America’s Systems and Infrastructure Reimagined Through Neuroscience, Epigenetics, and Quantum Physics with Aileda Lindal with Aileda Lindal

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It is time to get off the hamster wheel! Aileda joins us to share her experiences working in global markets. This titan was formally invited to the White House and has given business opinions on international trade agreements. Aileda shares her journey with childhood trauma. 


{01:19} What makes Aileda a Titan

{07:20} Being a mom in the business world and the pressure woman face

{18:20} Making a pivot in her career

{20:25} Aileda’s mother had brain damage when the guest was 10 years old

{26:40} Finding balance and walking your talk

{29:36} Getting off the hamster wheel and get into the presence

{37:15} traumatic childhood experiences 

{42:30} Life Today and life under pandemic restrictions

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Aileda Lindal Bio

Aileda carries the extraordinary ability to visualize organizations at both micro and macro levels. Aileda has experience working in global markets. She was formally invited to the White House and has given business opinions on international trade agreements. Covid-19 had Aileda on a new path into the world of medical systems set up, Team Development, and Executive| Dr. Coaching/ Practitioner/Owner Consulting and Coaching in the heart of NYC. Where she is now the proud partner of her own Medical Billing and Consulting organization.

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Full Transcript

Hey, welcome back to the show Here with my co-host Carol Carpenter and our guest Aileda Lindal, Aileda. How are you doing today?

I’m doing well. Thanks.

Elida has been personally invited to the White House to give her opinion on international trade agreements she has experienced working in global markets and we may or may not talk about it. How can she visualize it? Organizations at the micro and macro level, whatever the hell that means, you just got up to something like the Pacific Northwest. You flew in specifically for this show.

I did.

We don’t have any people now.

I flew in specifically to meet Carol in person, so there’s that.

If you’re watching the video, you can see how they’re an absolute person together, so it worked out well for both of you. You’ve had a light lunch. We’ll see each other tomorrow.

Come on, Travis.

Mauro, I’m just saying you’re not together right now. But you are, but you’re not 

We’re together in spirit.

You will undoubtedly encounter difficulties. A life I don’t.

I think it’s going to be trouble for me because let’s be honest, I’m never in trouble.

Oh ********

This is the Titan Evolution of podcasts. We’re talking about a tight ship, and I got to know what makes you a Titan.

I know, that’s yeah, that was my response when you said it a few minutes ago. And I’m like, it’s still the same response. I’m like, woof. What makes me a Titan? I would say, like your life story, right? So, everybody has a life story, and let’s just view that as maybe our obstacle course in life.

I don’t want to know about everyone. I want to know about you Specifically, it’s a hard question. A lot of people don’t think of themselves as the amazing beings that they are It’s a hard question to answer. What makes you? Specifically, how do you get invited to the White House? That might be Titan-worthy, huh?

I mean, oh yeah, it was fun.

You’re downplaying it. Come on,

Yeah, why, you ******, let’s hear it. 

So, I went into an organization and the whole goal was to grow and expand the international side of the business. It was an incredible amount of research, and when I don’t know something, I dig it. And so, I researched like crazy and made a tremendous number of connections with all the right people in Denver and then began to be connected with people around the world. And then we were heavily amazing conversations about trade and regulations, and you know what it’s like for America to be trying to trade with these other countries.

And each has its different dynamic. And so, it was pretty cool. When I got the invite, there were 50 organizations, all in different industries. But it was fascinating to sit there with the White House, as well as senators, Congress, and representatives, and be able to ask them questions about all of the intricacies of international trade. It was also very eye-opening that they’re no different from you or me, and sometimes there are questions that they can’t answer, and you know it’s something. It’s a thing.

Well, Carol, where were you the last time you sent a roundtable? And we’re asking about your talk about international trade.

Uh, like ******* never, I declare. Yeah, just mostly.

People don’t just do that, Aileda, talk about international trade. They don’t just like, oh, you want to go have coffee and talk about international trade, like, I just don’t think that doesn’t happen At the White House, yeah.

And I’m a geek. I’m a geek. It’s a real thing.

No, no, it’s not droll, it’s amazing.

Yeah, it’s amazing, and she’s like, you know, I want I just don’t know what. I just dig and dig and dig. So, like, you’re not satisfied with the status quo, you want to know what the real answer is, and you fight for that and that kind of level of dedication got you into the ******* White House, yeah? But yeah, believe it, dear. God, we wouldn’t have you on here. We didn’t think you were worthy.

Yeah, no joke. You act.

We just put the link out to everybody.

Yeah, everybody gets invited to the White House, you know Yeah, that’s a normal thing, right? No, no dear. 

OK, well, it was cool. Yeah, it was cool. It is OK. And at least I was like, hey, that’s ready to get into the White House. Like, now we know.

But I bet you it was cool to realize, “Hey, these guys also don’t have all the answers. I mean, they’re just like you and me, you know.

Yeah, yeah, Carol. It was very insightful in that aspect of things, I guess, I anticipated Being able to have the answers, you know, being able to have the answers,

Like closure? It’s kind of like some kind of closure to those answers, but to find out that you didn’t is kind of like, Well, you know, that was anti-climactic, right Here, here’s where I thought I was going to get answers and now I’m not getting any, and what the?

It was anticlimactic for everybody in the room because it was, well, I was more strategic about the questions, right? And so, everybody was asking about their specific industry because everybody has specialized trade needs, right? But when it came around to me, I remember I had something and I was like, “Well, I’m going to ask this because it’s going to resonate with everyone. Every single person in this room needs the answer to this one, right? And so, I remember asking, and yeah, it was like a back-and-forth shuffle and in and out of the room a few times trying to get the answer, and then we got a really yes, general generic response.

Well, I mean, a lot of people don’t know how it works, right? They bring in the experts because they don’t know. They don’t have all the answers and they’re willing to admit that which is pretty interesting. So, even though it may feel like it at times, we are not living in a dictatorship. There are people like you and me. They get elected positions, and they don’t have the answers, so they bring in the experts, apparently as an example, ask Aleta. Let’s get her to the White House. Yeah, we would ask her here, right? She doesn’t believe she’s a tight We’re working to convince her while she’s on the show how amazing she is. She doesn’t believe it now. I don’t know.

I mean, we might even not publish this episode if you don’t believe it. I mean, come on.

It’s just the bomb in the middle of the conversation, Travis.

I know, right? I’m also hopped on caffeine. I had a handful of Oreos. I’m drinking

We want them.

Oh my God.

No mumbo jumbo, a man in the future, no more Oreos, nothing at all.

So, I hung out. I went with Carolyn and an amazing group of people for a week in Texas, and I went on a road trip. I was going to go swing by South Carolina, see Charleston, and see Aleta. And she’s like, “Oh, sorry, I thought you were more flexible. I have to fly to New York, and now they are on the show. She’s not in her place. She’s flown up to Washington state to hang out with some people just because she can, and she’s like, “Well, I’m not a Titan. I don’t know what it’s like.” You know how you would define that if you don’t believe you are one.

I mean, I mean, I’m humble.

No, we’re not talking about being humble, not about humility. We’re not pretending here. You are who you are.

