Ancient Apocalypses, Cataclysm, and Out-of-Body Experiences with Elisabeth Sloan

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Anyone who is feeling something underneath in their body or mind, perhaps a memory that keeps emerging, and they are unable to move past it or confront it effectively. Perhaps there is some PTSD or CPTSD going on. Perhaps something is wrong with your nervous system and how you use your breath, which is now influencing your nervous system and putting you in fight or flight mode. You will find answers with today’s Titan, Elisabeth Sloan who joins us to share her views on life, religion, history, and health. You will be fascinated by this interview. 


{01:06} What makes Elisabeth a Titan? 

{02:20} Out-of-body experience at age four

{09:20} Archaeology 

{11:20} Family Religion

{24:17} The Sphinx? 

{27:26} How did an early advanced society end?

{32:40} Elisabeth’s story

{40:35} CYMATICS 

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Elisabeth Sloan Bio

Elisabeth is a native Texan from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Growing up within the Theater by age 4, she began to wonder what it truly meant to have “character,” and the definitions of “The Human Condition.” Musician, Artist, Ancient Historian and Cultural Anthropologist, PhD Student of Natural and Integrative Medicine, Philosopher and Writer, Elisabeth lives by the values of utilizing humor, quantum physics, art, and the references available through history and modern medical technology to create expansive forms of healing by unifying ancient and modern techniques to explore and enhance the Human Condition.

Connect with Elisabeth:

Welcome to the show. I’ve got a fantastic guest for you today, but first, let’s say hello to my co-host Carol. How are you doing? 


Our guest today is Elisabeth Sloan. That is the best globalist the best loan. She is fantastic. She cares about a few things, the human condition being a musician, artist, ancient historian, and culture apologist, I don’t know what that has to do with anything else, but she loves humor and she’s a fantastic woman. She’s here today, Elisabeth. How the hell are you?

I am doing so well, Travis and Carol. It is great to be here. I’m excited to see where this conversation goes because even before we hit the record, we were getting on some juicy topics. Father Time was mentioned. Chipmunks were mentioned. We were hitting a lot of ground. So, I’m glad we hit record that’s time to go. 

No, no. We talked about ancient apocalypses, cataclysms, and all things that we’re going to cover today here in the show. I got to start with my famous first question, Elisabeth. 

What makes you a Titan? 

What makes me a Titan? Well, my God, I think from the age of four when I had my first out-of-body experience on accident, threw me into a great state of objectivity where I was able to observe the adults around me and the children around me and have a different view. This me a lot of philosophical foundation tor I interact with people does it mean to be an individual with character or to be on stage? Being an individual playing a character? What makes us different? You know, I was able to be a fly on the wall and be able to observe these people and myself. That led me to question a lot about how we understand ourselves, how we and build relationships with one another, growing up on the stage in the eater, you learn a lot about storytelling, and story storytelling kind of led me to review the human condition, Shakespeare would put it, and that led to going boiled ancient history looking at all the other stories that may or may not be true. So, I think that’s really what makes me a Titan. 

So, of body experience like did you die or? It elaborates that because like you kind of brushed it aside like you know this happened and …

You know, like every other four-year-old and their they’re-of-body experience 

Yeah, right? 

I was just lying in bed. I was already an aware child. My first memory goes back to when I was two and I was kind of playing social experiments on people, At that age so. 

You were ******* with people since you were two. 

Yeah … 

Yeah. Social experiment my ***. 

We love a good situational manipulator when they use it for good. And being two years old and learning that quickly, it was a good time. It’s a good time but being so lucid and so young have a memory bank that is very… I don’t know animated and, So, you’re….

Oh, I’m sure your parents loved you. 

Do they still do? They can’t help it. 

So, I Was lying In bed and I was praying and more of like not asking for things, but more of like sending gratitude for things, and in, the while that I shoot out of my body and I’m flying through space very fast and I’m seeing all these things coming at me because I’m just zipping, and it feels kind of like I’m in. A Superman flying poses so headfirst into space, which is always a great shoulder and I saw that my body, my 4-year-old body wasn’t mine.

I was no longer in that body, and I was flying ugh space and well-known, but they were like really tall. They were probably 9-foot-8-foot tall. They were very tall and they kind of found me of reunions cool little move where I’m super Manning and then I kind of land on my feet and I go. Yeah, that was going land up and I’m like in this form I’m ripped like I look really good and intend of like swagger. Up to these people and they all just kind of come around me and take a knee and I’m like woo like I miss this reverence like it’s good to be home I missed this I don’t get this where I’m at right now. No one treats me like this.

And as soon as I said that in my mind, I was like wait a second. This is it. Who are these people? This isn’t my home. Why am I saying it feels good to be home? My home is that way on Earth where I have an earth body.

So, I freaked out and then I snapped back into my body and then I had a brief panic attack thinking I was like visited by demons or something because I grew up in like a Christian Jewish household. So, you know… you’re going to think everything’s a demon, I guess, but it was a very traumatic experience, not in a scary way, because so much at peace that I felt empowered wherever I was. And whatever I was interacting with, even if it was just like a subconscious, whatever, I can’t tell you what is true. 

And that’s one thing as an ancient historian looking at all of these wraps of time, and that’s discoveries that we make in science and inquest physics daily. As soon as you want to foundationalist. This is true, and there’s nothing else I could ever be true. Besides this, you are cutting yourself off from everything wise, and you cannot…. You must be open. You have to be receptive to every kind of new information. 

so I will never be the person to say oh. Yeah, this is. This is real. This is right, but what I can say from my experience is that was whack as **** and I know for sure that it dekes me up and put me into a completely different state of mind around children my age and other adults.

It was a very phenomenal kind of experience, and I had those later in my life with that of define find of experience affine. 

Is that why you’re wanting someone that’s low-key, obsessed with you and it’s super tall? 

Well, yeah, well don’t you think?

