You don’t ******* with a friend.

Still, don’t pretend to be yes. Don’t lie that this is. All natural, right? That’s my issue.

It’s like, “Hey, if you want to take anything, any supplement in the world,” Do you just be honest, like, honestly?

Well, I believe that one of the virtues that comprise this trait is integrity. There are not a lot of people who have it, you know.

Integrity and alignment are huge in everything that I do, especially when it comes to something that’s public facing. The whole reason I wrote a book about podcasting is that I bought one that I thought was just garbage, and I can’t believe that they allowed that to go out with their name on it. Like, this isn’t a picture of me or my podcasting stuff. I was like, it’s like I couldn’t believe that that’s OK for me. They refused because it would never happen.

blows my mind.

It will never be acceptable to me.

It’s like doctors. That, like anything extreme, promotes vegan and/or carnivore diets.

If there is anything we can say about science, it is that the data is somewhere in the *******. Like going vegan for the sake of your health, it is unnecessary to go carnivore and only eat meat for the sake of your health. It’s unnecessary, but the reality is that if you want to be successful, you must be data-driven. It’s somewhere in the ****** middle.

Now, where is that?

I don’t know the line, but if you’re a doctor, and you’re supposed to use peer-reviewed literature and data to justify your decision-making, and if you promote either of the two extremes, you’re not doing it. It’s as if it lacks integrity.

That is the difference between a scientist and a doctor, right? The scientist is all data driven and a doctor is still practicing.  

And I say that I do have a problem with a lot of the medical field, and the biggest problem is if something’s outside their expertise, they don’t want to say – And I know some will say it – but they don’t want to say that they’re not fully briefed and familiar with it. 

My wife was It took us 40 years to find all the doctors and get everything for her to have brain surgery. And if her doctor, when they found it five years ago, had said, “Hey, this is a thing; it’s here, This is not my specialty. I have someone I can recommend to you”, right? If you had said that we could get this fixed five years ago.

Anyone we saw before that five years ago didn’t have a clue, but they also didn’t say it openly, here’s the thing: The bodies are infinitely complex. There are hundreds of thousands of these different things, and we don’t know everythi8ng. I got it from a guy I know who has studied the **** out. of this one thing for 30 years. And he’s probably going to know because I don’t know that answer based on the medical things that I’ve read; it says it’s not a big deal, but if we look at Google, you have every symptom listed. 

But based on my knowledge, what the medical community is saying doesn’t add up. It has to take this long to create those things, but you somehow have them without meeting this criterion. Talk to this ******* guy over here.

That’s all you got to say, but people are. so unwilling to say that is outside of their expertise, and I’ve had clients come to talk to me, not getting the business stuff and not asking me questions. You know what? Let me talk to a friend of mine, and they’ll look at me funny. 

I was like, “Are you looking at me funny because I admitted I had no expertise?” Or do you feel like it? because I admitted that I’m not as good. As I say that, I am. And they were I have no idea if it was one or both of those. Isn’t it weird? You would assume that I’m not a good practitioner at whatever because I said I didn’t know something. 

What does it say about how we’re conditioned as people? That’s because no one exists a pro at everything *******

100% That is the only thing.

Nobody’s putting what everything gets the **** out of here.

The only thing with the medical world is that it’s terrifying to think… there are bad lawyers, and you think, “OK, whatever,” and bad engineers, and whatever bad doctors you think. So, like ****, someone died as a result of this bad doctor?

That’s scary.

Being in my position, it’s super interesting because I battle on both sides traditional medicine, looking at peer-reviewed literature. Looking at the science versus more holistic Western medicine and Eastern medicine and how they kind of align, I pushed back on both because, like, it is crazy how you get to these places. Where, for example, we talk about corruption, it’s like isn’t it interesting that all the money to be funded for peer-reviewed literature goes to pharmaceuticals? 

So how can you find proven data in a large-scale human trial when all the money goes to pharmaceuticals? If you can’t prove it through non-pharmaceutical intervention, it’s a catch-22 because you can’t support it. 

So, if you don’t put money there, you can’t prove it, which we can’t prove, so you don’t, so you can understand there is a problem. But then some people do say the pharmaceutical industry is a bunch of profiteers. They don’t give. *** Concerning people’s likes

They’ve done some pretty awesome things. They’ve also done some ********* things.