It’s probably one of the coolest, most amazing Titan things I’ve ever done in my entire life as a single mom of two amazing, beautiful kids and going through processes with each of them. You know, they were 4 1/2 years apart, but it was one thing that I was always mindful of was that job in my life and its importance. And thank heavens, I had enough sense about me, right? And kind of like growing up myself, quickly realizing that everything I do is going to impact their lives. That was pivotal.

Well, it’s not just your children. I mean this; this relates to business. In some ways, everything you do has an impact on the people around you. And I think it’s an incredible journey when you’re a parent because I don’t know about you, but I have my kids. And so, I grew up with them, and I learned a lot in that process, and I became a better human being because of them. And it’s so funny that you have these little guys. You know, for me, it was two boys. And for you, it was two girls. I’m assuming you know. These two human beings taught me so much, and it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced if you haven’t had kids, folks, you know.

I mean, I know some people are allergic to having kids, and that’s OK too, but there is a process, and you don’t realize how much you sacrifice. People use the word “sacrifice” in almost every imaginable way. But as a parent, you truly sacrifice for your children. You know, in a way, this translates into business, because at the end of the day, people are like, “Yeah, I do all this stuff for my business,” blah blah. And it’s just like, “Yeah, but until you’re a parent. You understand the real sacrifices. You are just moving your time. For business, that’s not you know and yes, that’s a sacrifice in itself, but it’s not the same.

Yeah, it’s not. It’s

So interesting. It’s not the same when people say, “Well, I have fur babies. Look, they are not the same as having kids.

OK, dude, you cannot leave out food and water for your children and then expect them to be OK.

This is just the Spencer, and then you crack the door to the backyard That’s just that. That’s not how it works. There are laws protecting kids. I mean, there are laws protecting pets too, but it’s not the same How old are your babies now?

So, as I say, this is a good topic right now too, because this is a hot topic for, well, it’s not a hot topic. It’s been bubbling up with my girls recently, right? And then there’s the whole baby and wow, do I want to be a mom thing. Neither one of them knows if they want to have children. My oldest is 31 My youngest is 23.

You can’t possibly look like you are old enough to have a 31-year-old.

…Thank you  

woman You didn’t have to pause.

Thank you, Carol, for your compliment. And I appreciate it.

I’m like, “Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate it. Well, I say, like, I say it like that because I look at her and I’m like, I’m sure it’s like, absolutely 1000% the same in your situation. You know, with your kids, it’s like, again, when you have them young too. It’s just a thing.

But they keep you young. I mean, I always felt right, and I love having children because they keep me young. That’s a huge thing right now Back to the tuff. They don’t know if they want to have children, and so people are like, whoa, like, are you OK with that? You know, are you OK with that? I’m like, I’m OK with that because

I mean, if they don’t want to if they don’t, they choose not to have children. That’s their choice. Now, who’s said that you have to, have it? Children and why is there so much pressure to have children? You know, there are plenty of people procreating like crazy. That shouldn’t come out. No, please stop.

Sorry, that’s a real thing. Like a lot of ladies I know, they lose their identity because it seems to be at whatever mythical age that their parents started.

That’s true.

You know, saying Oh, when are you going to get to be with someone where you know when you get or you’re with somebody who will learn to get engaged and like, I just met this dude. Like, how do you get engaged? Wednesday When are you getting married? As soon as You’re married, like?

When are you having kids? Can I just be myself? Can I just be me?

Yeah, we do. Yeah,

Is that how you all feel?

Yeah, yeah.

Did you get the same kind of like?

There was pressure. Yeah, huge. Did you experience that a leader when you got married was like, “Oh my God, now when are you going to have kids? There was so much pressure to have kids that it was like we couldn’t have them right away. Did it suck? And people were volunteering their husbands to get me pregnant because my husband could get me pregnant, you know? I quickly realized it was a mistake. 

Ah, wow.

That sounds like a whole other story right there.

No, I mean that is intense.

Super intense That must have been a lot of pressure. So yeah, that’s back to your daughter again. It’s a decision.

Why is that? Why does the topic come up as a hot topic for your kids? Whether they do or do not want to have kids right now? What drew you to the role?

So that’s the thing. It brings me to the point where I’m like, OK, they know who I am. They may have spoken to them openly and honestly because they know they can, you know. Like their moms are going to freak out and I’m not going to be, but my only question is, OK, but can I ask why?

And they’re like, “We don’t feel good about the way things are in the world. We don’t feel good about it. We just don’t know. I don’t know. We don’t know. They are also practical and realistic. So, when my eldest told me that just a couple of months ago, we were sitting on my back deck in South Carolina. She was visiting and we were having that conversation. I said, “Look, then that means I have a job to do because I need to write this ******* book early and get it out into the world.”

Because if that’s how my kids are feeling and I’m also hearing other people share with me in conversation that their children are feeling the same way, then we’ve got a real bucking problem on our hands. Stop being like it’s time to change some things.

Well, heck yeah.

It’s time to change some things.

Yeah, our children aren’t feeling good about the world and our society and where they see things going It’s scary, you know, and does it keep them from wanting to have children when they meet the right person? I’m talking about when with.

Yeah, my oldest has been married for five years. They’re a beautiful couple. They have, like, everything. When I say that, I mean, like, you know, they’ve got a beautiful home, they’ve got the property.

Most importantly, they’ve got that connection with each other, and teamwork, and they have this synergy that is on fire. Do you know what I mean? And so, they consciously have these conversations and make these choices together in their lives, and everything is teamwork. Everything is teamwork, and they’re going to, I mean, they’re super blessed. They’re going to be retiring in a couple of and then she’s like, wow, like, what next, right? Right. But I mean, she’s doing, you know, the upside-down, the aerobatic, whatever with the salts.

Oh, that’s super cool. So.

Now she’s experimenting. She’s like, OK, well, if I don’t like it, if I didn’t, she does dog daycare, and that was, like, always her passion. So, both of my girls were unfair to Norris. Monkey see monkey do. She has a doggy daycare business she got sick and tired of She was working. Underneath, the VP of her organization, they rotated leadership for the third time. She was like, “**** this, I’m done.  I’m not doing it anymore. She said, “I’m out of here.” Her husband said, “What do you want to do, babe? 

And she said, “I want, I want to have a doggy daycare on our property, and they got the permits and made the magic happen. She has 20 large-breed dogs out here every single day. Her baby. He is.

Oh my gosh, get quack. There’s something else.

This all just falls into the sink.

Yeah, and you know, what’s so great about it is that you get to, like, foster them essentially, you know, through the doggy daycare, and you get to know them and love them.

And then you get to send It’s like being the babysitter. That’s it. And they love it because she also trains and, you know, it’s just like, it’s perfect. And she started her first doggy training business when she was ten, around the neighborhood.

Oh, wow. The first one is AKC certified, so I mean, go figure. And she’s 31, so I mean, that’s how that magic happened. My little one is a photographer and has had her own photography business since she was 15, and she’s 26 now. She’s good. She’s really good. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was ten, and I refused to medicate her immediately, right? So, this goes into the mindset. So, I’m like in a heavy mindset. Coach Carol is like my Forte, right? And so, she automatically went into this, I heard a diagnosis, and so I’m embodying this now and I’m accepting this about myself. And I was like, “Uh, let me tell you right now, it’s a gift. And you can sit over there, and you can pretend like it’s not. But you know what I’m saying to you, and you know that I know that you can focus on anything that you love just like anybody else on the face of this planet. But you have to love it. I mean, love it, right?