The real question is, how many of those do I have? 

Oh well, don’t you think?  Though as a child and we talk about this a lot in spirituals that children are much more receptive and they’re capable of seeing things that adults can’t. Right, because there’s an innocence around them, and so maybe that could have been the reason you had that experience, possibly.

It’s very possible. Children being born today more than ever documented are sharing experiences of their past lives with their parents. 

So, there are children who were like five or six who are going up to their parents being like, yeah, I died on the Titanic and they’re like Oh yeah, Timmy, Are you sure? And then he’s like, yeah, let me draw out the entire engine section of the Titanic for you because I was an engineer in the engine room and he’ll draw out the entire thing where you can’t find that on the Internet. These kids are like 5 or 6. 

Or children who are like, yeah, I was this person. My husband and my children are still alive. I was murdered by this guy. My body is here and if you find me then I’m going to have a good day sort of thing and then they find the body and then the guy confesses you know like…. 

What the ****? 

Yeah, like children are so receptive and they’re open because they haven’t had the kind of experiences that block them from their innate gifts, and you know, if you have a lot of fluoride in the water, there’s a lot of chlorine, or there’s whatever those sorts of things calcify in Oregon in our brain called the pineal gland.

So, when that area is calcified, it doesn’t receive a lot of infrared as well. It doesn’t receive these sorts of story sorts well when that calcified calcify grows older, especially in Western civilization, we have a lot of. You know fluoride and fluoride and all that kind of stuff and our things. It doesn’t much we mutually you and what the human body is truly capable of or has been capable of in the past.  

That’s it, mic drop. 

Well before we started this podcast, we were talking about what we talked about in a previous podcast, which was that Netflix series, ancient Apocalypse and we were jabbering away about it. 

And so, let’s kind of get into that, because this gown too. To-dos your archaeology and historian and down that vein. What got you into that? 

Yeah, that is a great question. I feel that when I was on stage and I was, you know, I started when I was four being on stage. So, when I started watching everyone, especially when the adults would be looking over their lines, they were pacing back and forth. I’m watching them kind of transfer between the identity and archetype that they have placed upon themselves, and then moving into the character that they have translated that character to be. It was a great gateway to understanding storytelling.

Having a lot of the experiences that I had growing up that were very supernatural in nature led me to ask a lot of questions that a lot of surfaced religion wasn’t providing me. So, I decided to go further. To see action instead of words to see what to do with the evidence that I had available. 

I would look to look at interpretation. Just how mythology and symbolism through all these different cultures were used at different points in time. And were they used similarly? Were they used differently, That’s what got it because you’d see these symbols in my dreams and I’ve never seen them before, and so I googled them and it’s like connected to the medicine wheel of like a part of my ancestry or things like this and it’s like how does that happen? What does that so that really into a lot of ancient cultures is really how they understood the present moment? How they held the presence as sacred and how they moved through that with expression and art. Architecture, music, literature, these sort of things. 

So how do we go from that to doom scrolling on Tik T.O.K?  

Well, is your family spiritual by the way? Any like religion in the traditional sense of religion. But are they spiritual and other aspects? So, were they open to answer answering questions that you were curious about? 

They are more spiritual than religious. I would say some lean, more towards one way or the other. I mean, I did grow up in the Bible belt. So, in North Texas, you can imagine there was probably a little bit of bias going on there, but I think that it was nice to be able to. Be like, hey Dad, I’ve had a nightmare every night for two weeks straight and I’m getting remaking tired. Can you help me figure out why this is happening he’d say something like, well, is there anything new in your room? Have you placed a new item in your room, it turns out that it was a stuffed animal that I had recently gotten, and I was obsessed with it because of the color. It was a Unicorn. It was like fuchsia pink. It was gorgeous. The fur was so soft, but the person was. Who gave it to? My grandmother’s the time boyfriend and I didn’t like Bob. I didn’t like him. But I like this stuffed animal a lot, but ever since I put that stuffed animal in my room, I was having these horrific nightmares every single night. 

So, when we had to like, you know, sit down and because I couldn’t tell you what it was, I couldn’t tell you what this item was, so we had to pray and then it immediately popped in my mind that Unicorn. So, I took out the Unicorn and I’m no longer having horrible nightmares for two weeks straight. The only reason why he knew how to do something like that. Just because he had something happen like that with a cowboy hat that his girlfriend at the time had given him that used to be her grandfather. Lots of lines going around here so.

Evil things. Have you ever watched That?

No, but that sounds fascinating. 

Oh my God. 

And so, this is. Where Travis and I talked about antiquing and stuff. And I go. Therefore, I never buy anything. That’s an antique because entities can attach themselves to things, inanimate objects. And you bring those things into your home, and it haunts your ******, ******* life out. I am not down with that ****, right? But it was scary. 

My wife goes on a state scale and brings home some ******* bizarre ****. She’s on this thing right now with the. Uranium, glass. Radioactive glass? Are you showing a black light? It glows and it was outlawed in the 1930s or some ****. 

And I was like why did you bring this into our house? You know uranium lead all the good stuff. We’re just going to bring him into the house and nothing bad will happen. But we’ll say show the Haunted things, evil things or whatever. 

Evil things… dude like they’re oh remember Jess’s muse? Talked about what’s that? What’s that dolls name? Remember the one that would no, not Annabelle it was. 

Oh yeah, Yep.  

It was a male doll. 

Is it like Pete, the doll, or something? 

Not Pete. No, not Pete. 

There was, yeah, I can’t remember the name of the doll, but Robert. 

Robert the doll. 

Robert and that thing would she said she went there to visit this place that housed that doll, and people were apologizing to it. Because they would laugh at it and then bad **** would happen to them or their family. Weird, so This is why I don’t like buying buy old **** because I’m always afraid that something’s coming home with me and I’ll have to restage the whole *** **** house and get rid of it and figure out what it is, right? So no, no, no. 