That leads to a whole other discussion, and I’m going to say what it is. And then we’re not going to go. That goes back to race relations in the US and people’s tearing down monuments. This person was so terrible that he did this. Yeah, that act is terrible. No one’s arguing, but this is also all the amazing stuff that he did. Or, talking about Michael Jackson, do a lot of people think he’s what kind of people are they? Did he produce any outstanding work? It turns out that to do anything worthwhile with music, you have to be kind of ****.

I enjoy it because it is always entertaining. We elevate people, and I believe this is the humanization of like “idols” like I always sing in my head.” All right? Inner Circle of Elon Musk: Is it something Elon does that irritates them? Is it like, “Did Elon miss his?” flight once more, Elon, or was it like Elon? Why do you not sleep, you sound as if you don’t know what I’m talking about. What is it for Elon? But everyone has something they like, so everyone has an idol behind closed doors has an inner circle that supports everything this person is weak at but has never explained why. 

And it’s like you can use it from an Elon and business standpoint, or like, for example, I always say that Martin Luther King Jr. was incredible like a turning point in black community race relations. Huge misogynist. He believed women should be in the kitchen, which they shouldn’t be doing carrers.

He did incredible things in this space. But it’s also OK to say, “You know what?” He wasn’t perfect. No one is, but at least acknowledge it. 

Yeah, yeah. We can’t say they’re perfect because we said they are not the Messiah. Yeah, whatever their thing is like.

And you are you.

Elon’s the Mars’ Messiah

You hate everything about them because you don’t. You state that you dislike this aspect of them. That means you hate all of them. It’s either all or nothing, as I believe, and that’s a whole other tangent in and of itself.

How is that possible? It doesn’t diminish the good things. They do; what are you capable of doing? Separate the things you know simply because they are familiar to you. Do one thing. That doesn’t mean that there are evil people; you know, I just don’t get people who think it’s all or nothing. It’s time to form a team. Everybody did the whole pick-A-team thing, right?

But, but that’s, that’s what people say in business, right? “How you do one thing is how you do all things,” and that’s not true. We like to think It’s true. It’s a great little saying, but it’s not. I’m an all-or-nothing guy when it comes to pizza, whether I’m eating that whole ******* thing or not having any.

And we’re back.

We’re back. Got pizza? Tribalism is just

That is the entire point of the exercise.

when he’s thinking. We were getting away from pizza. We’ll bring it with us. On my back, you’re welcome.

I respect it. I often say so, but that’s ***.

What’s your favorite pizza? 

So, this is a thing I have been to New York for and had slices at 2:00 AM in the village. I’ve been to Chicago and had things like Gino’s East at Mecca and Chicago. People are like, “No, it’s one or the other,” right? I’ve been to Connecticut, and I’ve been to Detroit and am headed to Detroit. I’ve had California-style pizza. I’ve been all over. I’ve been to every state, and I’ve had pizza in other countries. 

And my favorite Pizza is in Oklahoma City at Hideaway. The crust is soft, buttery, and flaky. The sauce is flavorful and robust. The toppings are **** fabulous, and I’ve never had a bad pizza at the hideaway. But man, Gino’s East, sometimes I’m like, you know. What I can’t do It I never understood. New York-style pizza: yeah, you cooked it, but then you cooked it again. Somehow, we’re supposed to enjoy it. Don’t get it. I enjoy seeing what I am interested in.

It’s yeah, yeah, yeah.

I love jets.

I do like the four, but if I had like anything I wanted that I could pick one, it would no kidding be hide away in Oklahoma said he’d be a Sicilian. with blue cheese crumbles.

And do you? Do you

You dip your chips in ranch.

No, I’m not a ranch guy. I didn’t know anyone. I’m currently in the South.

I used to dip my ranch pizza. 

And everyone dips every ******* thing in a ranch. You go to a salad, you place yourself, you go anywhere. And they’re like, “Oh well, I’m like, what is this?” I’m thinking, “Oh, that’s ranch food for you.” You know you’re in the South.

Everything! Oh my gosh.

Did not know that she had no idea.

Ranch on pizza is the greatest and Hawaiian pineapple.  

So, you’ve been up north. Have you been bowling in the South?

No, I don’t think I have. 

Do you have good food at bowling alleys in the No ***, because where I come from, the bowling alley food is like the best food in town!  There’s—yeah, you make them like you make Phillies.

Yeah, for us, it’s just deep-fried whatever. 

You make hand-spun pizza. You’re getting malt like you’re getting a varied menu, and in the South, it’s all fried food and nastiness.