I have a son that was diagnosed with ADHD. Same thing.

But if you gave him something he loved, guess what? You could spend hours focused on a puzzle. He didn’t even, like, literally never leave it until it was completed. And he would do these intricate things like 3D puzzles. Where I’m looking, I’m going. The teachers would send home puzzles that the other students couldn’t solve. Because he would spend hours, but if it didn’t interest him, if it was too easy for him, it was like you wanted to murder the child here.

Yeah, we hear you So let me ask you a question because you were a young man. Mom, because we’ve discussed this, but when they were young, was this the current business that you’re in? Was this something you were interested in, or did you start as something else and then change your mind?

Oh, I pivoted. I mean, I was working my *** off in corporate America, because what are you going to do now? right? And I, so if I like, if I have to work and I can’t be a full-time nurturer and I have to be out in the world full time, then I’d better be excelling. I’d better be advancing in every aspect, every single way so that they can have that benefit of seeing me. They could do that and be an achiever, and they could have it for themselves that they would never need to worry about whether or not they were capable of taking care of themselves. Do you know what I mean?

Oh yeah. Yeah, when did you decide to pivot and change to what you’re currently doing because you’re your coach, right?

Yeah, it was my ADHD child turning 12 or so, and she was a handful and a pistol and wanted attention and, again, bored and whatever, right? And so yeah, I was like, OK, now I have to run and toggle different schedules too because now I’ve got like sports going on and I’ve got this, you know, my schedule and I’m the solo, right? So, like, my schedule has to accommodate everything and so, yeah, it was just, you know, strategic planning and preparation and like, OK, that’s like if this has to happen.

And was it something? That you had a passion for, which was

For sure, for sure. OK, so I love quantum physics, right? And epigenetics and neuroscience. Those are my top three levels So when we talk about following passions, my little one also followed her passion with her photography. I followed my passion with my love of those 3 topics. Interestingly enough, I was having a conversation the other day, and it occurred to me. I was like, “Wow, pretty interesting that I have the fascination that I do with neuroscience.” because I hadn’t linked it to the fact that my mom suffered brain damage when I was ten. I was like, “Interesting. She was in a really bad Carol. A motorcycle accident, oddly enough. Oh well. Yeah, and I’m like you get motorcycles, so you get it, but yeah, she wasn’t wearing a helmet and she hit the pavement and she was my mom’s maybe 100 pounds. And then she was scared about 20 feet away and suffered a skull fracture. As a result, it was very moving. Go there for a long minute. Is she even going to make it?

Public service announcement, all gear, all the time, and that’s what we preach.

For sure, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And it was as if everything on this was just the road as if they were out on the open road. Not motocross, but yeah.

Well, it doesn’t matter because you just never know when these things are going to happen.

It happens, you know.

100 percent, you just don’t, yeah.

Yeah, you’re in a car, and you’re like, “Oh, everyone is just going to kind of follow the rules. You’re on a bike. Everyone is trained to kill you. No one is paying attention if you’re not looking out for yourself. But you have to be on the whole time There’s not a whole lot of time where you can go for a casual bike ride. Well, there is, though. I mean, you can have a casual bike ride if you are very knowledgeable and skilled already. Because you can A portion of your focus can be on enjoying the view, which is why you’re there. It’s such a visceral sport, right? But you also have to be geared. If you’re geared, you can alleviate.

Some of that focus You know, to do the enjoyable part but honestly, we drive like we’re invisible. And I treat it that way like nobody can see me, because I can’t tell you how many times, and it’s almost every single ride on the street that I do. If somebody tries to do something to kill me and it’s not my fault,

of their own. It’s sad. That you have Well, they don’t hear you. They don’t see you. Yeah, because they’re distracted, and we are living in a society of distraction. Yeah, you know. And I see them on their phones, and I wish we could just ping it to him. Maybe we, you know, I’ve talked. I think this was when I did a podcast with Otis and his son. It would be nice if we could, along with a driver’s education, do a brighter education and put kids on dirt bikes and show them.

What’s it like? And actually, you would be a better driver if you rode a bike. Because what you learn is entry apex and corner, and what happens is most kids are fine Down, straight, even In a car, but the minute they have to take a corner, they don’t know how to approach the corner. We approach corners very, you know, technically and methodically. And so, if they could learn that they would be better drivers. We’d have fewer accidents. The insurance companies, you know, wouldn’t make as much money, so they couldn’t gouge us as much.

That would be right. Yeah, OK, I set it out. Right, it’s out there now. insurance companies So because I used to ride, I had a cruiser, a Suzuki, not a sport bike like you’ve got. I taught my kids how to play. Instead of playing punch buggy or slug bug, we played motorcycle slap.

They would get to like slap each other every time, so they were always looking out for motorcycles when they were in the car with us So you would. Just look here. So, I was like, “Motorcycles.” I reached back and hit my son in the leg or whatever, he’s like, “Dad, it’s not fair. As you can see before, I can say I was like, You guys have the chance. Look at the sides. And all this stuff, so they’re like scanning parking lots Trying to find So they could just, you know, reach over and it wasn’t violent, right?

It wasn’t a slug bug when your teenager would just like, “Oh, you know, get in there as much as possible.” You know, it was just like that. Yeah, and now my son, like, he’s like, “I don’t like the motorcycle. He’s like, “I like the Camaro. So, we played Camaro slap. Now he’s like a Camaro slap like the other drivers in the neighborhood. He knows where people are. It’s not just them buried in their phones. It’s not them, just are we there yet though? They’re engaged while we’re driving around, seeing their environment. They’re not letting some slack plan.

It looks like some of the time it’s a little like long road trips, but going across town is like hey, phones down. I don’t want to let you know when you start getting them three or four times. They’re like, “Fine, I guess I’ll pay attention now,” and they start paying attention.


Regarding my fascination with the brain, right?

Yeah, you mentioned quantum physics, epigenetics, and aeronautic science.

And I like that because our brain is our computer there’s just like, no two ways about it. They’re slicing and dicing and neuroscience the brain as fast as they can because they’re creating the latest AI quantum computers after our brain, which is fascinating.

So, then you, you know, conscious awareness that has been ping-ponging back and forth between the two of you for a few moments now. And the statistics that they’re putting out, they’re saying that it’s like 5% of the time the populace is conscious and the other 95% of the time people are in repeat programs. That means your computer is running itself, right? Instead of the spirit being present, so, conscious awareness is present-moment awareness. That’s when your spirits are on board.

Word right That’s when you can tell your body what to do You can tell your mind what to do right. The mind then controls the body. And I do think it’s like I do. Think of my love for that. It probably stemmed from that instance.

Well, you incorporate all those items together to do what you are now doing, because, I mean, you’re talking about a scientific thing, more towards a spiritual thing too. So how are you embodying both of those to do what you’re doing?