Just so you know, I just got back from 2 weeks in Vegas. One of the people we were hanging out with, wanted to go to this Haunted Museum that’s in Vegas and everything in there was supposedly like a cursed object. 

**** No. 

And they had. Yeah, I had to change my energy before I walked into that place. And then there was like a special tour you could go see especially cursed objects and we opted out of that one and a couple of things. In there to like. Yeah, you can go in here. If you want. To I was like. You know what? I’m not going to go in there. I’m not going to go in there and the people came. Out of theirs. The room looks different. I was like. And then we went and got tacos, and everything was better.  

You and tacos Travis. 

Yeah, interesting how things can attach that way, and it’s kind of unexplained, like how can you explain how something holds onto energy that way? I? mean, you can look on a subatomic level and kind of understand that you know all things have a life and so it’s going to be holding on to things and releasing things as it grows and lives and dies as atoms do, and it’s. It’s fascinating. But there’s no information that we have when it comes to like these appearances or apparitions of ghosts, or having paranormal items that, just like make your house crazy, make your life crazy I remember. Oh, which it was in Connecticut or Michigan like one of the most haunted houses in the city. 

Same place. 

Michigan, one at whichever house it was they made a film about it. It was so crazy, but one of the daughters who is now an adult, and her side of the story about what it was like to live in that home. Told a story about her mother being in the kitchen, sitting at the kitchen table. And then all alone, and then all of a sudden, she sees a woman sitting across from her at that same table. 

And so, she’s looking at the woman, and the woman is like the mid-1800s, the late 1800s the garb. And two gentlemen who’re in the kitchen. But they’re like further down and they also look in the mid-1800s and all three of them and it’s just like what the heck. But then they notice her. And then they were like what the heck.?

I mean, there’s the possibility that maybe it was like some sort of time warp slip. Maybe if time is seen kind of spiral like a circle that’s in a spiral, or I don’t know something where it’s like. 

Alternate yeah, universes happening at the same time and somehow. 

They blended for… 

All three of them got hanged in the town square because they are witches that saw something. 

Oh, Jesus Travis. Travis, James. 

Who the hell goes? I don’t. 

Know so much mystery you have no idea. 

Yeah, yeah. 

To answer your question, Carol. Yeah, I did grow up in a pretty spiritual home. They were very lenient on only things that were Bible related so I did not tell them about my experience when I was four, nor did I tell them about any other really weird experiences that were unexplainable in Bible terms or as the Bible is traditionally translated today. 

It’s just so confining if you think about it though. When we were talking about like the ancient Apoc. Phillips, you know they, they revered nature, they revered the properties and the powers that nature had. 

Like we were just previously hitting record we were talking about pyramids, and you know, little rooms within the pyramids like there are pyramids on top of pyramids and how they’re all built around a central sacred spring or waterway or something like that, right? Where there’s energy. And maybe the pyramids on top of it focus that energy. 

Well Pyre, a pyre amidst a pyramid means fire in the middle. That’s what pyramid means, and the way that you can kind of understand how pulsing energy out of it is the kind that is geomagnetic, Geo electromagnetic of the planet, and that’s really what is being harnessed in the pyramids. 

So if you have a sink, you have it full and then you unplug it and you see that kind of spiral build. It’s just the same thing, only inverse in a pyramid. So now things are going upwards and shooting out the top of the pyramid and that’s why it’s called pyre in the middle because it’s literally energizing all of that fire and then pulsing it through.

And water is not only sacred because it is a form of life. It keeps us alive. But it is a huge harness channel for energy. It is not only like Doctor Masago, 

Masaru Emoto yes that’s the. 

Hi hello. Come on now  

It is alive and if you speak a certain frequency, certain hurts have different vibrational tones. It will change the full blueprint of those molecular structures of water. 

In water, yeah, he did. The polluted was it polluted waterway in Japan and Masaru Emoto. 

Yes, I knew it was close. He remembers I don’t know if you read much about it, but there was a polluted waterway in Japan, and he had everybody come to pray at the waterway and it changed the molecular structure of the water. It purified the water. 

So when you think about what we are, what we consist of, the majority of us is water. And if we can, you know, drink water if we put intent in water and we drink it so. If we say gratitude, Courage, whatever right and we and we put the intent into and we drink it. It’s supposed to. Change our structure. The water within us. It’s an amazing idea. 

How do we get people to go prey over the Hudson River in New York City? 

But they would have to truly have faith and believe to change that water.

Yeah, experience. 

You can’t, just they. 

Have faith and believe in money. Now if they have the other faith, I don’t know. 

Maybe there’s a bet involved if you could make this purified, then I will give… I will personally give every single one of you some sort of financial compensation, and if they all do it and it works, then they do. Can get 5 bucks. 

5 bucks Oh yeah. 

Would they be Willing to buy a ticket for 5 bucks with a chance to win half the pot? That’s the question. Would they be willing to win? Put in five, pray over the water for a chance to win half 1,000,000 bucks. 

Oh yeah, yeah that’s better. Yeah. 

That’d be a good way to do it. 

Very much plus. 

I have no idea I don’t know 

Have you ever been to the pyramids I’ve been, I’ve been to the pyramids, and I didn’t. I didn’t feel the fire, I lily they let me climb on the Pyramids and I don’t know what they thought or whom they thought I was because I had like a personal tour guide and then when like security came over to say. Why are you standing on the Pyramids… he and the security guard left so I don’t know if they thought I was. But I’m OK with it. I had a great time and my tour guide got to see all this stuff. I got to go to one of the smaller pyramids. There are nine on the site on the outside of Giza, yeah, and the Sphinx is right there. 

We’re cool. 

I don’t know if you guys knew it. Or not, it’s the same. 

Oh, what was it you said about the Sphinx? 