Yeah, it seems like they just threw it together, at least for us. Their pizzas are greasy and terrible. They’re whatever. It’s all blah 

Yeah, yeah. Now that we’ve completely devolved,

The payback feature is used twice. Now, are we going to?

We’d like to bring it back.

Are we going to get Turkey for pizza? 

And say that if anyone is struggling out there, what kind of advice would you have for them, David?

Struggles in the context of weight. Struggling with the context of…

Anything blanket statement

So, for me, there is a There’s a point if you’re struggling first and foremost. I’m a big fan of asking for help because, again, if you’re struggling and believe you have all the answers, you’re the reason you’re in this situation. So, asking for help is not a bad thing. 

 As if it were super important to know at the end of the day, it is on you, no question, because you can get the best advice in the world. But if you don’t want to take it, it’s your life doesn’t ******* change.

And you know what we call people like that. Ask Kohls. 

That’s number one, like if you’re struggling and you can honestly have an open conversation with yourself about the fact that there are just things you need to learn and ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t hurt there. It makes you more powerful as an individual to drop your ego and be like, “All right, there are things I don’t know.” That I need to learn that’s #1. 

I’d be huge outside of that number two… I’m a huge advocate of being your best cheerleader because, at the end of the day, if you can’t, have some internal guidance system that holds you accountable and keeps you on the path. There’s no amount of external coaching or anything else in the world that is going to fix that.

When I do clients, I tell them I’ll be gone in six months to a year. That’s all you get with me, if it If you don’t make the change in six months to a year, I’m not going to be the reason why you’re. in your way. and I can’t fix that. So, if this isn’t done in six months to a year where you’re stable and consistent, we’re done. I say that early because I’m like, “This is on you,” and so I can help guide you. I can help you do these things, but you have to take accountability for your life. 

And so that’s a big one for me as well. Like if you don’t understand that your internal guidance system is a part of that process, you’re just going to keep falling on the same stick again and again, and again and again, waiting for the next resource that’s at the end of the day is, is you, and so that’s #2. 

Oh, #3, I’ll say keep it simple in terms of nutrition, like, stop trying to make these. I think it makes sense when it comes to everything. It’s like it’s not about Keto, Paleo, being a carnivore, vegan, or vegetarian. There are only two things have to worry about, when it comestoh nutrition and fat loss. Calories, and protein lifestyle. Those are the two main components that make fat loss consistent because you have to be energetic. 

However, the balance deficit is number one. Twinkies’ feeling and vitality in an energy balance deficit versus the feeling in an energy balance deficit you’re going to get from eating lean steak, chicken, fish, eggs, and egg whites, and whole Foods will be different in the long run. 

So, at the end of the day, a Calorie deficit—energy balance High-protein diet, primarily eating whole foods like I want, like fine foods you enjoy, such as fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, and steak. However, you want to make it a whole pizza.

There’s the third… but then again. As previously stated, this concept makes it impossible to lose fat and weight while eating pizza. You can eat pizza every day and lose weight. You can’t eat a whole pizza.


What’s the point if there’s always going to be something to do?

I’ll be honest; I bet. If so, so say, say. If you could eat 11 grams of fat and 1,200 calories of pizza and eat it straight up like egg whites, which is just straight protein. You could get away with it. You may be missing out on vitamins and minerals, so you have to get on a vitamin-mineral complex. But if you ate just pizza and, like, drank egg whites to make up for the protein, The difference you could probably get away with

For anyone listening to this, it’s like, “Oh, I wonder if will try that, and I want to see the results.” I’m going to tell you, right? Now that’s the answer. No eggs are in me and it does not include a stomach list. The other thing on that list is coffee.

Love coffee. 

Yeah, I’m not a coffee person, either. I’m more of an “I’ll be honest” person. I’m a little naughtier than that.

Hey, you know I’m up here in the Pacific Northwest, right?

No, baby, it’s rain energy drinks and bangs energy drinks.

Oh yeah. 

If you’re going to drink any coffee, it’s got to be Caribou coffee. Let’s be honest: Starbucks Caribou is garbage. I like the company.

It is—well, I’m just saying we’re like in the coffee capital.

Starbucks is here. We have a ton of different chains, and there’s one that I love, Batdorf and Bronson. has the most phenomenal coffee, and I think dancing goats is one of their kind of coffee joints. They call it dancing goats, but they serve only Batdorf and Bronson, and their coffee is amazing.