Yeah, I walk my talk, so I’m not saying by any means that I’m perfect. But I walk my talk very carefully and with a lot of precision. Like, you do your motocross with a lot of precision, right and so, yeah, it’s important. It’s vitally important and so for me, that’s like saying well. We’re not using our brains at all, and so conscious awareness is the present, present place where the free will takes place, right? That’s freedom when you have free will. So, Uhm, you can make a different choice, you can make a different decision. You’re overwriting an old program. You rewrite new programs, create new neural pathways, and all of this is possible and occurs. I’ve also, like, medically worked with people who’ve suffered massive strokes and massive heart attacks and rehabbed people.

Where they thought it would never be like, it’s impossible Like it’s impossible. So, I’m like, “Well then, I’ve personally witnessed medical miracles. which is also epic. You know,

So, we have to. We have to unpack. This stuff is because you’ve been in it for years now. It’s very plain to you, you understand. You’re on board. Like in quantum physics, it is kind of the thought that things can happen across all space and time at the same time. You can affect things in the past and the future with something that happens now. We have a genetic code where we can turn on and off genes, and that was one of the big things that were a problem with COVID. It was the first coronavirus that could turn on and off genes.

This is why it was such a big problem. Neuroscience and neuroplastic are where you have the control and the ability to create and rewire new pathways within the brain. So, we mentioned running most of our lives on autopilot, right? Once you learn how to tie your shoes the first couple of times, 10-20 times, it’s a pain in the *** to tie your shoes. You’re like the button that goes around and around. You got to pull like it’s impossible. When you’re learning, but as soon as you get it, you nail it You tie your shoes the same way. You never think anymore. You did that thing that was hard to learn. You put it on autopilot, so your brain doesn’t have to actively think. We do this by brushing our teeth. We learn this While we’re driving, we’re learning how to drive. It’s a pain in the ***Motorcycle entry, apex, and exit, because we have to learn all these things specifically, and then the better you get, the more practice you have, the easier it becomes.

Like when I ride my bike, I don’t have to think about it. I know exactly where I’m winding up, how I’m going to dip into it, what speed to be at when I’m going to roll on the throttle and out that. Like, that’s all under our programming. So, how do people in our daily lives who are stuck on the hamster wheel, running all their programs on autopilot, snap? Back to reality, oh, there goes gravity. Oh, I’m not going to rap? How do I? How do you pull yourself into the present? Get off the hamster wheel Get off of those programs. So, you can be conscious. Not just 5% of the time, but all the time. So, when I’m coaching people, I pay attention to their word choices.

And that’s usually the number one place I start epigenetics, Travis, just to touch on that quickly. There’s an ailment in the body that presents itself, and there’s research that’s been done. I have an encyclopedia.

from somebody who went through the foster care system, right, and was a Ph.D. psychologist in the foster care system. He was the person working with these children, and so they recorded, and they logged, and they longed for, like, lifetimes. Certain behavioral and emotional things can get stuck. And the body and or become a physical problem and it’s right there in this book and it’s amazing because every time I’ve heard somebody says. I’ve got this or my knee or whatever, right while I’m in conversation with them. I’m like, so I’ll open the book and I’m like, “Um, and then I’ll share it with them,” right? I’ll say hello. By the way, I use this as part of my coaching. Let me just send you.

See this page for more information. What do you think? Do you think that any of this could apply? If so, then you’re probably going to coach around that, and in a couple of weeks, it’s gone. I always have one and then come back and I’ll touch it. I’m like, OK, so now it’s not like

Can you talk about a specific example from a client, not a name? We’re not interested in that stuff, but you said they say this, and then you just kind of went on to your next thing. What do you mean?

like, as an example?

So, like a young woman was having trouble with her hips and was talking about how to like her hips are off and they’re out of place and they’re out of like, I feel like I’m out of the socket and I need to go to a chiropractor. That would be one thing.

So, describing an ailment that they have without identifying pause.

Yeah, you know how.

People tend to just share their ailments like it’s a thing in society, right? So, everybody is like, “and sometimes loglines, yeah.  

Oh, my back hurts.

You’ll even hear people say they can almost compete with it, right? Like, who’s? Who’s worse off?

Who’s getting worse? Yeah,

And so, I’m just you don’t do that to yourselves. I’m like, no, I’m like, just don’t write like Don’t just come over here because again. There are endless possibilities in a quantum field. So why? Would we now put that space in? Because the gospel is presented in parables. So, they say.

Their hip is hurt or disjointed. You go to your resource document where it talks about

It’ll say when you’ve got problems, right? Is it the right hip? Is it the left hip? What does it matter? And is that an 8 or is it a deep-seated pain? Is it a stabbing pain? There are all kinds of different things that could apply, and then it can get pretty specific with most physical ailments, so I’m never.

Is this?

I’ve never shared it. I’ll share it with you, Carol. I don’t have it here with me, so the reason why I say that

What’s it called?

Messages from the body

Oh my God, I have the book.

Michael J. Lincoln

I have the book. Yes, it’s pretty helpful.

Yeah, I mean, the government paid for a huge portion of the research, of course. Just so you know.

Yeah, it’s what IT says, just from the body. They’re psychological meanings.

So, so epigenetics. Epigenetics, to bring us back full circle, is the ability to once you release those things So Carol, when you were talking about, oh my gosh, like the crying we were talking about like it’s a cleanse, it’s a purge, its healing, and then once that happens, then it is healing. truly appealing on a physical level. It’s healing.

Yeah, we shouldn’t Suppress those feelings, because then they become internalized, and they affect everything within the body.

It does. And so, another fun fact was that I was, uh, gosh, I don’t even know. Years ago, I’m going to say probably 2008. I participated in a government study in Colorado They were using a wand, and I was fascinated by this. I was like, “Oh, let me see the latest technology and the like What are they experimenting with now?

Right And so I’m like, sure I’ll do it, and they said your body just took it, and that was back then. So imagine what the technology is now. It just took this bond of your body and then you could see blocked energy within the energy fields of your body, and it would show up on their computer screen. Fascinating. Fascinating, right?

I’ve seen this before on Star Trek. They use a tricorder, and they go up and down  

Well, I mean. Well, I mean, we are in the So there’s that. I mean, I’ll just 

There is no spoon.

And consciousness, consciousness. Isn’t this the red pill? My blue pill, well, you want it.

I know what you’re thinking.

To know something like acupuncture does the same thing. So, do I see an acupuncture IST regularly? For a couple of weeks? And I remember when I first started doing it, the very first thing I felt. And I never felt Anything like it before, right because? I had a bunch of issues. They take your clothes. They check your time, right and then they assess your energy.

TCM, right, is traditional Chinese medicine.

It is, yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. And so, here’s why it was so interesting. When she put the needles in, it would be super painful. 

You’re so stupid. Well, when you know you, I have work to do. Right? Like those nails are going to do a thing, right?

Right, well, and it was clear to unblock the blocked energy within that Meridian, right?

Yep, yep. 