Oh yeah, there’s lots of lore that kind of relates that there might be a hidden library underneath the pause of the Sphinx.

So, a lot of Mystics have mentioned this also in the book of the Thoth, which is supposedly written by the Atlantean God Thoth whom the Egyptians worshipped as well. they discussed this in the emerald. Tablets that there is a library underneath the sphinx is paus.

Then you’d have people like Edgar Casey who is known as the Sleeping Mystic. Who would heal people remotely without even having a conversation with him? So, they be they’d be put as a client he would like to go into meditation or a meditative state, and then he would be like, oh something is going on with her liver. She needs to do this, and then they’re like what? And then they go get their liver tested. And it’s like on the brink of collapse and they like. Need to fix it ASAP. You know it’s crazy that you know people are out there like that.

This guy, Edgar Casey. He was one of many people who said that there is a library underneath the Sphinx. I mean, there’s just so much hidden underneath there. It could go, you know, for so long in our history that we just don’t even realize because use tektite tonic plates move. And then there are tsunamis. And there are earthquakes. And some comets come to our sky and melt our ice caps and make more floods and just destroy the planet and one go. You know Do what I mean? Like you just, you never know how deep this history goes and how much was recorded.

So in Egypt, you have whalebones and fossils from when it used to be underwater, and you see the water damage on the sphinx. Modern archaeologists would be like there’s no way that’s water damage. There hasn’t been water in Egypt and blah blah blah and it’s like, but the evidence shows water damage. And there’s like whale bones and shells sticking out of the sphinx so I don’t know. 

Survey says there was water involved. 

There was a longer. 

Don’t worry about that little guy, that’s. So big. 

So, it could go so deep you just never really know for sure. I mean you have places like Gobekli Tepe and Turkey, where massive sites that the more intricate and more data detailed are better executed when it gets to the older parts of the structure, and as you move upwards, the material becomes. I mean it’s still there. 

But it’s more modern. 

More modern and it’s like where was the sophistication coming from so long ago and then it was intentionally buried right before there was a massive comet that hit the world around 12,700ish years ago, give or take. And it’s like they just intentionally buried it right before. 

Well, I have to ask about these aqueducts, right? That is an advanced society and if you look back, I mean like. How did that happen? 

I mean India had plumbing indoor plumbing before Rome. 

My question is not how it happened. Is that how we lost the technology over time, like right now? How did the people in Rome build roads that are still quality, and I got to drive on the **** I’m driving out in Oklahoma like? 

How did they lose the knowledge over time we landed; we landed on the moon. And then throughout the 80s and 90s, the amount of knowledge in NASA like dwindled. And then they had to refigure out how to do these things when the next crop of people came in. How is it that we’re losing this information? 

It might come from a source of disinterest. It could come from a source of distraction, intentional distraction, maybe, maybe intentional, censorship of information. There are so many agendas at play, I’m not going to get into like conspiracies or anything, but…

So many people have a lot of power in the world, and they have an agenda. I mean, who doesn’t? Everyone has their goal and their mission. So, I mean, it’s just… Maybe knowing about how the bioelectromagnetic patterns of our body, how that might allow us to regenerate our cells by the way that we breathe, or if we’re able to master something like Tai Chi. If we’re able to do these things, maybe we can regenerate our organs. Maybe we can do other things. And it puts other people at a disadvantage.  

Well, modern medicine Western medicine would be the first one to lose out. That means pharmaceuticals would go out of business if we naturally all started to learn how to take care of ourselves. 

And it’s very tough. 

Without medication. 

Yeah, well, our bodies are made to recover ourselves. We’re able to do these kinds of magnificent things with our bodies and our minds that we just what is so funny. 

You know he’s sitting there, giggling. I have zero ideas what’s going on in that head of yours. 

All I heard when you said about the pharmaceutical companies I Was like ******* Pfizer. You know like that’s what I hear when I interpret that stuff like ******* Pfizer.  

Well, I mean even look at it like I do acupuncture and you know that is a way to get the energy flowing in your body, so you release stagnation and it’s all about flow and balance in your body. Because the acupuncture points all relate to certain organs and meridians open up those channels to make sure they’re at their prime, and everything’s working. At their prime If you feel pain in particular spots that you’re getting acupuncture in, that shows stagnation, and that’s opening up that closed and blocked channel. 

Yes, and imagine if everyone had this as a household thing in their home. Imagine what we’d be able to accomplish. 

We don’t even get to pay, I mean. We have to pay out of pocket to get acupuncture. That’s how much we are now focused on Western medicine and pharmaceutical companies. I mean, we can’t even go get acupuncture and have it covered by insurance. 

That’s ****** **. 

It is ****** ** because it helps so many people and I can’t bag pharmaceutical companies as a whole just because they are extremely helpful for so many people, chemistry and being able to. 

No, of course not. 

Uh, just identify the issues for people, and instead of you know like some medications are like yeah, roll, mask the pain. It’s fine, you’ll just have underlining like a monster living underneath your skin of illness, but you won’t know because you can’t feel. It, but then there’s also. There are the kinds that are just so helpful. They are so helpful.  

Why can’t we have a collaboration and a partnership between the two Eastern medicine and Western medicine and have them work together to solve issues instead of spots? 

In coverage blind. 

 If we’re ruled by the FDA are going to have the food and drugs under one administration, huh, huh? Come the **** around it. Don’t make any sense. 

Oh, Travis. 

Nothing like. 

I mean, am I wrong? What do you have the head of Monsanto like running the drug companies as the leader of the FDA? What kind of ******* sense does that make? I think we’re the only country that intertwines food and drugs together. This Tylenol now tastes just like chicken

Yeah, yeah, we’ve 

Bioengineered everything to taste exactly as you wanted it to. 

I mean, that’s one of the things in the matrix, right? Does everything taste like chicken? Because they just didn’t know what it tasted like? 

Or the Willy Wonka bubble gum. 