See, I just I don’t like coffee because I feel like my biggest thing is everyone mocks me first. I just feel like I got to brush mine. Teeth following I. Drink it like I don’t like the film on my teeth after I drink a cup of coffee. And so, like me, if I drink a cup, I get occasional coffee in the morning, but then I have to put my teeth down, and so, like, I will never have a cup of coffee at 3:00 because of this. I’m like, “Where’s my toothbrush?”

Oh my God, wait for a second at 3:00; you should. If you want to sleep at 3:00, you should have stopped drinking coffee at 1:00.

Well, I accept the challenge because I usually drink a rain energy drink between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. That’s 300 milligrams of caffeine than he does.

Naps at 4?

I can say that if you have children, coffee is your best friend, along with your children. If they value their lives, they will not approach you until you’ve had your first cup.

That’s it; it’s so funny.

That’s hilarious. It’s hilarious. 

Rain energizers and stuff are very similar to caffeine is great in moderation. In excess, it’s not good for you, but again, it’s like how

Like everything. 

It’s a crazy ******* concept, to be sure.

I don’t like everything, yeah.

My, I got my dad hooked on Rain energy drinks, so if you haven’t heard of Rain, Bangs, or something similar, you should. It’s just synthetic naughtiness in a can that tastes great. It’s 300 milligrams of Caffeine burns more calories.

Well, Bangs is the number one reason that the Marine Corps has so many cases of kidney stones and 22-year-olds.

However, if you drink one every day for two days, you will be fine. Two is anything above 2. You’re in trouble, but one or two a day, you’re. Okay, I know they drink like 6 in the Marine Corps;

They’re well, yeah, rip pants and all this other stuff and the like. Like kidney stones, this is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens to people in their 60s and 70s. Winkler is like, “What’s the spike in this one particular thing?” Oh, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22-year-olds all have kidney stones. Because they can’t stop drinking bangs or rickets, our military readiness suffers.

It’s too funny.

But what’s so funny is that I have a lot of friends on the very holistic side of things who would say anything like that is just battery acid. Again, if you consume more than 3 a day I would I’d be on your side from one to two. Don’t be ridiculous. I would just say, “Show me the data”

By the way, you have to enjoy your life too.

one or two.

If you like it, Anytime, like you said, with extremes. If you mix things up, I Anytime, like you said, with extremes. If you mix things up, Anytime, like you said, with extremes. If you mix things up, mean. Anytime like you said, with extremes. If you mix things. What’s the matter? Right, you’re not enjoying your life. By the way, that doesn’t Simply incorporate diet.

That’s in there.

Naughty is my favorite word to go to, and everyone’s like, “Why are you saying naughty like that?” It’s like, oh cheesecake naughty, get it to get it getting an indulgence purchase. I always think, “Oh, I was a naughty purchaser.”

It got really weird.

This time of year, we’re at the end of November, like this is the first week of December coming up, which sounds like a dating tactic like, “Hey, what are you doing later?” I want you to help me get on the naughty list.

And blocked. 

But back to the story: I was with my parents at a lake house in Lake Michigan, where they spent the summers. My father is now retired, so I spend my summers at Lake House and my winters in Florida, and I’m drinking this tea with a friend who is a huge holistic practitioner on the side but also a PA. She’s a PA. physician’s assistant and she looks at me and says, “David.” How do you drink those? Those are battery acts. Was it so bidding for your heart? And then all of a sudden, my dad walks out onto the beach and pops open one next to me. I started drinking it. She’s like, the cardiologist is drinking these. Her head almost exploded. “Hey, don’t drink, don’t drink them all the time, but it’s fine” my father says.

Fine, well, it’s good. Oh my God, that’s so funny.

There’s something like that here. Any group of people can be found here. If any doctor hates energy drinks more, it’s your urologist and cardiologist. And here’s a cardiologist sitting further back.

Well, he wasn’t sipping it. He shot it; he was shot gunning it. Let’s be honest, hey David, this has been a lot of fun today.

It was a pleasure.

Where is the best place for people to find you if they want to contact you? You would want to send them.

Fit D Rock is the easiest one, so all my social media handles are AFIT, underscore, and D Rock Instagram. Tik T0k OK, I’m good at responding to DMs, so I stay on top of that. So that’s my favorite. Communication is my social media

Fantastic David. Thank you so much for being our guest today and putting up with nonsense. It’s been a lot of fun.

It’s been a great conversation.

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