But then they leave you to rest after they put all the needles in. They leave you to rest. And I remember the very first time I did it. I could feel the needles vibrating. Yeah, and it freaked me out. As a result, as a Chinese person, I was opposed to doing anything from my culture. And I’m not joking with you. I did not want to do it and I was just shy of going into surgery, so I said, as a last-ditch effort, I’m going to do acting.

Guards? Most people try what?

Great, right? One more thing: Just one more thing, right? It ended up healing me and not just healing me. I liken it to putting a band-aid over a wound. It healed me from the core, the Gate, the foundation of it, and it changed me 100%.

Yeah, it’s your energetic physical fields, yes.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, Travis. I just completely steamrolled over you.

I don’t feel interrupted.

Just like motocross, right?

I don’t. I don’t feel interrupted in the slightest. I was thinking, I was like, why are we not talking about Aleta and, like, her things and her journey on her path? And I’m like, “What the heck? She’s like totally daunting this stuff and now, like, I’m interested in talking about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and neuroscience. So, like, I guess we won’t talk about it later. Today we’re going to talk about this cool shape might as well.

It’s a part of the path that’s part of what took me into these places of fascination. So, we’ll take it back. Let’s take it back to my mom again. So, my mum, my mom, and dad had divorced right before the accident occurred, and so that was a pivot in our lives. And so, we already had this big bomb kind of blow up, and then my grandmother wound up moving in with my mom and me and that was literally, and I mean literally, my saving grace. We were in a two-bedroom, one-bath home, and we shared a 10 by 10 room. We had twin beds and my grandma. And so, she became my nanny. She didn’t drink. She didn’t because she didn’t smoke, she didn’t swear, she didn’t speak ill of another person, literally, like, believed in living your life as close to sainthood as you possibly could, and that still is the strongest, most powerful representation still to this day of anyone I’ve ever seen, like, living it.

And so, I’m like, OK, she was pretty amazing, and she also had a good sense of humor. Thomas, so there’s not So, yeah, yeah. So, the accident happened, and then, as it turns out, the ******* who married her was sued in court for the accident and that’s why he wanted to marry my mom.

So, she wouldn’t sue.

Yeah, but I mean, I guess I’m a kid in this situation and I don’t know any of this **** is going on. You know, this guy is the biggest ******* on the face of the planet. You need to upgrade.

OK, so. I can ask if she was on a motorcycle. Was he? in a car?

 No, no, no. She was riding on a motorcycle with him. She was the parachute.

Oh, she didn’t show up. She was a passenger, OK?

You, Scott? Yeah, OK, OK, Oh yeah.

Yeah, that’s not good. Was this not your boyfriend at the time?

Assuming it was a boyfriend at the time, yes, like he had been dating, but everybody was kind of like, “I mean, so I told you guys about my sweet, adorable gram. OK, rather well, she refers to him as a pig. You know, that’s horrific coming out of her mouth. Do you know what I mean?

Because she never says anything about anybody.

She was seen as a cute little St. Yes. I was like, “Grandma’s house. She made. He taught my grandma that word. The word

She calls him a pig. You’re in complete shock I can’t believe Grandma just said that.

Yeah, the whole family was right. Like, yeah, on my mom’s side, right? My mom is on the Italian side of the family. And so, like, in a lot of ways. To the outside world, my mom would seem fine. You know, if you didn’t know my mom prior, you would not even know that there was a change. You know because she could still communicate well. But she is different in a lot of ways. like after that because of lobe damage. So, it’s fighting. Yeah, so I think I have become like my mom’s mom. in a lot of ways. Not always, but in a lot of ways.

You, too, bear a great deal of responsibility. As a young person, you know, coming into the world. on their own. And you have this responsibility now, kind of the mom, I mean you, you had to take on some of those responsibilities.

Yeah, I did. I became responsible very young, and my grandmother, Pat, had gone back home right after the marriage occurred, and she passed away. So that was kind of OK; now here are my cards and then my dad was a gambler and a drinker and an amazing business guy.

He was super, super smart when it came to business. But for whatever reason, he had that personality type that he had to plummet to want to be a superhero again. And when I say superhero, I mean it was crazy. Help us. He could bounce out of the cellar and, like, back it in the clouds, you know what I mean. Financially, it was mind-blowing sometimes. But Uhm yeah, and so I was like, OK, like I oh I could be with this person, you know, this situation or this situation, like, jeez, OK, here we go. Game on, life.

Yeah, so then what time? Well, at what age would you say? You were just kind of like, “Yeah, I’m freaking done with this. I’m going to go out on my own and venture out on my own because it’s like this roller coaster ride, right? 

Yeah, it was 18 I had to wait until I was 18. My mom always threatened me that she would have me brought back. And at the time, in the state of Colorado, that was like a thing, and you could tell for sure. It was just like I had to stay in the situation, so I just worked. I worked hard on myself over the summers, saved, and had everything I needed to move. At the moment, I turned 18 and I was like, “I’m outta here I’m leaving. I’m leaving. So out But my thought process was that I would bring my mom with me eventually, you know?

Yeah, I mean, that’s at 18. What do you think? But then I was like, well, you know, I don’t know what, I don’t know what’s going on inside that brain of hers, but there seems to be an element of contentment to a degree of depression that there’s no way she’s ever going to let me get her. diagnosed with, so it is what it is.

Yeah, no. OK, so tell us about what you’re doing currently.

Currently, I’m well, most recent. I came through COVID with a group of practitioners in New York City, so they contacted me like 6 weeks before COVID hit. And we were just getting started with team development in their various organizations, which was a good thing because six weeks later, they were still just finger pointers and gossipers, with no concept of the team at all. Medical and doctors don’t know the business, right? And so, it was a break in the shitshow and 1/2.

You can’t tell me about business. I’m a doctor. Or what does that? has to do with getting people in the door.

Doctors make known that they don’t know the business. Do you know what I’m saying? They know they don’t. Know it.

Some do, but they’re not willing to ask or get advice on how to make the

So, it was literally

Business stuff. Work.

True. Some are, some are not, and they never will be, but it’s a shame because they lose. I mean, if I can say **** ton If they don’t know the business, they lose a **** ton of money. And I now know all the intricacies after going through COVID because I was like, like, where’s this outwear that I go in and I can quickly dissect a company. So, I was trained to do that. I worked for a group of private entrepreneurs for a period of about five years at one point in my career. And so, I can go in and I can say, “Give me all of these reports, let me see everything. I can quickly dissect and assess, and I know right and so.

You can dissect and assess things like the health and state of the business, where the pitfalls are, or what the problems are.

We were. Yes, that’s right. Yes, yes, yes. We’re lacking efficiency. Where can you increase the income? Where can you cut expenses? Like, what do they know? What did they not know? How did they organize and design the structural infrastructure of their organization? And it was crazy as cake. Crazy cakes.

So, I’m just getting my head around all of this, and then, the boom here comes this stupid pandemic. And so, the doctors go racing into the ER because they’re like, they’re super ****** heartfelt individuals and they just went straight in and they didn’t come out like it was crazy mayhem, mayhem.

And so, you know, I just got that team to hold focus and we shot them out and we put Telehealth in place. And we did hit compliance. And back then, it was like you could use FaceTime like they were changing the laws. So how to meet the needs of the pandemic that was ever-changing, and they weren’t necessarily thinking through? And then they would come back later and write in all the like, oh like, oh, we’ve forgotten to say this or only for

Probably not a good idea.