The snowberries taste like snowberries. 

But I want to hear more about your story, Elisabeth. 

Because you were. On like you owned a house in Japan, you were heading out there. You’re going to do some work, and you’re going on your part-time time off anyway has any time? You’re doing maritime archaeology and then COVID-like knocked you off your path. And that suck. What were you trying to do in Japan? 

Mostly doing some maritime archaeological research. So, on the coast of Japan and its waters, they have a lot of megalithic structures, and they are… they do the word megalithic justice. They are huge and they are completely unexplained. They are cut 90 degrees. They look just as sophisticated as the things that you see in South America or Egypt or Tibet. 

You see these sorts of things everywhere, and there’s not a lot of explanation, so I wanted to go in there and explore because most temples are built on these geomagnetic lines on the planet. And so, it harnesses that energy even stronger. But it’s the way that these buildings are shaped that creates an even more powerful source to Channel in all that energy. 

So that’s why architecture is so important, and that’s why you know in Catholic cathedrals, for example, the acoustics are just off the chains. They are just incredible, and you feel closer to God because you’re vibrating with everyone else in the room at such a volume that it you to ******* God like they’re like. It’s just that’s how the building was made. That’s how it’s structured.

Looking at these buildings off the coast of Japan, you’re able to kind of get an idea of how they were using science and how they were using sound. How were they using the electromagnetic pulses of the planet to heal their communities that bring tender communities together? 

So that’s really why I was going there. I love children, so I was also going to teach English while I was there getting my master’s at the time. But everything you know you say it sucks and it did suck when it first happened. I’m like well drats now I got to find a new place to live and get a job because everything just got thrown out the water, but.

You did not say drats when that happened. 

I did, I said, oh shucks. 

Ah, drats. Drats mud gats I said it, I did, and the whole world heard me. You must have been sleeping. Or something I do? I do like to wake you up in your nap. It’s aggressive and chaotic. It’s good to be an agent of chaos specifically for you. Like I want you to go to take a nap and then for you to like to have one eye that goes like a chameleon. It’s just always moving and active. 

For me to wake you up in your nap. But yeah, so I want to. I want to say that it was a sucky situation because everything that happened afterward threw me into a life path that feels I don’t want to say more aligned, but it felt way more aligned for the timing that I needed than in my life. 

And it opened a lot of doors that I never anticipated. Because I wasn’t there so. I do think that…. 

So basically, threw you on the right path in a sense. 

Yeah, yeah exactly I love that yeah, so I’m grateful. 

I mean I was able to connect with a lot of incredible minds that I would have not had the opportunity or the gateway to do simply because I would have been in a completely different time zone doing a completely different thing. 

Even on the Internet, it would have been hard to communicate with these people, and connecting with these people changed my life. It opened so many doors to a lot of opportunities, so I don’t say that it sucks. I mean, I do wish I was there doing that, but I think that it was the way that it needed to be to help me reach my goals. 

Actually, yeah, it’s just so interesting the way that likes. Things will happen. Our life will take us on a whole new path and you’re never really quite sure you know how it’s going to work out. Like when I started my first show Nonprofit architect, I thought I was going to be doing not consulting or something of that nature which seemed like very aligned, and I got no takers. I got one person over three years. And then I was like I don’t know what Dominance this suck. And so I was like, well, did you ask your audience what they did? Want I was like, yeah. 

What do you guys want they like and like they like we want to know like without a doubt they’re like waiting for me to ask like we want to know how you’re so great at podcasting and like if I wouldn’t have had that frustration and ask that question, I wouldn’t have gotten redirected to what I’m doing now. 

I think that’s how all great and successful entrepreneurs start. We seek a path that we think is what we want to do, and we find out quickly the universe has other things in mind and shock puts us in a completely different direction where we’re like, Yeah, I don’t even know where this is. Is going, but if. You have faith and you. Just hold on for the ride. It usually works out. And it’s pretty crazy. 

And we have to be humble. 

That you have to be accepting of new information and be excited to pivot and know oh this feels more right. OK, maybe that’s why I’m getting only resistance in this area because I need to change. And yeah, trust you have to trust in yourself. 

You have to trust in your intuition and the observational skills that led you to find a different path. It’s no job for someone who isn’t humble. You have to be able to pivot and see your blind spots. To make any sort of difference.  

Just suck it up and go for it. The ride, that’s it. 

Well, it was. It was Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. He said I too am extraordinarily humble. 

This is one of my favorite lines because it’s so ridiculous. I have to collect those things. They were just so ridiculous. They can’t possibly make it. I too am extraordinarily humble, so ridiculous. I love. 

Well, I’m just glad that you know I’ve been open. To different things that come up in my life. I don’t know how some people like it when they’re presented with new information or like no, no can’t do it. Can’t possibly like what in their ego has them so precluded from saying yes to anything new.  

Limited beliefs and conditioning and fear. All that plays a role in it. I mean, if you’re not open to it, then you’re just going to say. 

To see that I don’t, I don’t get that fear piece because I’m scared of everything I do for. The first time, but I I’m not going to not. Do it just because I’m scared.  

Now some people, yes other people, if they’re scared, they’re not going to do it.

Sounds scary, I’m in. 

It sounds boring to me. 

Yeah, yeah. Well, we know we know people that say oh. Boring sign me up for that, I know. I know people like that, I’m like. 

Peace is quite a commodity. It’s quite the commodity. You can’t. It’s an invaluable source and sometimes peace is boring. 

Sometimes peace is boring. 

I bet I think that’s probably what God’s consciousness created The Big Bang. If that’s really what happened, peace is boring. Let’s bring in some chaos and see what happens how many ways can I understand myself? By trying new things. 

Yeah, you mentioned sound earlier, and I forget the word you used was semantics. 


See, I wrote it down three other ways and that was not one of the ways I wrote. 