We state that.

We should probably do this.

Yeah, yeah. So, I was like, OK, well, well, obviously patient safety is important, right?

We needed to have that, whether they required it or not, you could get a Burger King. I just stuck a swab of somebody who knows me, and I’m like, “That’s a little too close to the brain.” Why are you going to? Anyone can put anyone to the test, right?

And so, the urgent care side, the owners of the urgent care side of the business, said no like this is why we’re here. We’re staying open because that’s the purpose of what we do. And we’re going to stay open for the public and so like literally the teams dropping like flies and having to go home and get well and meet the mandates of you can’t come back to work until 1012 days, whatever at the time, you know, and it was just crazy. And then we didn’t care. We built our field teams because then Como changed the laws and said, OK, now the nursing home staff has to be tough today. And he says, “I’ve got 12 nursing homes signed up. 

Twelve nursing homes want to work with us. We have to be there to do the testing starting on Tuesday. And like 12 nursing homes, 2 * a week, right per location that we have to be there. I was like, you do realize we don’t have enough teams, we don’t have that team, and we don’t have a traveling team, right? And we have no team right now. And you told them we’re going to be there on Tuesday. I was like, I like I’m no, I’m ******* good, but I like, I’ll give it my all. I gave Bing the best shot, and I did group interviews, but I refused to take Burger King swimmers. We’re going to be medical; we’re going to stay medical, and we’re going to build a battlefield.

They know that Burger King Swabber’s not OK, not OK.

Please say no. Oh, I’m. Thank you.

I’m going to tell you why there was at that time. We’re going through COVID and I. My boyfriend lives in Canada and for me to see him, because luckily Canada allowed, you know, YouTube, put in. I think it was like you could be considered under friends and family as long as you were in a relationship for a certain amount of time, right?

Do they prove that? They checked your Facebook back 18 

I know.

In France, they would put it in. I mean, the truth was they couldn’t, but you know what’s funny is, although Canada had that stipulation, the US did not have it back for Kent, for Canadians. So, if you had a Canadian, Thank you. Friend or girlfriend? Yeah

They’re not dynamic.

It didn’t work correctly. Again, yes, international dynamics and so with us the only thing he couldn’t come to see was me. But I could come to see him, and we had to fill out **** tons of paperwork to do this, right? Then you’re like, “There’s, there’s all these, I want to call them kinds. “You know, like roadblocks that you’d have to jump through, right?

I got to go.


I’ve got to stop. Yeah. It sounds like

No, it’s what I call “challenges. 

It sounds like such a guy thing to say. Oh yeah, work says I can’t go see you, but you can come to see me. It is what it sounds like even though

Oh my God.

Right, this is like something like some.

Oh my God, OK. I’m sorry you’re going there.

What would Shady Guy come up with?

I knew it.

It’s not exactly like that. Love God. Ladies, pay attention to me.

Fire Spain.

Not you too, but those listening right now. If some guy is telling you that and he’s not blocked by international borders, that’s a red flag. He’s bullish. Getting out of there You’re not. You’re not a parade of correcting, clicking flags.

Judy King’s curb, essentially.

That sounds like such a crappy thing. To say, “Oh yeah, Bambi, all Canadian rules. I can’t see if you don’t see me.

It was true. We were attempting, right? It’s really hard because, you know, I knew the guy from my past. I’ve had his acquaintance. We were looking into trying to have a real relationship and everything worked in terms of us talking right and we found so many commonalities. So, when we decided to do this, I was like, OK, well. We don’t know when COBRA is going to be over So let’s try to make this work. And I remember, and I’m not shooting you when we’re talking about swabbing. You have it was it? was horrible, so you had to take a test 72 hours before going right back. Then the tests work.

You could go. Back to the lab.

So, you know, like

It was.

I was sweating because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my test on time. before I hit the Blaine border.

Like, oh God, I’m not.

And just I’m going to get to see my boyfriend, you know, and so and by the way, it is 72 hours. I missed it by an hour because I, yeah, no joke. I took the test at the time that it expired before I got to the border. And it was by one hour that they ran me through the wringer. They said, “Where have you been? We don’t know if you should be able to cross the border. And I said I only got out to get gas. That’s it. I went, I talked to nobody, I said nothing to anybody. I put my card in the slot, filled up my gas tank, and then went right.

You know that.

Sat there for half an hour sweating bullets, right? So, on my way back, that still, wouldn’t let me back into the states. Until I took a COVID test. Right over there, and again, I had to find a place that would do it within like 24 hours, right again. OK, so now we’re getting to the horrible part of the story. I didn’t know I was going to get a brain swap, right? I’m in there and I’m thinking, OK, this is going to be like in the states; you know, they get up there, but they’re not like shoving it up. Your brain, this woman.

Yeah, it makes sense.

king swabber

Holy **** I looked at her. My eyes start watering, and I mean water to the point where I am crying.

Flying, yeah.

And then she, you know what she says to me, she goes, OK, that’s one side, we have to do the other and I’m looking at only. Ha ha ha ha ha. You know, it was horrible. So, again, this whole Burger King kind of swabber thing, if you don’t have, if you’ve never been swabbed, you should not be allowed to swab another person.

You get exactly what I’m saying. And exactly what I’m saying about how fast the laws were changing and then they had these *** things that the labs couldn’t even like meet that need, so it was like just like ever-changing.

They picked it up as they went.

And you did your best to build around and through us, and you know, yeah, so we were the

guinea pigs in the process that got our brains swabbed.

Yeah, I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t know you then. I would have been like Harold out for this because everybody is working; everybody is working everywhere in the pandemic.

Yeah, yeah, it was not a fun progression during our relationship. I dreaded those swabs because of the time the

I mean, you have to like somebody to go through the nose  

I didn’t even know if we were going to be a thing at the time.

It’s your fault for falling in love during COVID. COVID: Cupid’s got you.

We fell in love during COVID over the conversation, and we weren’t even sure that it was going to. So, we gave it a shot, and that’s what I did go. “Oh God,” I thought as I stood there. If this doesn’t work out, this is going to be ******* horrific  

Did it work out?

It worked out perfectly.

Really? What the hell is a

No, seriously, I found the love of my life and my soulmate.

I love this for you. Good job. Wait to go through the code.

Yeah, and Luckily, COVID alerted Yeah, COVID is lifted soon. You know, like soon after. But then, there was no end to it. We didn’t know when it would end. was going to happen and we We haven’t seen each other in years. Because of it, you know, COVID pretty much shut down. So, when we started talking and having this relationship, it was kind of one of those things that were like “it’s more difficult than it was You know what I loved about it was getting to know a person and falling in love with that person without ever having physical contact.

Yeah, I’m super smarter.

There was a beauty in that.

Yeah, I agree.

You know,

For sure.

Was there, like, uhm. Ah, we like pens. Pals across the border Do you write little love letters and mail them? Could the mail get through? Did the mail have to be COVID?

tested or irradiated.

Have you ever sent anything to Canada?

I have some people I’d like to send their can.