Yeah, some cymatics is a scientific process where you can see the way sound frequencies affect matter. So, a lot of the examples are used with sand or very small particles that are sand-like. And they play hurts at a very concentrated tone. And it will make these very intricate geometric shapes and structures, and these shapes and structures are part of the sacred geometrical platform that we kind of have in our universe.

 So, the Fibonacci sequence is one of them, but the Platonic solids or this Scottish version of the platonic solids, which are older than the models of Plato and I think Plato just stole them, which is fine. He took it and he got some leverage. It’s great 

You don’t have to be the first, you just have to be. The best there we go. 

That’s very. 

Ray Kroc getting credit for the McDonald’s brothers’ hamburgers. Because he’s the one that spread them. It wasn’t the McDonald’s brothers who didn’t do **** with it, but I have one shot.

Well, so how is cymatics used? Because we talked about this months ago, like in the spring. Like how schematics can be used and embedded in music to change the general attitude of the population, listening to the music. 

Yeah, putting different frequencies in our songs will play a part in how our body perceives that music. A lot of our music today is used in 444 Hertz, which is very discombobulating to the body and the nervous system, and it puts you very deep into your roots. Like at the very bottom of your spine, which is great for very provocative music that puts you into space of the primal instincts of our lives, which you know a lot of music today kind of embellishes on that, and so it heightens that kind of physical response that the song itself is singing about. 

But if we want to allow our sound and our healing and use sound frequencies. To heal our communities, we have to look at other frequencies outside of that one. Maybe tapping into the Earth’s frequency, and I think that’s like 237 hertz. It’s don’t quote me on that. I don’t know, but if you’re able to check-in. 

Oh, quoted on that. 

You’re quoted on that. It’s on, it’s a weird quote. This stuff when you put it all over. The world people are going to know. 

She already said. Don’t quote me on that, so she’s negating it. 

I made my point, but it’s so helpful for the body to be able to use these sound frequencies to allow us to connect to things differently. I mean we all have. Of the vibration that we give off, whether it be through our bioelectromagnetic forces that are pulsing through our body, whether it be through meridians. Be through the light frequencies that we’re putting out or the infrared that we can’t see. There are so many things that are happening around our body and within and through our body that is just unseen. By our current biological technologies such as our eyeballs.

So being able to use sound to connect with those different forces in our body is crucial to be able to heal us and you can look at even this circle back to the architecture of sacred buildings and temples. They understood the significance and they utilized it in their buildings. 

That’s why these places sound so amazing when you go into them. You know, even in the pyramid. You can go inside there, and you can feel the energy being different. You didn’t because you just climb the top like a little mountain goat. But if you go in and you’re able to hear yourself, go and hear the songs that they play. 

I know that some of the older religions of ancient Egypt Are 7.83 Hertz for Earth. So, if we tap into that, we’ll feel more connected to the planet, which is always a good thing.

I think. These ancient religions back in Egypt had such a hard grip on the understanding of sound power and utilizing sound frequencies in general, not just for healing and for beautiful things, and in their ceremonies where they used water and they would like to have different initiations going up and down the Nile hitting different points, which makes a shocker System going up the Nile. And the biggest most Significant practice done with water was at the crown of the Nile, so they were already very in tune with using water. 

There’s something with Mercury that they li don’t know how that is in terms of resonance, but you see, these pools just filled with mercury. Why ask that kind of question loudly?

But you see these things in like South America as well, where they are using sound to heal and you have like you go to Mongolia and you have things like the didgeridoo and the way that that will make you feel versus the way a flute will make you feel. Versus the way a conga will make you feel. These sounds and the way that they like even on the beat and the rhythm even outside of the frequency, it’s going to impact our psychological blueprints. It’s going to affect our emotional state.

The way that music is made today we have so many opportunities to use this to heal. We have had more opportunities before. I would say to be able to use music as a form is its portal toward healing and self-awareness. If production companies and everyone is on board with.  

But they got it. Their agenda, right? So, with the agenda, even though they know, even if they know, would they do it? Is the question? 

I think my only answer to that is whom can we focus on and who wants to. Who can we give our time and money to in attention that wants to do these things? 

And with the rise of a lot of independent artists who are not really, they don’t find it necessary to go through a major label anymore to get their music out, because maybe they blew up on Tik T.O.K. Maybe they just have a great social media presence, so they don’t need that kind of vetting to get their music out.

Having that ability to all these new opportunities for artists from every kind of cultural demographic being able to share their music and how it is healing is probably the biggest step that we can take towards utilizing music in a healing way because we can go into infrared rooms and we can go into rooms made out of salt and all these things connect with different parts of our body help us ground and help us do whatever will open up certain meridians in our body.

When we can use sound as a portal to connect and to heal with one another, it’s going to connect us back to an ancient past that I feel was a huge mess. Must and of course, there are many reasons why that happened. Any historian can tell you that it’s an easy cause-and-effect situation. They’re being very naive. There can never be a single. Everything is so multifaceted when it comes to cause and reaction. 

Yeah, like your reactions to my facial expression. But those that are not watching the video occasionally. Semi occasionally I’ll have an eyebrow go up. And Elisabeth is like. Very complex cause and effect let me tell you, folks. 

Very yeah, but even that’s multifaceted. And for people that run podcasts, for example, like I’m looking at too right now, they use the sound of their voice to bring in an environment of calm, excitement, imagination, and welcomeness. 

You have to be able to pull all of that out of your voice to be able to make someone feel comfortable, to make nourishing conversation, because if you don’t have the right tone, or if you’re not in the right mood and so you’re sharp, or you’re. Low like you’re not going to be able to connect and the sound has gone up. 

That’s why when you COO the ohm at babies, they immediately shut up. Because they love the sound it connects them to something, and you have the mudras where you say certain songs. Or certain words and Hinduism. It will reverberate differently in your body in those different places, and it helps connect you deeper into your body that is also another form where you can see where in your body you have stagnant energy. 