OK Oh my God, travel.

My daughter rescued a horse that almost went to Canada.

So, I was in. I was in Bahrain. I was in the Middle East when COVID kicked off and the quickest route home was via Bahrain. It wasn’t like one or two shots; it was seven different flights for me.

Oh yeah, because I had to go to Italy. And Spain and Norfolk, and then a different airport in Norfolk to fly to Detroit, then Minneapolis, and then to Oklahoma City.

It’s like one of those like, where were you when the pandemic hit, you know, like during COVID? Where were you? When the pandemic hits,

Where were you? Where were you when 911 happened? Where were you when COVID struck?

You fall in love. Drink, I feel like that’s like a legal commercial. Did you fall in love with a Canadian during COVID? If so, you may be entitled to compensation.

Yeah, we should do a reality show on COVID relationships, right? Because everybody was, they were moved.

I mean, because COVID Babies are a thing.

Catfish do the mask right. I fell in love with his eyes, and when I finally saw him, he had three teeth.

Would you stop that, Travis? Good, Travis

What did he say?

COVID catfish. Were you warm? Were you loved catfished? Did you fall in love? With their eyes and when they took their mascot, they only had three teeth like

I mean, I mean,

People were having days off. That’s how people were getting tonight, literally during COVID over Zoom.

People, all family conversation, every bit like all communication was over Zoom, which is why I reported us. Right, that’s what they’re saying, right? And so, the metaverse, they’re like, yeah, it’s here so fast.

And the technology and technological advances, because of that, it’s light. Uhm, gosh, there’s a term they use for it, but like, it is like a leap, right? And this one is like the biggest one ever, as far as we know in history. That’s advancing technology right now. And so, it’s a real thing that people should be paying attention to because it’s coming, it’s already being built. Yeah, kids potentially being in a virtual world where they have it like all 5 senses, you know?

What’s that movie Ready Player 1, where they have the real world but almost everything takes place in the virtual world? Is that ready, player one? Do you see that?

I don’t know. There’s this because, you know, all this stuff is being developed like it’s getting It sounds good. It’s going to be highly advanced, extremely highly advanced. And so, the developers are even saying, like, hey, it’s hard to pull me out of it, right? Like you get in it and you’re building it and you’re developing it and then it’s like, whoa, like, I’m.

Like, reality suddenly seems boring.

Or yeah, or which is reality, which is reality.

Nowell, but that’s what’s scary is that you have the loss of a human being.

So that’s where we have a lot of, I think, shootings, right? So, think about all the war games, like all these kids are getting ready to play war games, and we and some of them are preparing them for it and it’s programming like they’re hard wiring in that programming. They’re becoming very detached because it’s technology, and then, on top of that, they’re killing in a very detached fashion all day long. and became very proud of it. Very desensitized, right? And depending on what that kid is going through in life and their dynamic and their challenges, then you just add that all into the mix and that’s just a powder keg waiting to happen in my opinion.

I’m talking about neuroscience and flashlight. No, I agree.

They realize, you know, Biden said gun-free zones in the early 90s. Then we had Columbine, and the people that are getting news are not having real conversations or real connections. They realize they can get attention. By doing something crazy, they really can have all eyes on them. They can talk and get talked about for weeks and weeks and finally get noticed, which is just a shame.

The cry for help

It’s completely legal. That’s complete and total Detached, like, totally detached, like that person is like Not of any right mind or body or spirit at that stage of being able to do something like that.

I wonder what their black energy would look like if you took a wand to these people.

I mean, wow.

But the thing I’m, we talked about, you know, shootings a little bit. I love talking about these things and recognizing how just horrific they are. But, as I mentioned, Miss Crossroads Oklahoma asked these political questions. I set them up to say, “Hey, how would you handle this? 

What would you do? How would you prevent school shootings? How did Roe v. Wade affect you? I wanted to know how these ladies were prepared to be questioned about some of these things. And we talk about things like school shootings, which are just absolutely horrific. You know what can be done, what can be put in place. If people aren’t in touch with themselves, operating as their true selves, they won’t have the chance to. You know, Or they won’t. They’ll never learn how to express their feelings in themselves if they’re not operating as themselves, their true selves. And that’s the point of what we’re trying to do here, yeah.

Right. Yeah, conscious awareness again, like if they’re only conscious 5% of the time, then that’s what they’re hardwiring themselves with and detaching so extremely. To the extreme, you know, like that’s a yeah, to me that’s like I said, a powder keg, lethal mix. It’s not a good thing, Carrie, or whatever.

I know they design wargame systems right across the military, but you know, when you think about that, like, why aren’t we creating something that would be the reverse? That commands equal attention and strengthens the spirit, increases conscious awareness, and brings people fully present in their power and gives them that, right? And the news. 

I’m like, “**** the news. Like the people, you see in the news. I’m like, I don’t **** watch the news. I haven’t watched the news in years. I feel like I can get what I need by skimming through I don’t need to have it in a meditative state in front of a TV because it puts you in a brain wave pattern that’s meditative, so you’re just Drink it in, literally into your system.

You’re onboarding it unfiltered, right?

It will and they will not willfully because they don’t know, right? And so, this is like educating people about the system again, the operating system, their own. Don’t do that to yourself, because I’m like, you know what, then I have A customer I love this. They’re always like, well, lead. I’m a realist, so I have to watch the news or whatever. I have to be informed and I’m like, if you’re a realist, you’ll know there are just as many miracles happening in the world, if not more and more superheroes across the faces.

Damn it. And it’s not like nobody is broadcasting that.

It’s not a noteworthy event if it’s only if it happens all the time like they do if there’s

Journalism is it.

Once, yeah, it did bleed, yeah.

If it doesn’t It doesn’t sag. It doesn’t bleed. It doesn’t mean, yeah.

It’s all shock value. That’s what we’re based on now Whatever can, you know, attract the most attention. There’s a shock value to it now.

Right. I just think it’s time to redesign, right? So, as Americans, I feel like we have a responsibility to redesign our broken systems and the education system as a whole. of them, right? The things that we’re talking about medically, we touched on, I mean we’ve touched. On tons, there are gaps.

So, what does that look like? What will the elitist future look like?

It could be cleaned up quickly like our heart rate would be cleaned up very quickly if the right builders, architects, and array of engineers came together, and we have some of the most brilliant minds in this country. And as I have said recently, it’s important because if you think about it, think about it like Noah’s ark.

America is essentially like Noah’s ark because we have all the cultures of the world right here in our nation. That’s why it’s more challenging, perhaps, to come to an agreement or become united on certain things. But the golden thread is the sharing of vulnerable stories, like if you can come forward. Then you can share the Oh My! I can’t believe I survived that. Then everybody will find common threads and it will happen super fast, like wildfire. Most importantly, the most wicked smart.

Amazing builders and designers need to just come together on the forefront, and I understand funding is a thing, and my big push is like, let’s find that funding. So, who are those funders and where are they located? Because there needs to be a call-out, this build-out needs to happen yesterday. And it needs to also be a vision. But it can be done and in tech, with the technology used in the right way, it can be done, with swiftness. And people can become conscious and present in heart coherence fast with this technology. Just like they can go down the rabbit hole of being detached, they can be brought in the other direction. We are humanity. We are the cultures of the world at once. We do it. They will. Then we’ll take the leadership role again, right? Right now, we’re not in a leadership role, we call ourselves leaders.