Where is it hard for you to share that part of yourself? Where is it harder for you… Where are you finding resistance to hitting that tone to hit? That note and why do you think that is? These are great tools for us to have better self-understanding, and if we can all do that independently then we won’t have to like to force-feed it down anyone’s throat to be able to see the benefits of what healing sound frequencies can do for a community at large.  

Yeah, I just don’t think that people these days are connected with themselves anymore or even nature. Everything is very much technological. And so, what’s technology? 

Unfortunately, it’s cold and it has no soul. So, if you don’t connect with that side of you where you can figure out, you know, hey what’s up? With the resonant frequencies and energies and everything that requires somebody to have a beating heart and be an organic matter. 


I know my phone doesn’t have a heart. Just saying. 

I feel like that’s a joke. I feel like that’s the lead-in or punchline to a joke, I know my phone doesn’t have a heart

My phone doesn’t have a heart. 

It’s got a heart emoji, but that doesn’t have any frequency. 

It does. It has heart emojis and it has kissy face emojis and stuff like that. That but. 

Nation of emotion but not emoting it, yeah.  

Correct, correct, I mean. 

If you look at ancient Russia and by ancient, I don’t mean ancient. I mean like 200 years ago, barely.

The Romanov family never went outside. They just kind of like really liked being inside together with little Rasputin so they didn’t like building a strong immune system. So, they were always sick. They were always ill, so the Russian people were like OK. Well, we see how much you guys suck because you don’t go outside, so we’re going to leave carriages of babies of our children outside, in the snow, and babies being as resilient as they are, they adapted, and they had the strongest immune systems. They never had problems in their first newborn stages of crying. They were able to sue themselves all because they put them outside in like weird weather 

And so now that’s a tradition that is held in the Dutch in the Russian in that whole area of the world. It’s a very common thing to do, and that started supposedly because of the … 

It’s called tough love. 

Opportunity, yeah, the Russian medicine. 

I love bad parenting and I …

All right, goodnight. 

Well, America you did that **** and you get the Police called on you.  

Yeah, right, that’d be child abuse and neglect. 

Yeah, I’m not talking about throwing a kid in a. 


Snowbank, but you know. 

Yeah, yeah. 

It would be frowned upon very strongly. 

Yeah, very very hard frown.

But then like today we see so many people with autoimmune diseases. And of course, there are a lot of reasons why that is. But when most of our life is spent inside in usually cubic shaped buildings. Where everything is hard edges and everything’s 90 degrees, and everything’s built in fours and it’s like beep up. It’s like slowly becoming this gray little alien that like doesn’t you know, needs emotions to function properly.

But if you go outside and you’re able to build that immune system. By soaking in your environment and being able to just observe nature you will come to realize a lot of epiphanies that make it obvious why people like Socrates would often go missing for days and then come back. And I was just in the woods for days don’t worry about it. If you know, and all the kind of mental connections that he was able to make just by taking that time to relate himself to nature. 

You can see a lot of ourselves in nature, the way that roots develop and how they stick out, or how they when you trip over them. And it’s the same ******* route every time on the road and you know you’re not going to chop its leg off, you know you just got to be able to know, to gallop around it. When it comes to that area or. The way just how…

I’ve been really into trees lately, Once saw this Tik T.O.K. Video of someone videotaping themselves being like a tree. If you can hear me, then put your branch on my shoulder and it did. It’s like the whole tree shook like you’re seeing it from afar back, so you can’t. There’s no editing or whatever, and the whole tree is just kind of like there was the wind. But no other trees were moving. And it was moving like there was wind and then it was just like and it put its little thing on her shoulder and I was like that’s so ******* cool that’s real. 

I mean, if trees are sentient and they are alive and they have a whole network, they all connect underground, they all are telling each other, like hey, there’s a huge thump way over here. Like, beware 30 miles East because it’s coming towards you or whatever you know what I mean. The idea that they are sentient, and can respond to other life sources is pretty significant. 

Look, watch fabulous fungi.


That is incredible about talking about the interconnectedness of everything underground. 

You see fossils of massive funk, like mushrooms, the size of like Sequoia trees back in like Paleolithic. No, not paleolithic. Like way like dinosaur time like you’ll see these massive mushrooms they have themselves are like trees. And they have so many nutrients in them. It’s just amazing how medicinal nature is on a lot of different facets

Everything thing we need to heal ours.  

Bodies and I I’m. I’m sure pharmaceutical companies are going to come after us for this. Everything we need to heal our bodies is on this earth. 

That’s Carol Carpenter. 412 Bulshit Ave, Washington. 

But if think about all the…  

You know, like the Aztecs, right? They believe very much that everything on this earth could be used to heal their ailments. Look at the Indians. They are the same way. You know Asian my Asian culture. I mean if you go into some of the old apothecaries and I used to find it fascinating. When I was a kid when I go back to Taiwan I would go to the herbalist and I would get what you needed from them, but there would be jars all along the walls. There would be seahorses that always caught my eye like dried seahorses, right? It’s crazy, but they would have dried parts of animals and things along the wall, right and all of it had medicinal properties. And it was it. Was crazy to me because I came. In the US I was a child of the US and I am like it’s just weird in here. But my grandmother, my aunts, all of them, after getting acupuncture, would go to the herbalist they would grind up the stuff they needed. They would put them in little packets, and they would drink them as teas. 

Did y’all get any of that? Looking at that sea horse tee on tap today. 

I don’t know. 

I don’t see horses, but I just remember seeing them. 

I only brought it up because I saw them, and I used to always go. Oh, that’s sad. 

Seahorses are healing us, and we don’t even know it. 

Who knew? 