We’re egotistical We think that we’re leaders. In many ways, we were. They followed the patterns and designs for the systems that we had, and they built them out in their own countries, but now they’re kicking our ***** with their designs and that should just not be like that.

They used to come in for college and then stay here. Now they’re coming here for college and going back and recreating their stuff over there. So, you have a platform here. Whom do you need to call out to the universe? Rap, whom do you require? Who are those people that need to come together specifically? Is it certain industries? Which people do you know, and which individuals do you know?

So, when you consider the word system, the right system, consider America. How many times do you use the word system behind something else? The medical system, judicial system, rights. There’s an education system like the systems is just going through the foster care system. Like, you know, our veterans. Or, you know, it’s, it’s the systems, period. Every single one of the lead builders and designers and every single thing that is in a major system throughout this country. Those are the people. Those are the people because it will happen like this with the right technology and the right lines. Field of Dreams says, “Build it, and they will come.”

Oh my God, I’m going to kill you because I almost said that, and I almost wanted to say it over here Yeah, build it and they will come. Because the truth is, it will and

Well, it’s proven that Bitcoin, that’s an example, is build it, they will come, and that’s that, and then the government can. is going to chase after and want to come and be a part of or rolled into whatever is working right. That’s exactly how it feels.

They just want to hang out. Out with the popular peeps.

They just want to hang out.

That’s all.

With the kid’s Kids at the back of the bus? are, let’s face it like we know what’s up.

We sit back and we watch the shitshow in front of us, and we go, OK? Let’s start over.

Give us your disgruntled. You’re disagreeable, aloof pirates and swindlers.

Yeah, yeah. Come on down.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, the other thing is that I like it, but right now we have people who are here from all over the world for various reasons. And one thing is that when people are coming in from another country, maybe they’re coming in because they’re at war, right? They’ve got a war going on in there, and so they’re fleeing to escape, not necessarily because they know about America.

And so, some people come here mindfully because they know what the potential is and they’re like, they would know they want that, which is many, like my family was, you know. And so that’s the other thing to be mindful of. Like, how do we educate people about that?

What is America like? Why don’t we dig into that a little bit? I’m a working female. Let’s get back to some grassroots of what America is and what it means to be an American. And so, I’m like, I find it vitally important right now to use my voice and the freedom to exercise the freedoms that you know are being given.

Because our military right has put their foot down and fought for that right, and our civil war fought for that right. And freedom is a thing, and so we should find out how to get consciously aware because that is all of our freedom.

“Yeah, we should honor the people that lost their lives. For us to have

It’s 100% nothing but gratitude, 1000 times over, no question. And those systems need to be cleaned.

Because of this, Fuck up we should, we can do so much better. We can do so much better in every single system that we have. We can redesign and do so much better. Like vision? Come on, let’s put some vision into this and give me the investors.

What the **** happened?

What are you investing in? Like, who’s investing in what? People simply require to be conscious and pay attention.

Invest in good things. And do good for the world. Let’s see the world, you know, evolve into something that we want it to be and something that we’re just accepting.

We shouldn’t have, yes, we the people, right? And so, it’s taking it back to the people, and so, yeah, we. It’s like our youth want something better. The world’s youth desire something better.

They want change.

They don’t want words. They’re over it. It’s like we’re all over. We’re all over destruction. We’re all over this devastation, right? The planet is very precious and we better all wake the **** ** to that fact.

As a result, the only way for this to happen. Sorry guys, unity. 1000%. 1000 percent, 1000%, and so on

So, let’s see what’s the catalyst. How do we awaken people from their 95% autopilot?

Hit them over the head? No kidding.

The design of the news I believe it’s the design of the new.

systems, right? We all know Carol chooses violence.

Well, she’s a motor prospect and.

You’re right but what?

Like, how are we going to change the systems because, currently, the people that are in power that we’ve elected to power love the system that’s currently in place? created because they benefit from it. Correct, but why would they re-create a system that they’d no longer believe? They would believe that they wouldn’t be benefiting from it.

No, so what? I’m saying is built around the outside of all of that. Just build like build. This is where I said if you build it, they will come because all the people will come.

It’s like it’s inevitable. You inevitably do some of the most *****designs that the world’s ever seen and make them as you want. Like, hey, I want to know what the hell America is building over there. Now I’m impressed again. Now I’m depressed again. You know, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands have designed their education systems and have had this built for a good chunk of time now. Compassion and equality into their education systems, their scores, their test scores when we use the comparison charts for, you know, globally.

They are used and resourced. They’re kicking our *** Our education system hasn’t changed in 400 years. It was designed to spit out factory workers. So of course, these kids who were diagnosed with ADHD, who, I say, grew up on technology and not a ******* encyclopedia.


Computers work faster. Good for them. That’s a gift. This country was founded by freethinkers. No, let’s put them into an education system that spits out manufacturer workers at the moment

Yeah, it was the Education Act of 1893.

You said I could use the F-bomb, and I mean, I trumped you guys, like.

Well, the body of work is that we’ve got more F-bombs per episode than you have in this one. So, this, though, we’re not arguing, we’re not competing for most F-bombs, but they’re welcome.

Welcome. So, we’ve had a great episode today. You’ve shared tons with us Thank you so much. What piece of advice would you give people, and where can they find you? What one place? Do you want them to go?

I’ll put it on my website,, and I’ll put it in the chat so that you have that and give me the question.

I have advice for people that are suffering right now. What would you tell us to do?

My advice is to pay attention to your programming. Become consciously aware of what you’re consuming. It’s the same as the food that you would put in your mouth. If you’re not a person, who would pay attention to the food that you put in your mouth? There’s a conscious awareness there, right? That’s already like a miss. I will also say, pick the top three things that you tend to repeat. Say words

Just three words that you tend to repeat. Saying that is not empowering. And then take those words and flip them and start neuroplastic on yourself and make them positive and rewrite your programs. So, an example of stress. That’s the one that everybody always says. I speak. I haven’t used it in my vocabulary in a long time and I use the word challenge all the time in place of that Think about how the word “stress” makes you feel and think about how you embody that.

And it just instantly makes the cellular structure in your physical system feel like **** So why are we going to keep supporting those things and embodying them when I can say challenge and all of a sudden it makes me want to go out and be a ******* superhero? Right. No question. Which one should I choose if that’s what I need to do?

And they need to use A little bit of discipline, because, just like you said, it’s like riding a bike or driving a car. So pretty soon you wake up one day and then you’re just doing it and guess what?

Holy ****, you feel so much better. So much better. Right. Yeah,

Well, thank you so much for being our guest today. You can check out everything Aileda has to offer at I know that I speak for Carol when I say you ******* rock.

You know, I can speak for myself. You ******* are incredible. I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow.

Me too. I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun. Thanks so much, you guys. I appreciate you.

Oh, thanks for being on.

Thank you so much. I look forward to our conversation next week when we talk to some other person I don’t know.