Would never have guessed seahorses but every element on this planet is. Holding like how many periodic table elements are within it and how are those things going to affect us? Do you know you eat one thing off the ground like a feral person? And it’s like Yum Yum and it’s like, oh, I suddenly am feeling so much calmer because this flower has a **** ton of magnesium in it, and now all of a sudden, I can actually like relax my body and my thought pattern has gone to one track and I can focus, you know.

All of these different areas of our planet. In all the different ways that we can use our planet and use ourselves to heal ourselves. As you said, everything that we need is either in the planet on the planet or in us. 

Like we don’t need too many of these external things to solve the innate issues that cause disease within our bodies, and you know more now than ever I think that science is becoming far more accepting that there are bridges that we have to confront that are blending these eastern and western medicines. 

Uh, I think it would be a perfect synergy if they would just blend and work with each other. You know, because let’s be honest, you sometimes need surgery, right? And why is it you can’t use acupuncture to help quicken the results of healing? Because it’s been shown that accelerates the healing process, if you can have surgery, naturally accelerate the healing process without using pharmaceutical drugs. Which by the way can change your hormone structure right and then how is that going to affect you In the long run? So how about if we do it in a natural way that allows a person to quickly, you know, heal? And feel better and get back on their feet and become one complete individual. 

We can’t do that. 

Why are you sitting there making faces again? 

Can’t do that ****. The insurance company is going to approve it because if the insurance company doesn’t approve it then the doctors don’t get paid, then they’re not going to do it either. 

It’s so true though that’s.  

What I’m talking about? Why can’t we have both of them work? 

Together though, and I think that bridge is coming because you have the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to these quantum physicists who are like, yeah, we kind of do live in a hologram. And like Tada, surprise, everything is a hologram and everything that you project out of your consciousness is part of reality in one way or another.

Or parallel universes exist like these sorts of things are coming to the surface now that it’s no longer a taboo subject that is only in conversation with people in CERN. Or in NASA or something, you’re able to go beyond Switzerland and go beyond Houston and be able to make this kind of connection. That is like changing the world and it’s becoming common knowledge now we’re having whether it’s true or not. Like these timeline slips, you know all these Mandela effects happening and it’s like how we can confront these new issues if we’re not willing to see how there are new solutions available.

We need to be able. And I think that that it’s coming through. I think that something that is promising about our future is that we’re able to open up these ideas for these newer generations to explore these concepts that all the old bats who are finally dying that had the pride too high that they couldn’t share this kind of information and academic situations or in their institutions that it’s not in their contract to talk about these sorts of things. Or it would completely invalidate my doctorate if I talked about these sorts of things, so I’m going to omit it for the next generations to talk about, and it’s opening all of these doors of curiosity.  

That’s an injustice because they’re facts and facts should be brought out. Even if it conflicts with what was prior, right? 

Yeah, I mean Plato talks a lot about the value of censorship and what that does to a community. And if we’re not, if we can even share as many facts that are proven over and over and over again? The scientific method is on lock, and yet you’ll still have a fact checker. From For sure, don’t question me. I know all the don’t test me. I’ll tell you that. Like you’ll have those coming out and being like. No, that’s not true. I checked it. You can believe me check, check my facts, you know like it doesn’t matter what we share and how we share it. There’s always going to be those people that are like there’s no. The way that I can.  

The naysayers, yeah, you’re always going to have critics. 

Yeah, those freaking nerds like it’s uh, you got to be able to be open to new information. 

Yeah, that’s the tagline of our show Tight Evolution podcast, haters welcome.

That’s what we do here. Yeah, that’s what we do. Hey Elisabeth, we’re getting ready to wrap up. I got a couple. Of questions for you. One is where can people? Where’s the one place you want to send people to get a hold of you and two if people are having problems in your life or this ease as you’re talking about what? Advice would you give those people? 

So, you can contact me at my e-mail, which is my last name, and first name, and then jobs.

I would suggest anyone that who is feeling something underlining in their body in their mind, maybe a memory just keeps resurfacing, and they cannot get past it, they cannot confront it properly. Maybe some PTSD or CPTSD is going on there. Maybe some issues are going on with your nervous system and how you’re using your breath which is now affecting your nervous system and putting you into fight or flight. Just because you don’t know that you’re breathing too shallowly, you know you just. You never were born to know that you know. 

So, if you have this kind of issue. When something it’s coming up on your mind, your intuition won’t let you forget it, if it keeps bringing you back to that like oh, I just have this pinch in my left shoulder or like I have and no one seems to have an answer as I would go to a naturopathic doctor or a holistic physician, someone who is certified, is a license to do this kind of work and let them examine you and? 

Also, take a step back to realize that everything that is going on in our bodies in some way or another is a reflection of our inner state. So, I mean it’s not to blame you for your things. That’s not what I’m saying, but it is to say whatever you have going on. There may be a part of you internalized that you need to confront and that takes… it could be therapy. It could be like just going into meditation and having yourself go through it, journaling whatever it is that might be successful for you to be able to confront this disease, which is internalized and then later becomes externalized. 

So, for example, people who are they have like anger problems might have an issue with their kidney, so people with kidneys issues. They’re like I don’t know… It’s like well, it’s because you’re an *******. It’s because. You’re just so like everything’s like.  

Travis, she’s talking about you. 

I do not. Feel personally attacked because I know that I’m an ******* with a purpose. That’s what I know. 

Well, we only call you an ******* because we love you. 

Yes, that’s very true, very true. 

So, I would tell them to do a little inner work. I would tell them to reflect and be honest with themselves, because if they can’t be honest with themselves about what’s going on, then there’s no way that anyone can help them. 

After all, if you’re not willing to help yourself first. And that’s my main bag is allowing people the opportunity and the tools and techniques to heal themselves from the inside out. It’s a one-person job and you have to be willing and sincere to want to do it for yourself first. 

That’s fantastic Elisabeth thank you so much. Much for being ours. Guest today and if you want to contact this agent of chaos, it’s Thanks again. 

Thank you, guys. 

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